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i Got fired from my Job, but i can still work with them..

follow us below on our social media Here: Thing 1 Me: Gaming made me a default and Banner he also he also on occasion! his channel here: by Chillhop: – Weekend: on Spotify: GAMING/RECORDING GEAR

– Microphone
Blue Yeti
i record game chat through my turtle beach headset (stealth 400)

– Systems for Gameplay
Playstation 4 and my PC

– Recording Audacity 60HD
OBS Classic Software
Adobe Premier Pro (videos)
Bazart on Ipad (IOS iphone app too, to make my fonts

– Webcam
Canon t3i powered by Canon live view… i also have a
Logitech C920

iBUYPOWER – Desktop – Intel Core i7 – 16GB Memory – Dual AMD Radeon RX 480 – 240GB Solid State Drive + 1TB Hard Drive – Black/Red.

welcome guys to another episode of why do I keep saying that I keep saying another episode when I don’t make episodes of anything I this is an episode of an update you guys I’m here to talk about but you know what I’m not here to talk about it yet give me one second let me take a breather first of all shout out to the new sponsor on my streams dead raccoon if you guys don’t know who she is right here go ahead and follow her on Twitter and she’s a new sponsor on the stream Congrats to her thank you so much and also thank you so much karma the creator for that $2 donation yesterday on the stream it was amazing of you to do that because it helps me out and that actually goes into my next topic I guess I don’t really have topic I’m just here just to get to the point why you clicked on this video basically I got my 30 day notice from I’ve been fired man I’m literally fired from but I can still hang out you get it okay it’s it’s like me being an intern for I get to keep making videos but I don’t get paid and that’s totally fine because I will keep grinding hard and I will keep making videos guys what happened a while ago with the whole Logan Paul situation and led up to this and they just decided let’s take out all the smaller creators in the long run if you want to stick it out with and do this for a living it’ll work out I’m telling you it’ll it’ll just be nice and dandy so I will be fine guys I’ll still make videos I’ll still stream because it’s fun I actually spend more money than I make on and it’s not a big deal and all the money that I get from donations and stuff I’m recycling it back into strictly any money that I get it’s going straight back into getting merchandise that I either will resell to you guys for a cheap price and it’s still pretty sweet but other than that guys there’s really not much to it it’s just I don’t know why people were upset are they not you know you guys not making money I mean I’m sure you’re you’re okay with not making 10 cents you know and if you want to make this a career then just keep working hard it’s it’s not that difficult I mean unless I’m wrong unless I’m wrong I like to I like to see your guys’s comments comment below man let me know but don’t dislike the video just because my opinion is different than yours let me know and we can talk about this we’ll discuss it’s totally cool man but I just want to know your guys’s opinions other than that you guys I’m streaming for tonight tomorrow a new map super height for it is I’m the best player in in fortnight if you guys didn’t know that so I’m excited for that man and you guys you guys are awesome keep keep coming to the streams keep watching my videos and I’ll keep loving you guys I’ll keep loving you guys you guys are awesome alright peace.