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Learn How To Travel The World, Make Money And Have Fun by Joining my Limited Time Only Test Group – most businesses, keeping up to date on social media marketing takes too much time. Since time is a valuable asset for a business, social media marketing is often ignored.

Here’s the good news: this failure for businesses is an opportunity for you. Businesses today will gladly pay or even (or more) to have someone else manage their social media marketing.

As long as you can prove you know how to manage social media (which I’ll show you how to do step by step), you can set up a service-based business that provides you recurring income, so you can get paid thousands of dollars every month..

I’m going to show you how you can get small businesses to pay you one to ten thousand dollars a month to manage their social media by opening your own social media marketing agency so that you can travel the world make money have fun there’s a growing need in the world and if you’ve thought of starting your own business but weren’t sure what you could do maybe you don’t have a lot of experience maybe you don’t have necessarily an exact idea this is a great business template that I’m going to give you right now and so this is the that I’m opening up a small test group of people where I’m going to teach you everything I know about building businesses about managing social media and you know if you’ve ever really dreamed I read that about 80% of Americans have dreamed of starting their own business it’s the same around the world the problem is if you don’t know what you’re doing it’s very easily to me easy to mess up and lose all your money so what I learned a long time ago my first mentor Joel Salatin when I was 19 years old was go into a business where I was all laid out for you exact step by step plans on how to do it and so in this video and below on the page I’m laying out the simple formula that I have in it’s it’s simple but it’ll take you a little bit of training and I want to train you to do that I want to train a small handful of people in a test group that I’m going to open up so I’m going to open this up so watch this video now because I’m going to take it down shortly because I don’t want to you know I don’t want to spread myself too thin and let me give you kind of the simple understanding of what you do right now in the world social media has become the best way to market now I’m not just talking about Twitter or you know Facebook or Instagram I’m talking about Facebook Ads I’m talking about Twitter ads I’m talking about collaborations with other Instagram and social media influencers so that you can take small businesses all kinds of small businesses it could be doctors it could be lawyers I’m going to show you how to pick a niche to go after it could be people who owned restaurants it could be landscapers and you go to them and you I’m going to train you in this program over four months you’re going to get certified from me and my company as a social media marketing expert you’re going to come to them and say I can get you more customers and the second you can do that businesses will pay you forever trust me you know the reason I came up with this idea and I’m sharing this with you today giving you a chance to get in the test group is because people always ask me ty if you had to start over again if you were a brand new entrepreneur and you didn’t have much money you didn’t have much experience what would you do and my answer was exactly this this program that I’ve created for you right now right now in the world I would go out and find small businesses that would pay me 1 to 10 thousand dollars a month to manage their social media for them and you I could do the beauty of this businesses you’re going to be able to do it while you travel like I’m right here in Palm Springs at a resort that I go to you know I was just in Europe this gives you freedom this gives you a predictable income one of the most important things for you as a new entrepreneur or you might be already an existing entrepreneur is having steady cash flow and having predictable cash flow and I’m going to show you how you can get clients to pay you on a monthly retainer so that you can predict out okay that’s how much money I want to make in two months in three months I’m going to show you how to find clients this is and get and convince them that you are skilled enough to train to take this over for them now one of the important questions that you might have is what if you’re don’t yet feel qualified to do this well that’s this program over to the next four months if you’re able to get in the test group if you look below and the button is gone that means that we filled up the test group but if it’s still there and you get into the test group what it means is in you’re going to go month by month over the next four months 16 weeks and by the end you’re going to be certified and trained as an expert so if you have no experience right now don’t freak out if you don’t know how to get customers if you never started a business I’m going to show you with a simple business template that I’ve created and one of the most important principles you can ever learn at like in business and everything else is follow a template of success that other people have created just think of you go to a new city and you don’t you’ve never been to that city you rent a car from the airport you got to go to your hotel what happens if you don’t have a GPS what happens if you don’t have a map you might find it but it’ll take you hours longer and it’ll be frustrating and you might give up but with a simple GPS a simple map a simple template of how you can get from point A to point B the odds of your success go through the