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social media is an outstanding way to help you network to find the jobs that our theme was sick currently I kind of get around maybe the hiring manager or getting your resume to the top of the pile most of the time it’s who you know where are these people chances are we’re working or they might be on social media so we’re going to give you an introduction on Facebook Linked.In and Twitter waste the fine job listings and ways to connect to ask for help to help you find your next job we also have social media experts here to help you friending with Facebook this is a I guess that touchy subject for many people right now between 30 and 50 of the fastest growing demographic on Facebook and most people are new with it you don’t want to start mixing business and professional because you have pictures of your kids or Japan kids or your significant others but you have to remember that we’re all people we’re all connecting you have a connection to everyone whether it’s colleagues friends neighbors or your family members there’s that connection of a relationship the beauty of Facebook is if these people are in business or their professional exam scores chances are they’re on Linked. In you can take that connection from baseball completely remove it and go right to Facebook you can go to an email a telephone call so the correspondence for finding your job does not have to remain on the platform of baseball you can take it off that’s a really important part especially for those of you that are new to facebook or hesitant about I guess diving in and giving it a whirl the important part also is within the settings for those that are new check your settings right now Facebook has changed their model or you can actually control every setting where there’s only friends friends of friends everyone or just you have options so make sure that you’re not defaulting to show the world everything if you’re truly concerned spend some time on the account settings so with that in mind think of it as that opportunity to reconnect with the friend from grade school who now happens to be an executive and a company that you’re trying to get an interview with that is an unbelievable connection a three wine ten years you would have never known that so think of the power behind facebook if doors that is able to open for you that’s going to be on an individual level and how you can utilize it while I’m Facebook you can share information you can listen to what other people are saying you can also start to see companies popping up all over Facebook become a fan of their company find out the events that are happening opportunities that are waiting for you that you may not have already known one of the other things you can do is Facebook is research there’s a little info tab most people are starting to populate it again people hide the information but there’s an information tab where you can find out interests what they like to do and possibly even where they’re working I’ll show you where that tab is and you also again the events and you can also fan so this is a nice research tool for you where it’s passive you can look in find out what might be of interest to you so here’s an example of my fan page on the top in the red at the info tab and here this is the information i chose fill out email address so this is where you can take the conversation offline if you’re connecting an old friend you also see the websites for those of you that are looking to cross reference that are on the market linkedin profile should be here do you have a professional blog or blog that’s relevant to the job you’re trying to get perfect place to lift here as well as education and work okay so this is powerful information yes it’s going to take time but this might be the connection you’re looking for educate how many people here expect the time to truly educate their family members their neighbors and their former colleagues of what you’re doing and what you’re looking for well this is an opportunity to do that you can reconnect with them send them a private message it does not have to be public private message goes directly to them letting them know of your situation sending them your Linked. In profile and simply asking for help there’s no shame in it and i highly recommend if you’re looking for those new avenues a private message would be a great way to do that also you can do a status update that’s public it will go to all of your friends but it is an option as well here we have on the bottom left hand side that’s where you send a message so under everyone that your friend with or anyone who’s expecting that you’re not friends with you don’t even have to connect with them you can simply if they’re allowing it you can send a message at the bottom of the screen and it’s like a personal email that goes right to there in LA or if you want to post something publicly you simply right here and click Share so they’re your options with Facebook.