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A job can be tough! But what if rather than finding jobs hiring, the jobs (and careers) found you? Find out how to use social media to land a job your dream job) in this video!

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Hank & John.

Hey so we’ve talked about job hunting and interview skills here before but did you know it’s possible to land a job based on your social media presence we’ve seen it happen in fact it kind of happened to us which we’ll talk about at the end of this video but social media can be a path to landing your dream job so here are seven tips to do just that first the obvious create profiles on Linked.In Facebook Twitter or any other site where you use your real name if you’re going to use social media as part of your dream job strategy keep in mind the potential future employers may and should be looking at your various profiles so curate the kind of posts and content that will complement the position you’re looking for number two just like IRL network with your friends online even more important than basic contacts and friends get to know the movers and shakers in your industry follow them and interact with them online by interacting with them and their contents on a regular basis you become an acquaintance now be sure not to go overboard with this don’t like and comment on every single post I contribute where you can and often enough to get your name to stick number 3 in addition to following friends and higher ups follow the companies you’d like to work for by engaging these companies you have up to date on new projects and possible new openings within the company some companies even post new job openings on their social media profiles before anywhere else number 4 showcase your personality without being a self promotion robot talk about your work in a way that is unique to you and your passions US news claims that about half of all hiring managers take into account the applicants online personality when they’re citing who’s gonna be the best fit for the job you should also make sure that the personality you’re projecting aligns with the type of job you’re looking for so professional more casual etc number 5 demonstrate good communication skills in status updates posts and comments by keeping your updates and comments clear and concise you can demonstrate to beyond a doubt that you can communicate effectively at work too number 6 become the expert this is a big one if you only take one thing away from this video become the experts become yes become the expert help others in your field answer questions when you can blog about topics relevant to your desired position for example if you want to be a graphic designer don’t just showcase your work but showcase like a Photoshop tutorial about how you made the world discuss your design decisions while posting a work in progress or show before after if you’re hired to update a logo or website design show that you know your work inside and out become so helpful and knowledgeable that your followers can’t hear the phrase graphic designer without thinking of you in your work and finally number 7 also keep in mind that career builder has reported that 40% of all HR managers strive to find kind of well rounded applicants when they’re looking for someone for a position so make sure that your social media isn’t all about work include some of your hobbies and interests maybe some travel photos etc focus is good but tunnel vision not so much and that is all we’ve got for you today if you guys have any tips on this sort of thing please let us know in the comment section below we would love to hear from you in the meantime we’re gonna talk over the credits Emma we’re talking over the credits words are a scattered okay I’m ready so we were gonna talk about how the interwebs helped us professionally like how it helped us get a job or to actually I think yeah well so for me first I was you know I was online making vlogs in college and through those vlogs I met you yes and at that time I was trying to to find an agent for my first novel and Mike helped me revise my query pitch have we talked to this before in here yeah that’s right yeah that’s how we first you know we’re first collaboration was on my query pitch to help me find an agent and so I did find an agent soand or indirectly I would say social media led me to you which led me to that yes and it’s uh I’m really proud of you by the way I’ve like been there from the beginning from like baby Emma nice to see you walking and talk for me like I mean how to adult obviously usually and also like some publishing success came from the inch because I made a video about like a thoughts from places video which is a format that John Green invented and he saw it like first night I put it up and he retweeted it and from there he kind of became a fan of my videos and then my book and then how do we build happen eventually over the course of many months but yeah it’s pretty amazing the interwebs can be a scary place but also a magical place agreed. .