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The crunched, the recession is biting and certain jobs are getting harder and harder to come by, especially by the traditional means of finding employment. To get ahead of the game you need to utilize the social media world in your quest for another job. That’s right, Twitter and can all help you to find that next pay-check… here’s Out Our Channel Us On Us On Twitter! This and Other Related films here:.

how to use social media to get a job that credits crunched the recession is biting and certain jobs are getting harder and harder to come by so if you have been pounding the streets unsuccessfully looking for work then maybe it’s time you put your feet up fired up the computer and spend the rest of the day on Facebook right well actually yes that is right because you can use all those last hours twittering and facebooking to get yourself employed we spoke to leading recruitment consultant Leah Morgan and social media expert Dan Rutherford to find out more clean up your profiles first things first clean up your profiles across all the social media websites that you use your potential employer isn’t going to want to see pictures of you out on a Saturday night in your local town the key thing is to make sure that images of you that may be detrimental to you getting a job aren’t included or posted on your social network portfolio once any photos or inappropriate comments have been removed it’s time to get to work on your personal description the keywords that recruiters will search for businesses that are looking for new staff will search will vary depending on what sex you’re in and what you do and so make sure that your job title is is right make sure that the industry that you work on is mentioned and is right but particularly if you might work on specific clients or in a specifically specific sector make sure that they are clearly marked and that you you’ve outlined them Twitter as more and more people are using it for business purposes twitter has become one of the ultimate recruitment tools if you find yourself a relevant recruitment company in the sector that you want or a relevant business directly that has a twitter account then why not sign up to that and find out when they’re looking for people many of the recruitment agencies that use twitter have an RSS feed which you can find a link to on their profile page simply follow the prompts and subscribe to the feed an RSS feed is a great way for you to keep in touch of the latest developments latest available at ease they vacancies within your industry and the key thing is once you subscribe to an RSS feed of so you’re getting it straight from the horse’s mouth so you’re not getting it through a third party search engines or aggregators as jobs that are available it’s also important that you regularly communicate on Twitter with other users if you want to build relationships that might bear fruit in the jobs market there’s a formula that we think you should follow that you should follow so that’s follow individuals reply to individuals retweet share and then repeat that process and by doing that you’re going to build up your persona in your your own profile within Twitter Linked.In recruiters are starting to use Linked. In as one of their primary means to sort candidates Linked. In is basically a bank of profile so much in the same way it’s a social network much of the say most Facebook is but it’s 10 it tends to be using more of a business to business way make sure you fill out your profile then you need to increase your number of connections and get some recommendations the easiest way to stop making connections is to import your contacts from Outlook or Gmail and see if anyone you know is already on Linked.

In and the more people that you’re connected to the more exposure you get not only to the industry that you may already work in but also two additional industries and sectors that you might be interested in or that might take an interest in you the other way to increase your employability is to get people to recommend you as someone who uses Linked.In to find people for the clients I represent what I’m looking for in a recommendation is one that is from somebody that knows how capable you are and how good you are of doing the job that you say you do so if the creative director says that you use you’re one of the best junior designers that they’ve worked with and that they think your work is outstanding then that carries a lot of weight Facebook whilst one of the biggest social media sites on the internet Facebook still mostly caters to personal networking rather than businesses in terms of highlighting the fact that you’re available within Facebook you need to do it in quite an intelligent way because if you start shouting about vacancies and you being available in forums or groups within Facebook that you’re not particularly welcome then you may rub people up the wrong way another tool at your disposal is Facebook social ads these are our individuals and businesses to advertise via Facebook newsfeed there are ways for you to have social ads which are person I’m selling yourself for selling your own services so if you have an advert that says no down Rutherford head of marketing looking for a new position and make sure the advert is very tailored very specific and contains keywords that people would be interested or relevant people would be interested in seeing that particular ad for it so that advert is served in the right environment the thing to bear in mind when it comes to putting information on a social network is you know some of the things that people post online and on social networks I’m even on professional networks they wouldn’t put in the window of their local news agents where arguably it’s not searchable it’s not gonna be seen by thousands of people you might only be seen by a handful of people that you know so if you’re posting something online that is on the world wide web and that is searchable and accessible by anyone but especially by people who might be looking at whether you can work for them or not and there you have it all the knowledge and advice you need to find employment using social media sites. .