roof and I believe so strongly in what I’m about to show you when you get in the test group that it’s got 100% money back guarantee so if it doesn’t work for you you got all the information for free without having to pay a penny now the reason that the other reason that I decided to do this is that this doesn’t matter your age so a lot of small businesses that you want to do a lot of service businesses they’re going to look at you if you’re younger or if you’re older two people discriminate on age young and old and think ah you know this person won’t know anything about business but when it comes to social media the average business owner whether they’re a doctor a surgeon a lawyer a restaurant owner a landscape owner they immediately associate social media with something new meaning then a 15 year old could know how to do it and they would feel like yeah a 15 year old could manage my social media they’d also think anybody who’s qualified because small business owners for the most part are very proud and so if you come to them and say I’m gonna I’m gonna teach you how to do business better they’re gonna be like hey who are you you know I know what I’m doing but most small business owners and I’ve surveyed thousands of them to find this out for you they when it comes to social media and marketing especially the internet they feel intimidated and they’re much more open okay and that’s one of the key things so you’re going to get clients I’m going to show you how you can from scratch anywhere in the world at any age any experience level you can go out and get people to sign a contract that pay you thousand bucks a month or $2,000 a month or $3,000 a month and you know what that adds up you can do this part time or full time part time if you make an extra one to three thousand dollars a month thinks that can change everything that can change your where you live you can live in a much nicer place you can drive it a nicer car you can have money left over at the end of the month to travel a world and have fun you can give to other people and if you decide you want to do this full time if then four or five clients you’re making eight grand a month that’s six figures so this template that you’re about to get access to in this test group is basically designed to take you from zero to six figures now not everybody will make six figures because some people just going to do a part time but create multiple streams of cash flow this is what billionaire Warren Buffett says is the key to his success and his advice to other people so you’re going to have multiple streams of income from different customers and you might have a full time job which you could keep and do this on the side it won’t take that many hours and that’s one of the key things once you have the skills they’re paying you for your skills not your hours so you’re not going to charge people by the hour because then you’re a slave to the clock but I’m going to show you how you can charge a retainer for your expertise which you’re going to get right now in the program now why am i qualified to teach you this well myself and my company are on the cutting edge of social media I’ve spent over 20 million dollars of my own money uh researching what works on social media and what doesn’t my videos last year did over six hundred and thirty million minutes people watched on social media platforms so I’m one of the top social media influencers in the world and I’m not saying that to brag I’m saying that that this is why you can feel good getting this program and knowing that when you learn from us you’re gonna be one of the foremost experts in the world because social media is so new it’s not something I met a girl in London who’s taking a university course on digital marketing and social media and I was thinking she’s doing at a very prestigious school in London it cost fifty to one hundred thousand dollars a year and it’s like a two year MBA program and I was thinking you’re wasting your money and I know that sounds cocky but it’s not those professors are always going to be behind because the only way to be on the cutting edge is to actually be doing it so I’m in the top five people in the world that make that create revenue from social media so you have the Kardashians and you have dj khaled and you have a few of them I’m right up there in the top two three four people in the world so I can show you this the iview social media make tens of millions of dollars even more but I like to say conservative amounts and for you you don’t have to try to do it like the AIA maybe you don’t want to be on camera all the time you know maybe you like to be behind the scenes well this is a perfect business because as you build your your marketing agency you’re going to be able to build a brand that allows you to be you and one of the things you’re going to learn in the program is how to pick a niche how to pick a business model there’s different models maybe you like to be out in the forefront and meet people and be on camera or maybe you like to be you know a little you’re a little more introvert and like to be behind all that is accounted for in this program so here’s how it works it’s a four month program by the end of it you’re going to take a test at the end of the four months you pass it you get certified during the four months the simplest goal is by the end of four months you have one paying customer and that paying customer is going to pay for the whole cost of this course plus more so basically you follow the programmer then the four months it didn’t cost you any money because you’ve already made more than you spent to be into it now people ask me how much are people women ask me for a long time to teach social media you know teach Instagram to teach Twitter and all that and I