Social Media Manager

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my name is Annie oakna and i’m one of the co founders at wonder labs we’re a small passionate social media studio base of the Sussex Innovation Centre at the University of Sussex in Brighton England we’ve been managing social media accounts for eight years now and in the last view our clients keep coming up against the same issue over and over again how do I grow an audience on Twitter quickly and naturally to promote my product or service to some of the challenges we regularly face our clients with fake followers the sheer amount of time it takes to manager Twitter account and how slow the process can be particularly for startups trying to get their product to market other solutions are there still require too much of your time and can be overwhelming and cumbersome to use we create a tweet rocket to simplify social media for you or your business the current version of tweet rocket was simply a proof of concept to help us manage our clients at the moment it helps us with following and unfollowing a completely takes care of tweets retweets favorites and building lists not everybody has the time to tweet our team of experts curate content from quality news sources and blogs in your industry we then combine this with relevant hashtags to give your tweets more exposure our team manually follow relevant people in your industry and unfollow of the bad eggs so far we’re seeing incredible results that we would never have been able to achieve before and we’re getting some humbling feedback from our customers putting tweet rocket in front of a lot of people definitely highlights the need for such a product in the market but at the same time it showed where improvements need to be made so now we’re making it even better the new version of tweet rocket is a complete all in one solutions to it you can take control of your campaign or let it do its thing results always amazing the all new dashboard allows for basic or advanced controls over your content and it’s really easy to track your growth like a social media manager it recommends users to follow and unfollow in your niche tweet rocket scores every user weeding out the good from the bad and it’s been built with no assumptions from people with no experience in Twitter to social media experts we believe much of the value of our campaigns goes into the initial human setter which will always be included when you sign up that way your account is up and running without you lifting a finger leaving use concentrate in your business hobby we’ve also not forgotten why we built sweet rock in the first place so we’re opening up the platforms whether agencies to manage multiple accounts and a clean and simple way it’s taken as many months to get to this point but we need your help to take tweet rocket to launch and ship it to the world please support our Indie.Go. Go campaign by clicking the contribute now button next to this video thank you you. .