Social Media Manager

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my name is Julian Mitchell and I am the social media director at revolt always had my passion for life music and culture and things like that I in turn that one and brother records then I got an opportunity to intern for the legendary Debbie Allen I was a continent director and ran social media for an agency while I was there I want a couple of wards the real young dude this is a very special moment I was contacted I got an email from somebody every hole mr.combs met with him really believed in the vision he shared it with me what I do is oversee all of our social media platforms all the content that goes out provide creative direction I manage the team making sure that we’re provocative that we’re first at the truth under 50 the environment here is one of building and it’s one of building something long term so it’s you know you feel like patching you feel energy you feel even the frustrations of trying to get it right of trying to connect try to make something special and meaningful and build a brand I work very hard I work very very hard one part is pushing myself one part is the demand of the job their part is missing yeah yeah yes sir yes sir oh I think a revolution though is really just a change in the way people think it’s an elevated way of thinking and a revolution is leading by example and then having everybody else understand the power in that example that’s a revolution to me the work that I do here is meaningful and influencing and generation that’s like a mission that I’m dedicated to so I think its demand my intention i am revolt you. .