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Korean Unnie makes videos that makes learning Korean fun & easy for Korean learners! 1 ! 🙂 upload every Monday, Friday 8AM KST. I livestream every Wednesday 11AM KST.

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Monday 8AM KST Top 10 Must-Know Korean Phrases For …]
On Mondays, I upload the Top 10 Must-Know Korean Phrases] Series. In this series, you will learn Korean phrases required for beginners & intermediate Korean learners. You will learn the Korean phrases you need to know in various types of situations. Along with the Korean phrases, you will learn Korean words, Korean grammar and Korean sentence structure. You are able to the PDF file for these videos by patreoning me at Uploaded every Monday 8AM KST.
Playlist Wednesday 11AM KST Korean Class / All About the Korean Alphabet, Vocabulary Drill]
Every Wednesday at 11AM I will do a 2 hour livestream. Each week the topic will be one Korean alphabet, and we will learn the vocabulary made of that alphabet. This will be a great vocabulary building opportunity for you. There will be a story for every vocabulary you learn, so it will help you memorize Korean words even better. This lesson is for all levels: beginner / intermediate / advanced Korean learners. It suits people who dont know Korean alphabet and want to learn Korean alphabet from the beginning, and it will help advanced Korean learners who want to get help with the vocabulary. Korean Unnie will receive lessons during the live Korean class session as well so you can prepare your own questions for the live Korean class. Livestreamed every Wednesday 11AM KST.

Friday 8AM KST Slang] Must-Know words in Modern Korea
Every Friday you will learn a new Korean slang and also how you can use this word in sentences, and in which situation you can learn this word. You will learn popular Korean words and phrases that is used a lot in contemporary Korea. This will also be a good practice for your Korean vocabulary, Korean grammar, Korean sentence structure and getting used to the Korean language in general.
You can the PDF file for the video by patreoning me at Uploaded every Friday 8AM KST.
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I’m Nadia Louie they hang on yeah hello them both this is Korean oh nice for those of you who are new let me introduce myself first actually I feel like I never really had a chance to introduce myself properly on so I guess today is the day in this video I will also talk about my plans for 2018 and I finally finished setting up my patreon page that you guys have been asking or so I will talk about that as well I am known as Korean on Nyong’o Vani on but my real name is who we have moon in Korean blue Newham I was born and raised in Seoul South Korea and I lived here until I graduated my high school and for university I went to America and Seattle Washington because I wanted to experience a bigger world I started my channel on my sophomore junior year on University the reason why I started my channel is because when I went to America I got to meet a lot of international students from all over the world who are actually interested in Korea they were listening to kpop they were watching kdramas in library and that was actually very shocking to me because I thought South Korea is a very small country that nobody cares about except for the news about North Korea Korea is such a small country and why would anyone care about Korean language you know it’s like nobody is going to use use Korean to communicate like English or it’s not like Spanish that so many portion of the population use this language the reason why I thought of this idea of teaching Korean online is because when I went to university in a university in America I got to meet lots of international students from all over the world and you know the conversation we have is like the first thing is like oh where are you from I’m from Korea and everyone is like oh really I listen I know Big Bang I know SNSD I know X so I know TVXQ yeah kind of old TVXQ generation they’re actually just kidding I’m not um yeah and they knew kpop and I was like I so shocked that people know kpop and they also watches the thing is they also watches Korean dramas which was crazy because I thought only Korean people watches Korea dramas why are people from other countries watching it it’s not even in their own language and I was like oh my god this is actually a thing like really because um when I was in Korea and when I was in Korea Korea as a Korean person you know like in middle school in high school I never had this chat I had a chance to meet a foreigner I mean I’ll of course like in in English Institute’s and stuff but not in social environment like in schools we didn’t have any any people from other country because it was not an international school it was this national Korean school 100% Korean people and of course I saw it on the news like Korean Wave oh people from all over the world all they listen to kpop and they watch his Cape drama and I saw the news and I I was like oh yeah okay because I didn’t really believe it I thought it’s something like this news making you know Korean people be proud of our countries I didn’t really I didn’t really have a chance to feel that thing directly you know firsthand but I went to America um there were actually people you know like asking me about this Korea and kpop and kdrama stuff that I didn’t even know they knew more celebrities than I do they knew more Korean music than I do and they were like asking me like Oh me and they they actually knew the word on me and I was like oh my god I was so shocked that’s why that’s actually why I named my channel Korean only because they were always calling me on me even though they were not like younger than me they just called me on me I don’t know why do I look older I don’t know but they always called me like Oh me and ask me questions hail me what does also can mean hey I’m me what does what how do I say let’s go in Korean and they all kept asking me you know these girls and sometimes