was I’ve been hesitant for different reasons primarily because I haven’t had enough time and I wanted to do it right but I’ve been able to get enough time now to put together this program now this isn’t this is a like I said time sensitive in that I’m not going to open it up forever it’s not going to just be continually there that everybody can get into just because I want to be able to give attention you’re going to get a concierge at my office that you can ask questions too ongoing basis you’re going to be part of a community that you’re learning from other people so there’s private you know forums that you can talk back and forth there’s the video lessons that you’re going to get from me there’s the forms you’re going to get the templates that you can use contracts you’re going to get the advice on how to form your company on how to name your company on how to do the accounting and set that up you’re going to learn how to build a team so other people can do the work so you don’t have to do all the hard stuff you’re going to learn um how to manage Instagram how to manage Twitter how to manage Facebook how to do you’re gonna learn advertising so Google PPC those little ads that show up when people search you’re going to show small businesses how they can show up there so that if somebody let’s say is looking for a dentist your client shows up they click the link they go and they you know make your dentist they’re their hometown dentist and you’re going to get credit for that and trust me the second you bring small businesses new customers guess what they’re going to love you forever they’re going to pay you forever you’re going to be invaluable to them I’m going to show you how to set up your agency so eventually if you want you can sell it which is a cool thing so you can cash out at the end you could sell it to other agencies one of the cool things when you get in when you get certified I’m creating a website where because people all the time call my office and say hey do you will you guys manage my social media will you guys do my internet marketing and I you know I say no cuz because we’re so busy with our stuff but now I’m gonna be able to have a list of certified people and say oh you live in Austin Texas oh you live in New York you live in London you know you live in Australia here’s some certified people and so you I will even help you find clients I’m going to show you how you can find clients in your local area or you can go global with this this is completely scalable business you know you can scale it part time income thousand bucks a month you can do full time income sky’s the limit sky’s the limit trust me this is the future you’re cut getting in on the cutting edge two years from now three years from now it’s gonna be harder to get in this why because people are starting to click corporations are starting to click they’re starting to hire their own in house managers there well guess what they haven’t done that yet so if you can be one of the people and your small business social media marketing agency it gets hired now early you’ll lock in your place and then they won’t replace you as long as you stay on the cutting edge you’re going to get continuing education you know I’m running experiments every single day that you’re going to get I will say some of you might not want to open an agency you might just be an entrepreneur well if you’re an entrepreneur and you’re already selling your own products you can also get in on this course you can get one of your employees or your staff or you can do it as the owner and you can learn um you can just skip the part on how to start your own social media agency and just go straight to the stuff on how to manage social media social media I had a social media influence or party at my house you might have seen it on my snapchat I’ve had two the one in the summer and one a couple months ago and the group there there was the last one had nine hundred and seventy social media influencers we could reach if we all post it on our social media 1.2 billion people in over 90 countries so think of that power that social media has and now you’re gonna know how to do it you’re gonna know how to get paid to bring that skill and expertise to small businesses and you know you might say well ty what small businesses am I gonna do this for well there’s so many I’m gonna give you a list of different niches you can go after I’m going to show you how to specialize and one specific thing and as you specialize guess what the the skills that you have will go through the roof because once you know a specific niche once you know how to help one dentist you can do it again and it becomes easier and easier and easier and one of the principles that I teach a business is something that I call front end loading businesses meaning you put in a lot of work at the beginning and then it starts to run on its own I’m gonna show you how to do that so hey Raymond bring me the the list here of I’m gonna just read off to you some of the stuff that you’re going to learn I’m here with my team in Palm Springs yeah just let me see that so this is exciting stuff boy if you’ve been watching my snapchat I posted and asked people who wants to get in the test group I had over 4500 people in one day has to be in the program now I’m not gonna let that many people in like I said because I believe in quality over quantity let me rig it let me read some of the things so um so just to recap what you’re going to learn over the next four months right so you’re going to learn how to get your first thousand dollar month client now that’s going to more than pay for the program you’re going to learn how to automate your social media marketing so you can scale your company so that this company would like I said once