Twitter Jobs

-Create a list of recruiters recruiter, (your city)
-Professional photo and bio (160 characters bio to your profile or online portfolio
-Make sure what you tweet is job related (quotes, a question, an insight, a recommendation, something personal occasionally)
-Participate in tweetchats
-Set up a week of tweets in 10 minutes (twuffer)
-Retweet people you are interested in
-Follow industry and news.

don’t be afraid of Twitter hey it’s on a running from classy Kerrville comm and guess what I just got a little tripod so that means I can break out of my office and do video elsewhere so in today’s video I want to give you some tips about how to find a job on Twitter because I think it’s a really untapped resource for a lot of job seekers right now so I teach a career development course at De.Vry University and the other night I was going over a social media tutorial so I went over Linked. In I went over Facebook and I went over Twitter and I asked how many people had a Linked. In everyone raised their hands and everyone had a Facebook but everyone was scared to death of Twitter and didn’t realize it was such a great job searching website so we’re gonna head on over to my computer and I’m gonna walk you through how you can use Twitter for job searching so you aren’t afraid of Twitter alright Twitter for your job search the first thing you want to do is you want to make a list of recruiters so I wanted to show you my friend Natalie powers here she is a recruiter and look what she does she advertises her job she has available looking for a digital product manager in Minneapolis Minnesota here’s the link and then she also just has hashtag job so you could do hashtag job and you could pull up a bunch of jobs from a bunch of different recruiters she’s constantly tweeting about jobs that she has available so if you’re not on Twitter you’re missing these job postings you know no longer can you just go to monster calm or careerbuilder. com recruiters are now using social media to get the word out about their open job positions so to make a list of recruiters you want to go right here where your lists are on Twitter so to make a list you want to go to your account page here’s mine I’m gene class my class e career girl page I want to go to my lists and here’s the lists that I have set up and you can click here to create a list so I would recommend creating a list for recruiters that you want to know and get to know and you want to watch their tweets and the jobs that they have available I would also make a list for like jobs in your area so you can see my lists here I have a career list and that is where you know I don’t i have i have over almost 4,000 Twitter followers so I don’t read what everyone else is tweets I don’t read all their tweets I’m sorry I just read a few people everyday that I really want to that I really want to see their tweets because they’re really important to me so I make a list of maybe the 40 top career experts that I want to be watching I want to see their tweets I want to see what’s going on you also want to make sure that you have a professional photo on there this is my classy career girl page so I have my photo as my background I recommend if you’re doing this for your job search you have your profile photo for your thumbnail right here also show you on honor onion I have another Twitter too so on honor onions Twitter account I have my picture right here and then in the background I have my full length photo so you also want to have a great bio and a professional bio so right here you have you know 160 characters that’s a lot of room to say some really awesome things about you and if you don’t have a website right here I would just recommend that you link that to your Linked. In profile and that way if a recruiter does find you on here and you’ve been interacting with them that will just redirect them to your Linked. In profile which should be awesome and up to date and 100% complete right so then the question is what are you gonna tweet so some ideas that you can tweet you could do some quotes you could do a question that you have an insight or something that you know from a book or a news article that you just read a recommendation or something personal occasionally if you’d like and you can also participate in tweet chats tweet chats are an awesome way to get to know people in your industry so every industry has a tweet chat so for instance there’s like a job search chat you know there’s business chat there’s a there’s a Gen Y chat there if you go to google and type in tweetchat you will find so many chats and to participate in a tweet chat all you would do is go to tweet chat calm or so yesterday I was participating in a tweet chat for Alexis grant was doing it a tweet chat on social media consulting so her hashtag was Alexis webinar and this pulls up all all the tweets that were involved in Alexis webinars so if you’ll notice all these tweets at the end of them they say Alexis webinar because tweet chat automatically puts that at the end of your tweet so this is a great way to kind of zero in on everything that’s happening in that hour long tweet chat and as you can see you can see it’s just kind of a discussion people are responding back and forth right here you can respond you can retweet um you can you know follow them so if I’m interested in one of these people during the tweet chat I can just pull them up so Alexis grant was the person that was giving the webinar I could just pull her up and I can see who she is right there and follow it which I already follow her um and follow her right that you can see how you can get noticed very quickly if you participate in a tweet chat and you’re talking about things and making great comments there’s a lot of tweet chats just that recruiters are paying attention to in certain industries so that’s definitely you want to make a great impression on a recruiter through social media and I think Twitter for people who are like introverts I think it’s a great way to communicate what you know I am an introvert and I found it so nice because I can think about what I want to write before I write it instead of like a presentation where I’m not as good you know I can’t just wing swing a presentation very quickly so Twitter participating in tweet chat is really nice because I can write it I can review it I can look at what I’m writing and then before I hit submit I can make sure it’s exactly what I want to say so if you’re an introvert Twitter’s might be an awesome place for you to look for a job and you also want to uncover Twitter job boards that might be in your city so you could search I’m in San Diego San Diego jobs and look at all these right here all these are advertisements for jobs so instead of just going to like one job site I can see all the jobs that are available right here so you know maybe I want to narrow it down more so I go to marketing San Diego marketing jobs and here’s some jobs right here in SEO SEM specialist looking for outside marketing professional Marketing Coordinator greater San Diego directors of social media marketing marketing advertising and you can see all these people these these are the companies that are hiring and they’re doing it straight from Twitter so I could potentially you know say I want to work at Nokia and then I I should be following this Nokia global careers account I should be they should be in my recruiter list I should be retweeting some of the things that they say I should be interacting with them because you really want to make your name known even if it’s on Twitter you can tell them you just apply to their job you can tell them you know you can tweet them things about their resume about your resume anything to help you stand out from the crowd is a really great opportunity for you to interact with the people that are hiring and I would definitely set up lists and hashtags for jobs so hashtag jobs that looks like it’s a really popular thing just to be keeping an eye out and also careers and employment are great hashtags to look at as well another common fear is that people think that it’s gonna take so much time to manage their Twitter account but actually there are so many things you so many tools you can use to pre scheduled your twitter the one that I use is 12 or com TWU FF ER and that way you can set up all your tweets beforehand I’ll demonstrate that for you right now too you can set up on what I do is I set up all my Twitter tweets through on like a Sunday for the week and then it’ll just be tweeting throughout the week so say tomorrow I want to say a quote take take action today take action on your goals today how about that so tomorrow I want to say that tomorrow is the 19th and I want to say that at nine am because let’s do nine oh five because I feel like a lot of people you know are looking at Twitter at 9:05 well schedule tweet that’s it so tomorrow at nine oh five I have scheduled this tweet and so this tweet is gonna go out I don’t have to press press send it’s just automatic so a lot of people don’t know that there’s so many tools that you can use like that and the other thing you really want to do is to follow industry blogs and new sites on Twitter so for instance if you are in consulting you probably want to follow Deloitte because they are a big consultant so I would pull them up I would be you know if I want a job there I want to be reading their tweets I want to just get to know them as much as possible on Twitter maybe reply to that and say you know hey I love that tweet or I love what you’re doing in that area this was a great article I just read and you can learn a lot about a company just by following them on Twitter and creating a list so if you want to get into consulting create a list of consulting companies and put all the consulting companies in there and just you can learn so much and gain so much valuable insight into that all right I hope that tutorial really helped you see how important Twitter can be for your job search and how you can stand out from the crowd and be different from everyone else who is so deathly afraid of Twitter so this is on a run Ian from classic regal calm I will see you next time bye. .