guys who are watching Korean dramas I mean it was like really for me it was shocking in my freshman year especially um there were actually group of girls watching Korean drama together in the library I know it’s library but they were watching Korean drama I was actually kind of glad and I was a little proud and I was I felt really I felt good that people are listening to the music of my like music in my language the they’re watching drama in my language so I wanted to help them I wanted to like help them because I myself was learning English by myself not necessarily by myself because we had I had schools and I went to like hot ones and stuff but still I always I was not this kind of kid who like didn’t like studying English but I was forced to forced to learn English I was not like that I really wanted to be good in English so that I am able to communicate with people you know communicate with people so I tried myself pretty hard I watched I watched movies I watched movies in English dramas in English try to find always try to like Google stuff in English instead of neighboring in Korean I try to make some ways I develop like ways myself and always searching you on in English so I can watch the same like information in English try to get exposed in english speaking environment and stuff like that I tried hard you know you know um I was in Korea until I was 19 years old until I was in high school until I graduated high school so before that I never I was never in an english speaking country and my English was actually good enough is this my English it really improve that much what happened to when I went to America really not really um so my English was good enough even before going to America so I know that you guys can do it I know that you guys can speak Korean to a certain level I mean it may not be perfect like my English is not perfect I always make mistakes um your English speakers you will know that I make mistakes all the time like pronunciation mistakes like I say up um load and things like that I make mistakes but you understand me that’s why you’re watching my video you still understand me so it’s fine and nobody really makes fun of me um so and if you speak Korean like I speak English no I promise I promise nobody is going to make fun of you when you’re speaking Korean like me because like it’s oh it’s it’s amazing it’s just marvelous and it’s actually really unfair not to because you know people from America they think it’s like they think of people from other countries they speak English it’s just like is the normal thing to do but in like in a small country like Korea and people from other parts of the world they speak Korean fluently they’ll be like oh no you know what I mean right so that’s kind of my story in my university and I graduated from University on 2017 and came back to Korea and I just somehow didn’t stop making videos first thing I really enjoy making videos I really like sharing what I know with people and especially people from all over the world I think that’s amazing and second is all you that help me not give up by responding me by commenting on my videos and like telling me that it actually helps it really gives me a lot of energy and support that helps me to keep going and also the thing is I actually made white oven it we’ve meant from 2015 I started my channel in 2015 and now it’s like the end of 2017 and I achieved hundred thousand more than hundred thousand subscribers which is I think it’s quite of an achievement because it’s just a channel that teaches Korean it’s not nothing like playing games or eating some food which is good for views you know like people like watching videos they make them stop thinking because they are too busy with other things and they don’t want to come to and spend their time studying right I know that so that’s why I’m even more thankful to you you guys find my channel to actually learn something that I think that’s really amazing and I feel really grateful about it and then it’s it also makes it also helps me feel really we rewarding because I know that it’s not an easy thing to do for both you and me for me it’s also not easy because I need to keep creating content that is that actually helps you so the point is I really really like I really do enjoy what I am doing on with this Korean on your channel and I don’t want to stop I want to keep doing this until I can so I made a really big decision guys this year or next year actually because it’s still 2017 I I quit my job and I’m going to fully dedicate myself on on in in 2018 because 2018 will be a year that I will test myself if it is possible just sustain myself with just with what I like doing one important thing that I want to promise you on to in 2018 is that I want to post videos regularly which I have failed to do in 2017 in 2017 I was like you know some days I posted actually of 2017 I failed at doing that as well yes so 2017 I just I just completely failed at posting I mean uploading videos regularly which is I think it’s really important thing to do because for my subscribers it’s kind of like a promise um you guys can come back at my channel any time and there will be certain videos that you can watch I want to promise you that so 2007 2018 I will I have this schedule I already made this uploading schedule and I will stick to that schedule because I will think of this as my actual job so you guys can expect what can happen in the next few days or in the next few we can you come back to my channel I am really kind of excited for 2018 because I know that I’m going to try my best and I hope you actually you guys my tongue songs just stay there and watch my videos and support me if you can from me anyways I’m going to try my best it’s like it’s like I am betting on this year I will see what can happen when I fully dedicate myself on this so like I’m I am pretty excited I don’t really care if I am like I can’t eat good food or I can’t buy I can’t buy nice shoes or nice clothes or whatever I’m just going to dedicate myself on this right now this is like my first priority