you figure how to do it you can keep growing how to set up multiple types of pricing packages for your clients so you don’t want to just have a thousand dollar program because some people need more help so you can do a two thousand and a five thousand dollar plan you can do different things for them you can optimize their website you can build email marketing lists for them you can and again this might sound like you don’t know how to do it overwhelming I’m going to show you how to do it and the beauty is there’s no school out there that can teach this is to cutting edge so if you feel like a newbie that’s not a problem it’s a new industry get in early on industries that is this secret throughout time for people to make good money get in early so you’re going to learn the best equipment what do you need you can start out with just an i. Phone or an Android that’s all you need but I’ll be giving you the stuff that if you want to continue to grow your agency a specific list of things that you want to buy I’m going to show you how to make any business interesting because one of the principles you’re going to learn is brandy and branding is a complicated word that I like to replace that word branding with the word storytelling you’re going to be able to go into businesses and become a master at telling their story you know when you go into a restaurant or if you’re going to restaurants website or a dentist or doctors they don’t know how to do video marketing there’s no story people buy into stories you’re going to show your clients how you can record a simple story of their background put it up on their website and massively increase the interest and the amount of people that cert that frequent and buy from your customers you’re going to become this conduit and you can be one of you probably end up being the most valuable person in the in your customers on your customers payroll and this the secret to making money for the rest of your life is be valuable so here’s how the program works the first month you’re going to learn how to pick the niche to go after you’re going to learn how to form your company I’m going to show you how to name your company and you we’re going to get started on practicing social media marketing your practice on yourself that’s the best first person to do the second the second month we’re going to begin to go from the beginnings of being decent at your own social media to mastering social media okay I’m going to give you templates checklist guides video courses um so that you can have the most up to date info the third thing you’re going to learn once you become now a master certified at social media now you’re going to go out and you’re going to acquire high value customers I’m going to show you how to do that what business is to go after I’m gonna give you scripts what to say to them what to email them I’m going to show you how to do a free audit so that you come into their business you do a quick and it won’t take you that long quick template but to them it’s a lot of value give it to them free and say here’s what I can do for you so that they’ll easily agree to paying you a thousand two thousand five thousand dollars a month to manage their marketing then the last month I’m going to show you how to service your customers and how to manage your agency how to start hiring staff how to hire a personal assistant how to get accountants because now you’re gonna have money coming in you need to know how to manage the accounting it very important you know one thing a lot of people are worried about making money well if you follow this formula and you just you start becoming people that are making money you get a new set of problems which is how do you manage that money and I’m going to show you how to manage the money you’re gonna make I’m going to show you how to manage the profits how to set up a real team so that they’re doing the work because your goal should be the general of the army I mean you’re the boss you’re in control you’re running things your way and they’re helping you and so a lot of the hard work they’ll do for you I’m going to show you how you can outsource that and build a team so how much does it cost one of the most common questions um you know the simplest way to value what something should be is how much money somebody’s going to make form so I project if you get one customer paying your thousand dollars a month that’s twelve thousand dollars a year of new income if you get three customers that’s thirty six if you get five customers or eight customers it’s a hundred thousand dollars a year so this is basically like a college degree you’re not actually getting an accredited we’re not a coming out of college but you’re get you know people go to school for four years average in the u. s. is ten to fifteen thousand dollars a year that’s sixty grand what people pay to be able to go to a university and come out with a degree and not even be able to find a job this is basically a four year degree condensed into four months that at the end of it you have a real income source this is what the world needs and on top of that colleges don’t do this there’s a refund wouldn’t it be great if you could go to college in it then the four years say guys I didn’t learn anything that helped me in the workforce I couldn’t find a job anyway I can have my money back I wish the world was like that if it was like that universities would train people with practical skills but until that day comes you got this right here so what’s the value of a college degree instead of four years in four months that guarantees you income or your money back well I could charge the same as college I could charge 100 grand 60 grand 40 grand but I remember when I was starting out I didn’t have much money and my goal