Social Media Manager

Interview with TLC Design Comms Managing Director Tracey Crampton.

the course is absolutely fantastic I didn’t realize it would be as hands on and involved as it is and when we understand social media marketing we don’t realize all the platforms and the tools that are available to really pushed out there and as as you say today it’s all time consuming if you sit in and laborious Lee go through each one but utilizing tools I could sweeten and things like that it’s just fantastic to load load so far so the first day I don’t do anything for Chelsea designer ettalong it’s all for my clients so what I need to do is start platforming my company in order to start interacting with my clients which enables a greater community of communication I would recommend it because as I did with my client then Nikki from cleanse and who’s here purely because even though I go in and do the marketing for companies to have someone in house involved who also can run it with the social media marketing alongside me is very important for their knowledge and understanding and definitely I will continue to recommend it.