and I don’t really need to think about paying rent because I’m living with my parents house so that’s like the one thing I can do this because if I had to pay rent then I would never I would never quit my job and just dedicate myself on I have my room on my in my parents house that’s where I am actually filming so I don’t really need to think about like um paying rent or paying food and stuff I mean like food yes I want to eat good food or like eat delicious food but I have my mom that cooks for me so and I cook for myself as well so like this part this is a really good not advantage but like comfort for me this year but I do eventually want to kind of you know like be independent and pay my own rent and have my own place and stuff but that like it’s like I want to I need to try hard to achieve that anyway is what I’m saying is I will try hard and see what it see what happens and if it’s like good if it’s smooth and I will keep doing it if it’s not going smooth if I feel like oh my god this this will make me homeless I’ll probably have to find another way but still don’t worry I’m not giving up on any in any way alright so I want to tell you my plans for 2018 one thing I can promise is that I am going to upload contents produce contents regularly some of my dorm rooms have already noticed notice that I have been doing this quite well for the past two weeks the this was like warm up this was like seeing if I can actually do this and I actually succeeded on doing it for about three or four three or four weeks so now I’m going to do that for a near but the schedule is going to be a little different from what I posted in my past two weeks which was every Tuesday and Friday 6 p.m. est 18 sometime it will be I will post on Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays on Mondays Fridays 8 a. m. KST I will upload and on Wednesdays I will do my live Korean class that you guys have been asking for so let me explain the series that I am going to upload on Monday Wednesdays and Fridays on Monday it will be the top 10 must know Korean phrases for blah blah blah series like top 10 phrases for restaurants top 10 phrases for tourists top 10 phrases for texting top 10 phrases for fighting top 10 phrases for go into the restroom I don’t know whatever like whatever situation top 10 phrases I’m going to make that content regularly on Mondays and I think the reason why I think learning with phrases is important is because just learning the words or just learning certain words will not really I mean it’s good to learn new vocabulary and stuff but you need to know how to use use the word in sentences and these phrases learning with phrases and sentences will help you get used to the Korean sentence structure by you know that’s how babies learn language they don’t just learn by hey this is hat this is called hat this is called camera this is called hair parents just make parents just talk to them in full sentences and babies will pick up pick up the words that are getting repeated pick up the like the structure I am not really good at explaining this even though I majored in linguistics I majored in linguistics so I know what I am talking I have this concrete favorite theory on my head but it’s just kind of like difficult for me to articulate it in perfect English but I know that my donors are smart enough you know you guys know what I’m saying so what I’m saying is learning with phrases is important I mean it is really helpful and by learning phrases learning with phrases you will get to I will also explain the words inside the phrases like the grammar points inside the freezes so and those will get repeated and repeated or repeated so you like pirate getting fire pitting it you will memorize them and you’ll make it yours and you will level up you know what I mean yes so you’ll have this procedure and it will help you eventually and this content will come up on every Monday 8:00 a. m. jst also I am making PDF files for my video contents as well and these PDF files you can download if you become a patreon in my page there are many options for becoming a patreon there’s like their patriarch for downloading PDFs there are peach you can be a patreon for like viewing scripts before I actually make a video to study by your first or there are many options so you can check my page out I’m going to talk about my patreon page later on but still so I wanted to let you know that I am going to make a PDF file for my for my videos yes so this content will be on Monday and on Wednesday it is my live karina class do you remember my life Korean class I did last time yes like all about the consonant kkeok good I selected one Korean alphabet and I talked about that Korean alphabet for two hours for two hours I didn’t just talk about this alphabet but I we went over the vocabulary you know that contains this alphabet and this alphabet and how this alphabet is used in the first consonant used as a first consonant or the final consonant and how it sounds different when this alphabet is used in the first syllable of the word or the second syllable of the word we went over all this stuff and we went over missed so many vocabulary that you can make that so many vocabulary that contains this alphabet I’ll bet you know and we talked about it for two hours and um I connect vocabulary as well because there will kept their words that have the same Chinese character which Chinese character has a meaning all the time so like we can kind of branch out the vocabulary which will help you memorize the vocabulary even more because it has stories and you have you have this how do I say this anyways it will help you memorize because it has you know story you know what I mean and also in my live classes you can ask me questions like is on in live and I will answer you back so you can answer me questions I mean answer me questions you can ask questions that you were curious about in your daily lives and stuff as well and we can chat and stuff so it’s really fun I am really excited for this live Korean live class it’s on every Wednesday 11:00 a. m.

