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all right welcome back everybody to episode 5 of marketing matters this is our weekly kind of show where we break down all the big news stories that happen the last week in the marketing industry it happens every Thursday at 1:15 we go live it’s usually myself with my boss Lance Bachmann he is actually up in Boston today he spoke about three hours ago at the 7th annual super marketing conference which is for lawyers up there so it was great great to Beach I watched it online it’s also on our Facebook so if you want to watch that definitely check it out after this of course I’ll join today with BJ Barry my director the director of SEO here at one SEO so we have some cool stuff to talk about also I want to address some issues that we had last week with the sound we’re very aware that there was some feedback so we apologize for that and shoutouts to Gabby and Nikki for working for working effortlessly Tyros tirelessly I guess to get this fixed and hopefully it sounds a lot better today than it did last week but yeah we apologize about that we realized he was posting actually like the feedback yes and several view that some of people reached out and mentioned it so we’re well aware and step away hopefully it’s fixed now though so we got some cool stuff to talk about there there’s some really big stuff obviously the the big the big stories that you probably Amazon things like that but there’s also some subtle changes that happen so we’ll dive right into it so this Google for jobs is officially live and this is a topic we touched on I believe 1ef syndrome Lance was here a while back when Google announced it at their IO conference this is pretty cool because it’s like you be kind we’re talking about before Google just trying to be Google and keep you on Google so what it does for those that don’t know is if you’re looking for jobs at you know on Google it’ll actually have a new little snippet here that will show you jobs in the area or that pertain to what you’re looking for so simple search electrician jobs near me we’ll pull bad jobs from Glassdoor Careerbuilder linkedin monster it kind of pulls it from all over the place aggregates a list Google’s main goal for this whole thing was not necessarily to compete with these other companies but they understand it if you’re looking for a job you go to career builder and then you go to monster and then you go somewhere else and you just see the same jobs on every platform like it’s just duplicated so they said we’ll get rid of all the duplicate jobs and we’ll give you a list of just like you know pull from everywhere just one one of each title cells earlier why is it will really notice to keep young of course so they want to help they want to make the end user experience that much better for you so they’re going to scrub these sites bring back jobs and putting a list format but what they’re doing is making sure you actually leave Google like Anthony said Andy here’s one it keeps you closer to those ads on the page right and two if you don’t have to leave Google it’s more up to me for Google to benefit from you being there so you’re actually not getting traffic back to your site for it so blast or reorder Linked.In it might convert for them here but they’re not going to benefit from this in any way shape or form right because all their monetization monetization is going to be done on their site right so it’s no different will offering event ticket yeah Google offering showtimes about travels links will take it himself so this is the next step and I’m doing what they do best keeping you solidified at Google right if truth be told I actually see this becoming paid down the road that’s the other thing so Google as of right now doesn’t have you know there’s no ability to submit a job to this Google job platform you know it’s completely pulled from other places but it’s important to note that they do pull from websites themselves so you have job listings on your web site there’s actually schema of that head was created just for job postings so you can you know identify what the title of the position is and school time point so all that can be marked up and then it can eventually be found in these kind of snippets here which is cool to say and kind of what happens when you click on one of these it opens up sort of like the Google my business but it kind of populates itself it gives you more information and I’ll show you the reviews from Glassdoor will kind of just give you a description of the job and a lot of that’s pulled from from all over the place again but it’s really cool I think it’s pretty cool it comes from the front of filters and it’s funny because Google made it very clear that they strictly use the filters that you put in they don’t use what they already know about you meaning that if just because I search for fishing stuff earlier doesn’t mean that I want to work on a fishing boat so they’re not going to use like my search history or my browser history or all the other data that they have on me necessarily to find your office for me it’s going to be based on what I’m searching for jobs and then the filters that I apply after the fact it probably will and like you mentioned it’ll probably get to the point where it gets some sort of sponsored you know listings or where you can have your job show up you know earlier or more frequently and I think it would be interesting it’d almost be who’s Google to try to match jobs with you based on what you like but I mean if you sit there and look up Do It Yourself auto mechanic modifications for your car and you all know there’s nothing you’re probably into that kind of stuff so why not serve you up like a mechanic job listing but be interesting to see where it goes yeah something new something here something now what definitely uh definitely I’m a long time coming Google has potential year I again I see you becoming a paint application down the road because that’s what are those best but they remain pretty clean with the Trammell flights and with the event ticket see stuff like that so maybe maybe not that’s step with them to watch yeah absolutely and you know whether you know if you if you post jobs anywhere out there like whether you know it or not you’re probably coming back in this in this featured snippet there like as soon as you came live I did a quick search for some of the ones here jobs and they came up so nobody realize it or not you’re probably being pulled in here which is exactly what they want obviously but yeah it’ll be interesting to see it is of course Google being Google and keeping you there so alright moving on to little social media talk Instagram stories it was announced there I guess there new numbers were that they hit 250 million daily users for instagrams stories which is of course their snapchat counterpart feature if they’re bundled with that tested original exactly and what’s really crazy is that they’re actually picking up speed in terms of how fast they’re growing like in the beginning it was slower but now it’s like they’re growing in faster than they were when it first launched which is insane and I know that