Twitter Jobs


hey everyone I’m Jahangir veyron from mashable com today I’ll show you how Twitter advanced search feature can help you look for a job let’s begin by going to the site at search / advanced we can start looking for jobs in any industry just by using hashtags hash tags are keywords that people add to their tweets by using the hash or pound sign will type green jobs into the hashtag column and scroll down to the calendar to look for tweets that were posted in the last three days we can also click on the box that says containing links and search let’s do that because most tweets about a job will contain a separate link to the job description and the results you get back are a great starting point for any job search so let’s see low carbon jobs is tweeting a link to a consulting job in england sussed e jobs is linking to a position in syracuse new york and energy topics is linking to an article about GE bringing jobs to Russia this could be a good way to stay in touch with the industry even if i’m not working at the moment if your expertise isn’t something different SE pyaar you can try a similar search with the hashtag PR jobs advanced twitter search can also be used to keep up with events going on in your industry one way to do this is by following trade shows and conventions for example I’m going to the consumer electronics show this month and I know the hashtag for the event is hashtag CES so I can use that to find all the CES related news i need let’s say for example i want to find out everything that’s going on with android at the convention i’ll type android into the any column and CES into the hashtag column ok let’s see what we’ve got contact sunny posted a link about on Kyo’s new 10 inch android tablets that sounds interesting and the droid guy is linking to a site that’s giving its readers a sneak peek at the motorola cliq 2 finally you can look for specific jobs in your part of the world by using the places feature let’s say you live in New York and want a job in the restaurant industry will type restaurants into the all column and let’s put the words higher job and job into the any column finally I’ll pick a 10 mile radius to search from and now let’s see what comes up nym jobs is tweeting a link for a restaurant manager and I love EV NYC is tweeting about a server position that’s available in the city what if you’re not in the restaurant business what if you’re in the financial industry let’s go back and replace restaurant with finance and search it looks like citigroup’s hiring they’ve posted numerous job listings under their city jobs twitter handle keep in mind that the places search will link to all tweets that are posted from New York not necessarily all jobs in New York but if you’re open to living anywhere you can leave the places column empty I’ll go back and delete the location and now hit search now I’m getting a look at all the job openings that are available worldwide from Amsterdam to Seattle to Singapore if you’re in the job market give the advanced Twitter search a shot and let us know how it works for you from mashable com I’m jahan give irani. .