Korean time KST if you are unable to join the live class because of your time zone don’t worry this live video will be uploaded on so you can watch it again later and I want to tell you that my first live Korean class the quality is kind of bad because I I did it with my laptop webcam but recently I bought about a better webcam HD quality from long gatech that’s how I spend my money guys so please support me um yeah it was quite expensive it was 130 dollars yes so I bought this webcam and I’m going to use that on my life class so the quality quality is going to be better starting from January 3rd either humming live class yes so Wednesday 11:00 a.m. KST it’s 11:00 a. m. tasty because I cannot do it on 8 a. m. I’m sorry because I can’t wake up I can’t wake up in early that early in the morning yes oh so it’s 11 a. m.

KST that thing and on fridays I will keep making this Korean slang videos Korean slang videos I think it is really good for you because um I am you know I am teaching you at each word every week that is used a lot in Korea in modern Korea and I also teach you in what kind of situation you can use this word and in like how to use this word in sentences so you can actually sound like natural like natural Korean I don’t know like major Korean people and also when you know this word Korean people will be really surprised it’ll be like you know that word yes so these Korean slag videos it will be uploaded on every Friday 8 a.m. KS T so every Monday Wednesday and Friday you can know that there their contents coming up on these days and there might be some surprise videos coming up as well actually I want you to plan I’m thinking of the Learning Korea with kpop series and also like vlogging kind of series I want to vlog with my DJI Osmo again if you remember if you were a Tom dong from like that time when I flogged with my DJI Osmo because I really like the wide lens and the stability and stuff so I can show you like the show you Korea I can real life kind of like in like as if you were actually in Korea kind of thing I am planning that true if I make a new series I will let you know so I will definitely let you know on Instagram Twitter and community tab or make a video up or make a video so don’t worry about that so these are my plans for 2018 every video on Monday Wednesday and Friday I hope you like it and now finally I want to talk about my patreon page then you can support me on patreon go check out my patreon page um I am really grateful for any money that you patreon me I’m not sure if this is a right way to say it like patreon me but still even a dollar I’m really grateful for it like like really I am really I will be super grateful for like even a dollar that you support me and I will invest the money that you support me in to make better videos and to upgrade them every time let me kind of go over the tears that I created on my patreon page I created ten tears and you can choose like which tier you want to be in like I made benefits for all the tears for example the Seattle dome will have the have Logan access to the exclusive feed that I post on my patreon page from the sprout dongdong I will follow you on twitter and facebook and the leaf dongdong i will invite you to the Kakao Talk chat room so the leaf bundles from leaf dongle you can join Michael talk chat rooms and chat with me and like all the benefits for each tier so you can like choose kind of what here you want to be in and I’m not forcing you to do it it’s like your own choice to join my tears to support me or not to be my patreon or not it’s completely your choice and I’m not forcing you and I’m trying I will still do my best in creating my free videos on regularly which is even better than 2017 so it’s like it’s all free of your choice but if you feel like you want to support me if you want to support my work and you want me to keep doing what I am doing then feel free to support me on my patreon page my patreon page is patreon. com slash Korean Ani which is so easy and I also made a new Twitter account my my old Twitter account was we hung moon or something but I mean a Korean on me planner account and I download download it on my phone so I get I can get I get alarms every time um why did I say that yes I said this because I want you to follow me let’s move on to the Q&A epic one to one ask me my questions for Q&A where do you work and what do you do in your job if you still work for talking Ria’s you show it and your shows Imperius videos and ignore this question okay like I told you I quit my job and my job is creating videos on the reason why I quit working here is because first thing I was busy because I need to make videos for my and second the second my champ channel is mine I don’t I will not let any company or any like big companies think of my channel as theirs yes and do you like traveling and do you plan to visit Europe of course I love I like traveling I like seeing new things I’m always open to new things even though I am really bad at planning but I am really good I I really do enjoy traveling but my problem is I always need someone to plan like with me if not then I will never really go because I’m really bad at the planning things and do you plan to visit Europe Europe has been as always being my like one of the one of the places that I really one of my favorite plant places that I want to visit and I’ve been to Europe before but when I was really young when I was like 12 I went to Greece and Rome which was amazing and