is not to make the maximum amount of money already have plenty of income I’m not a greedy person you know I’m more about adventure I saw you see me here in Palm Springs and you see my snapchat going in Norway going to it London and in San Diego and all this stuff so I like I believe that um you don’t have to try to charge the maximum amount of money so as I really thought through I was like you know what one quarter of community college the most basic unit you can buy at the most basic school in where I live in Los Angeles is over $1000 so I was like what you know what I could charge 100 I’m not gonna charge 100 grand for this I could charge 60 grand because it’s just as valuable as a four year degree in terms of your income um I could charge you know one at one college year’s tuition that’s 12 grand 10 grand I thought of all that and and I was like you know what does it not do a hundred grand let’s do one percent of that so I decided in charge not even thousand bucks right under it nine hundred ninety seven dollars one time fee now this is for this test group over time this price is going to go up I have you been watching the different things I do 67 steps accelerator they always start lower so get because I like to encourage I like working with the people that are the early adopters that are people that are pioneers and if you’re watching this video that’s probably you so its 997 that gives you four months access one payment it’s not 997 a month so it’s not $4,000 it’s one payment your credit card will be only build once and that’s it and then at the end of the four months it’s got a guarantee on it for the full four months a lot of my team was like dude do a two week guarantee do a four week I’m giving you 16 week four month guarantee the whole program completely anybody who’s ever wanted a refund for any program has gotten their money back you know we were a Visa we work a Master. Card we work could discover very closely to keep our refunds we have one of the lowest refund rates of any person that’s selling educational stuff like I said the universities had had refunds their refund rate would be very high but it would force them to change their business but because we have an open policy of refunds you can either if this course didn’t help you you can switch into another course if you’d rather do that if you like the material but it didn’t you know you don’t really want to open a social media marketing agency you could pivot it into another program I’m launching a real estate program stuff like that or you can just say I want my money back either way my office is is here in Hollywood California you know it’s 12,000 square foot office we’ve got staff there six are we set we’re seven days a week they’re answering emails about 16 hours a day we’ve got people on shifts so you’re not gonna have to wait so I hope you’re going to start to get excited get excited about you know I’m excited because I realize in this world all the social problems you see the political stuff that’s going on now and I’m like it can be solved by good jobs by good people having good businesses and income sources so that you’re not going to have to stress out just imagine yourself running your own business waking up when you want to wake up you know living in a cool place traveling when you want to travel not having to answer to bosses that you know don’t have your best interest our surrounding yourself with friends and family being able to have time to take time for your own health to lower your stress levels and you can do all that now some of you can go out and you don’t need to buy this course you can do it all on your own and and I know that the small percentage of people are very independent like that go ahead and do it I’m not a hater I’m like gray II not everybody needs this course if you’re like me every business I’ve ever launched and I started when I was a teenager I’ve always done it with a template and that’s why I’ve never launched a business that’s failed it’s not because I’m smart it’s because when you follow the GPS things go so much easier it really does when I see people trying to do stuff the hard way I’m like wow you’re more brave than me you’re willing to spend 10 20 years learning what you could learn in under a year warm up for the billionaire said it’s true you only learn from mistakes but they don’t have to be yours and so you’re gonna get to learn from my mistakes if you want to go out spend 10 20 million dollars in years are pioneering social media techniques go ahead or for a 997 one thousand dollars I’m gonna show you how everything everything that pertains to you open a social media agency that I’ve ever learned so it’s going to be it’s going to be cool like I said if you already own a business and you’re not going to open an agency you still buy this because the stuff inside the course is going to show you how to manage your own Twitter your own Instagram your own Facebook your own PPC ads cutting edge video marketing techniques how to brand yourself how to use snapchat all these techniques that we are on and we must company myself on absolute pioneering this stuff a lot of the stuff you see other people doing they’re copying from us but you know what they’re always behind the reason I created this is a video course and not a book is because a book takes six to twelve months to publish by that time the information is outdated look at meerkat I could if you write a book it’s gonna be about how to use meerkat live streaming well that company’s bankrupt by the time that book is printed by the time that university courses offered they’re selling you outdated stuff by creating video programs like I do online you can access it from the convenience of your home quick and easy safe you got your laptop your i.

