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hello friends this is global Patriot back again I apologize for not putting out videos as much as I used to however i just got a full time job i am basically a fry cook i had to actually go to a city outside of my own because everyone knows me in this area and someone you know somewhere along the line would mention to the boss oh hey hey you know that guy well he’s done good things before and he puts out videos on the internet trying to help people so you better figure out a way to fire him as soon as possible well these types of things have actually happened to me I know it sounds a bit ridiculous but if you start doing what I’ve done putting out that I’ve put out a close to seven hundred to a thousand total videos on my many different channels but i do have well over 400 videos which are totally dedicated basically to fighting the elite in Illuminati criminals and whatnot so when you’re at my level of freedom exposure you know basically at the very very top you know considering Alex Jones is a show someone who doesn’t help the average grassroots people at all i’m basically as far up as you can go and still be um not compromised if you understand what I’m saying also I wanted to let people know that my Twitter does appear to have been shut down I did actually try to give on Twitter a good bit of time to possibly give me my Twitter back but the last tweet that I was able to tweet was on sep tember 21st it is currently October 13th so um what is it has been 10 a little bit over 20 days 22 days that I have not been allowed to have my Twitter this is actually or my Twitter has been taken away during what seems to be a stock market collapse so is that coincidental not likely there’s a lot that um you know the liberties of borders on you know I’m starting to get a little bit I don’t want to say fed up with this whole Liberty thing but to be perfectly honest there isn’t really a Liberty movement it’s just a bunch of people who like think about liberty stuff sometimes but they’re really just a bunch of sheep the fact of the matter that you know myself John Lewis Adams a direct descendant of a gum founding father is being openly harassed I’ve told over 100,000 people about this I have 200,000 views on over 25,000 followers on Twitter get you know basically no no alternative media figure we’ll talk to me they won’t interview me they won’t discuss me they won’t answer me okay so somewhere along the line of this Liberty movement there’s a serious serious problem we’re basically the people in the Liberty movement don’t work together okay if people in the Liberty movement started working together more like to we’re basically all the top people you you know out there if they started joining meeting up creating at the very least you know webcam videos with each other this will start helping people there’s this she’ll like I said Alex Jones he tells people not to talk about other people and he himself basically tries as hard as he can to never talk about any other supporter Alex Jones he’s never talked about W 77 isn’t that pretty weird you don’t think that’s strange how come j snip poor how come he’s never talked about basically anybody um except for lindsey williams and jonathan cahn he’s never talked about anybody but them and pretty much nobody but me has ever talked about Jason it all right y’all if you you need to understand this you need to talk about each other so you don’t look like you’re a loner a lone person if everyone’s talking about everyone else it makes it clear that this isn’t a you know one man job that’s going on there’s probably a hundred thousand people on right now who have created their own at home little media businesses why is this it’s because the media sucks ass the media has been given full a okay that they can make up any prop gana story they want and right now they are hammering the Sheep Oh with the most ridiculous stories of any freakin a freakin rock wouldn’t believe a rock wouldn’t believe the freaking Virginia shooting hoax a rock wouldn’t believe the Sandy Hook you know movie story it’s all made up they’re going to take the guns because they know that the sheep will not necessary you but probably your family they’re dumb as rocks.