I went to London I went to England London England what two years ago and it was it was amazing I had like my one of my best days in my life what would you do if you had 1 million subscribers would you quit your job I quit my job even even when I don’t have 1 milligram and dedicate all your time to if I had 1 million subscribers on then it means I am earning more than I’m earning now which means I can do more stuff that I want to do not just filming on my in front of my pink wall I’ll have my I don’t I want to have my own team so people can help me film in different parts of Korea you know like right now I’m only by myself so I I feel kind of sometimes I like even I have these ideas and I want to do but I just don’t have I don’t have someone to help me so like I I just give up and keep filming in front of my pink wall because this is like the easiest thing to do and you’re by yourself but if I have 1 million subscribers then definitely I will make a team and that helps me film and I will also help them do their own stuff of course and make more interesting videos like Street interviews I really wanted to stretch Street interviews I really want to do skits you know like make skits like make like really small Java kind of like make small small dramas and I can learn we can like I can teach you the phrases from that drama I want to make my like own music you know like music and stuff I have so many things I want to do but I can’t because of like money issues and like other issues but 1 million subscribers whoo yeah it’s my dream um next what would you I mean do people recognize you sometimes on the streets in Korea no because my subscribers are not in Korea my subscribers are all in other parts of the world so which is a good thing because I don’t want people to recognize me in Korea no no no no no no no I don’t want that because um then like I need to like I need to be cautious of what I’m wearing like my makeup and stuff but you most of the time I’m like oh and I just go out with no makeup of time yes that would be really uncomfortable I feel like all right next came mine has asked me what is your real true name my my name is Johan moon moon is going on how did you learn English so well all this I also told you in my beginning of my video what did you use for skincare I actually don’t really do skincare like really I’m like really rare type in Korea because like Korean girls are so obsessed with skincare and stuff but like for me it’s the genes I’ve but for me I really out I just use Aleutians and like dilution I use always actually here I it’s not even Korean ran this clinic um and it changes all the time I feel like Weezer actually not really important because um makeup products you know actually they’re really all all the same it’s just their marketing they like like how they do marketing they make it look different with all these different names and all these different components and stuff Gale a I’m sorry I don’t really know how to pronounce your name but gala asked me can you say some words in French like boo zoo or Missy yes I can say oh my god not boomer zoo Bessie sorry I’m sorry but I can sing Shawn’s amis a host on a story Amedeo I mean we via deuce capable a oceans Elise a wad I’d ask me how do Koreans look at foreigners these days do they appreciate others learning about Korea or are they conservative and defensive as I heard of course they are glad that they are learning about Korea I mean if their people are conservative and defensive because other people wants to learn about Korea than that person is probably crazy and supporting Trump and supporting um Kim jong un that person is probably like really weird racist person um most Korean people like me like how I felt when I was when I went to America and I was really like so glad that people are trying to learn Korean but of course there are rear people everywhere and I cannot say that you can you will never encounter the person who’s racist of course like if they hate foreigners and their races and they are weird you don’t need to think about it like just think about the positive side like why the negativity you know like if they are weird them it’s them that’s weird you don’t need to be like oh my god in Korea people will hate me if uh if I’m cuz I’m a Korea boo so I was stopped liking kpop and I will just stay in my room no no don’t be like that like if you if you love kpop and then it’s like if you like kpop and if you like Korea and if you want to learn Korea then just do it like why do you need to think about what other people think about you because if you like doing something they don’t let the other people stop doing what you like let nd ask me how can I learn Korean at home by myself by watching Korean on the videos that watching my videos will definitely help like every Monday Wednesday and Friday if you watch all your videos all my videos it will definitely help but if you want to speed up your process then like start watching Korean dramas start listening to Korean music people who’s to say that watching Korean drama and listening to kpop kpop will not help you in Korean though if they talking like what the are you talking about it definitely helps um like what I did or what you can do is download the like Korea JAMA in even in just mp3 file and listen to it all the time and then you’re like that is actually what I did when I was like eight when I was I think when I was eight years old when I was eight years old Harry Potter was like so big