Phone you know your Android you can listen to it while you’re in the car driving to work or on the treadmill guess what I’ve taken the risk out of it I’m showing you how to make money I’m showing you how to start your business for some of you this will be a business you keep forever some of you will sell these businesses or move on to even bigger things the key is don’t fail in life don’t fail in business you’ll lose your courage or lose your confidence step by step you get ahead not necessarily in fast spurts for a lot of you today is one of the most important days of your career because now you’re going to get a sense of purpose you’re going to create income for yourself there is nothing sweeter in life than seeing your bank account going up from the fruit of your own labors not just making someone else rich when you work at a corporation but helping yourself your family your friends your loved ones this is this is my dream for the world this is my political views the world needs entrepreneurs and so I’m excited that you’re here so here’s how it works you click the button below that’s going to enter you into the next page there’s some guidelines you got to agree to the guidelines some some of you might not agree to those guidelines that’s okay I’ve laid out a few simple rules that you have to agree to it’s kind of like a pledge you agree to that the next page will take you to SSL 256 bit SSL encrypted secure page you enter your credit card info it’s the safest way you can pay it’s safer than handing a waiter or a waitress your credit card where they can go back and write this is nobody sees your credit card number um you go in and that secures your spot 997 and we and that’s for your certification that’s the certification fee and the fee there’s no extra fees on top of that we have other programs that you can get but this is you don’t need to buy anything else if you don’t want to this is the full template for social media marketing agency on top of that um you know we do have other stuff a later time you can look at upgrading so then the page after that is going to be a phone scheduler because I’m giving you a concierge I don’t want to just leave you hanging I want you to have a real person you can call on the phone talk to email you know their name they speak English there they’re not outsourced in some far off country they’re at my office they can talk to me and not your point of contact you can talk to them on the phone they’ll answer questions they’ll make sure you can log into the program and do all that so it’s a very simple quick and easy process in just a few minutes you’re in your revolutionising your life you’re living the dream that most people think about talk about well procrastinate on you know today everything changes for you and I’m excited to let a small test group now if below there’s no button don’t freak out the test group is closed okay so don’t call the office and say the button doesn’t show that’s on purpose I keep this video up just because some people are coming to the page and you know their friend bought the program they want to see what it’s all about so if there’s no button below the test group is closed you missed out on your chance and and I don’t mean that like you know you know making fun of you way I’m just saying I can’t open it up to everybody because I can’t offer that level of concierge service to you know like I said on snapchat just snapshot alone over 4500 people said they wanted to be in the program in one day well I I don’t want to have concierge having it you know talk to 4500 people so grab your spot if it’s not for you you know move on do something else it’s fine there’s other things you can do but if you want to know one of the most one of the industries that I believe in it’s making people money over and over across the country across world then this is the thing to get into open up your own social media marketing agency get in the test group the button is below and yeah once you’re inside make sure you schedule your phone call that’s the next step and then you’ll start getting your video lessons one by one you log into your phone you’re going to need to spend about 15 minutes you need to spend one to two hours a week guys you can do it all in one day on the weekends if you want or you can drip it out 15 20 minutes a day it’s not that hard it’s quick and simple you lay back it’s designed you just let the stuff absorb into your brain and you let success come to you instead of having to just you know struggle all the time so click the link and I got one other thing I got one special bonus for you for those of you if you still see that the button below I’m not just gonna offer you the course not going to just show you what cost me 20 million dollars and years to learn I’m not going to just show you how you can make a six figure income from from home I’m not just going to give you a concierge service where you have a direct contact to a person you can talk to but on top of that I am going to give you a free ticket to my I do seminars at my office I open up my office about once a month once every other month so you can actually come and those tickets are fourteen hundred dollars so in this test group right now if you get in I’m gonna give you I’m going to give you access one ticket and not have to pay fourteen hundred dollars I’m going to throw that in so now you’re getting nine ninety seven value plus fourteen ninety seven so you’re getting twenty five hundred dollars worth of stuff for nine ninety seven like I said it’s really worth you know the cost of a college degree in my opinion but I don’t have a college degree I did this stuff and and it’s I’m very thankful now you know like I said there’s different paths for different people but if you’re like me there’s gonna be a big day for you so get the bonus make sure the button like I said it you can go home and think about it and or go away and think about it but telling you this test group we’re going to fill up very fast mark my words so grab your spot remember it’s 100% guaranteed so at the end of four months if it didn’t work for you boom swap out to get another program we have or get hundred percent of your money back okay so thanks so much and I’m excited one request I have from you when you start making money send me an email send me a snapchat I love hearing the stories of success that people make I get them every day and it’s amazing so so excited for you talk to you soon..