and I was obsessed with Harry Potter what I did you guys like you guys will not believe what I did is I downloaded the movie in mp3 file and I had my mp3 I will I’m a 90s kid I had every three and I downloaded my mp3 file and I will listen to it like all the time and I even printed out the scripts for a Harry Potter and I read the scripts like with my mp3 file and I like trying to sync myself with them and what I like I was so crazy and I was like so obsessed with Harry Potter that when I was dreaming I jumped of like hanging out with Hermione and Ron and her and I dreamed in English and like at that point I knew that I leveled up because dreaming in English it means that I am thinking in English and when I’m unconscious which is like a huge which is like a huge like jump you know what I mean it’s like if you want to be like that if you want to be crazy as me and then do it do it do it if you like a third drama like it’s even like fun you like starting drama download it on your mp3 file listen to it all the time when you’re on the bus when you’re walking on the streets when you’re in the taxi when you’re in the subway or anything like it in your school time break time if you don’t want to talk to your friends just listen to your damn mp3 file and learn Korean like it will help you so much that’s actually what I did like I thought like sometimes in break time I feel like oh it’s like I don’t want to hang out with them I listen to every 3 5 water of me people you can do that and you can watch Korean on your videos yes I’m talking talking a lot Pressey vargas asked me I’m sorry if I’m I’m if I’m like not correctly pronouncing your name hi oh me I learn a lot from you so much thank you you’re my favorite Korean teacher yes I should be here’s my question for you of me have you already traveled a rod what place I travel to many not many but I traveled to few places like Japan China Hong Kong in Asia and Philippines I recently went to Boracay with my mom in America different parts of America like la San Diego San Francisco Florida say I’m a Washington which I like went to university London I went to Greece and Rome when is your birthday my birthday is on May 7th do you like any k pop groups what group my current favorite k pop group is black pink and my bias is Jenny in Korea we call her attended e tenzig is like her nickname Wow any of that Korean people of color yes I hope this answered your question Johnny Tyler films asked me I wrecked Johnny oh my god I was so like it was so funny when you when you they commented on my Instagram post of my ice cream you said it’s a pancake Prague pancake oh it was so funny it’s an ice it’s a strawberry ice cream with rice cakes on top going up yeah Johnny Tyra asked me I racked my brain and came up with these questions going out you record me what are your ambitions hmm where do you see yourself in ten years what’s your favorite movie what are my ambitions like I told you I want to be what are my ambitions I want to be the biggest r that teaches Korean biggest like eating create so we say eating create a r um one person media it means I want to like in you too I want people to think of me when they think of someone who teaches Korean I wanted people to think of Korea on Korean on me I want to be that person and I want to yes I want to hit this 1 million subscriber my milestone as well I hope and I want to make many videos not just like being in front of this pink wall but also like like outside of Korea showing different parts showing like really fun side of Korea and doing many fun stuff in Korea like doing Street interviews doing there are many things I can do and I want to be like able to do that yes what’s your favorite movie my favorite movie is Harry Potter Harry Potter is my life last question last question is Daphna hugs Q&A do you like hugs I love your nickname one this and your profile photo is jewnicorn oh my god you’re so lovely yeah do you like hugs yes I do like hugs thank you for asking me I love you too right um I guess I need to like and oh my god this was the longest video I have ever made on my life this this will be the end of the video and the rest of the people that I didn’t get to answer I’m sorry but um I read all your comments and I guess most of I guess I said oh my god there’s more but it was a long video and I talked about myself quite a lot so I guess I guess it kind of it’s okay for you I hope you had a great year on 2017 for me it was great I achieved hundred thousand subscribers on which helped me to make a big decision and 2018 I think my 2018 is going to be great I hope your 2018 is going to be great as well to share your ideas for your 2018 oh my god this was such a long video I am not sure how many people watch it till the end but thank you so much if you actually watch till the end raise your hand raise your hand if you watch till the end I’m going to know um yeah thank you for watching follow me on Instagram and Twitter if you have those apps if you don’t then it’s fine I’ll try to upload things that are important that you need to know on my You Tube community section and check out my patreon page if you want to support me in any ways what else yeah if you are not subscribed and subscribe and if you’re subscribed and didn’t turn on the notification button then turn on the notification button um and I guess that is it yeah and I’m so excited for 2018 what can happen what will happen and do that 1:18 I’m so excited good all Nanyang a boil I’m young. .