Instagram itself has a massive monthly user base it’s like over 700 million people so there’s no plenty of people would kind of convert I mean we were just talking about it earlier like one of us in this room uses it a couple of us don’t we still use snapchat some people use both interesting to see but it’s really really crazy and for those that don’t know snapchats it’s a terrific 166 million daily users which is almost a hundred million less than Instagram and when you compare whether to were launched Instagram stories surpassed in a while you know and it’s you know continuing to shoot up which is pretty you know crazy to sit yeah let’s let’s connect the dots here on this one so Instagram Facebook right yes so they’re banking off of that user base they already have Facebook is established itself there is a over the years right before that is myspace before that we only did but Facebook is an entity of force to be reckoned with Instagram they fire Instagram to become part of Facebook and now you see things in your Facebook feed coming from Instagram people easily just sticking over because now your Facebook account is an Instagram account right right so they had this to leverage everything snapchat came in did something no did something unique it was all great it’s all irate with the younger generation right it’s a lot of fun a lot of augmented reality right AR fun stuff change my face this morning on the chicken sandwich check it out but I’ll do that Instagram that that is introduced stories right and Instagram came along with like you know we can probably do this better and we could leverage it better with our user base so it’s a no brainer Instagram I mean snap test sees this coming this is probably a wild thing to talk about in previous episodes snapchats trying their hardest to make sure it was them let’s get in front of markers let’s get when people get metriod alcohol because Instagram is just then what I want to recreate he’s like you kinda hit on it so when snapchat launched they were this cool la startup that targeted us teens I mean snapchats not even available at every you know over the place like Instagram and Facebook is available on all these various countries snapchats not a lot people don’t know that it’s really only available to certain certain countries which is crazy and when they initially started the we’re really targeting the younger the hip generation if you will and it’s to get it you know the older demographic gets euro said well you know come over here that because a lot of people I think tend to look at snapchat and think it’s a little sophisticated or complicated convoluted the way you set to search for friends like you need their exact username it wasn’t like you could just search our person but it was just kind of weird I mean they’ve grown leaps and bounds over the user interface and how the app works and how easy it is now but I think a lot of people were turned off by that and Instagram said look you already have an account over here we’re going to add this feature you can use it if you want it’s super super simple and that’s the reason why so many people who never got into snapchat have Instagram and they’re going to get into it that way as opposed to I mean because it’s if you have an Instagram you don’t have a snapchat you have no reason now to go make a snapchat because you’ve got Instagram stories like what else what would be the reason why you’d go and create a snapchat just doesn’t make sense so I think in terms of users growing you know Instagram added a ton of users as an app like overall that they can still leverage so if they continue to grow stories like they are and a lot of us piggy backs off of the some things Instagram did recently which is with their live videos now you can play them back similar to how Facebook allows you the option to play back before they would disappear now they stick around for a little bit so they’re just kind of leveraging everything and you know they get into the AR and stuff like that as well with outing stickers you’re posting all that so they’re all going to be right there and I don’t think there’s anything the stuff that’s going to do that maybe though Instagram can’t although you know as we were talking about Gaby and myself we’re talking about snapchat I just added this new maps feature where you can kind of see where your friends are on the grand scheme of things it pulls in your bitmoji and things like that so you’re right we haven’t taught me a lot about what snapchats trying to do to just get ahead and make money but it’s tough because like there’s the 800 pound gorilla of Instagram Facebook you know obviously so yeah truth be told we we’ve all had Facebook’s right every viewer that’s watching this and everybody who’s commenting it has a Facebook great we’ve worked at it it’s been a resource something we’ve edited over time and it’s been building up then comes along with that chat something new and different and that’s that’s what people do with the fad it catches on snapchat realizes this that their fat is dying we could fall in there when they want public and things are dipping right well we have clients anaya my friends built empires on facebook that translates right over Instagram if people wanting to be like them wanting to do what they do and then live the luxurious life or leave the adventurous life right so stories just adding to another tool of marketing right that sees these entrepreneurs and business owners and business go getters can get out to their people so it’s almost like well no shit this is how I going to hat yeah and when you think about like you mentioned brands like even influencers brands like James Harden NBA player NBA star it’s going to have more followers on Instagram I’m sure than he would on snapchat so if he’s going to put up a snap or a story who would you choose you know I can be noted by thirty million followers on Instagram where I can go to my three million people that follow me on snapchat I think it’s a no brainer so and if you’re a brand is the same thing I’ll give you a big brand and you want to post the story like do you do it how many people follow you on snapchat or you’re going to do it the five times the amount of followers that you have on Instagram like it’s you’re going to choose Instagram so that’s why I feel like they’re also going to tend to win out in terms of like the bigger picture when some of the brands and companies that have to compare their following you know their base their I think they’re going to choose Instagram between the two I’m right there next to Berlin hey sorry about snapchat keep it for the paws up just get on Instagram are using stories we’ll say I mean it’s snapchats trying to find ways to advertise but it’s just stuff because as a brand please what can you really do you see the big players like you’ll see Mountain Dew or somebody either just do like a fun action packed little ad I mean I think it’s more just the brand recognition but Instagram yeah big brands are still going to take advantage of snapchat and use it and mark it through and stuff because it’s just another portal to make sure you get your customer base but Mountain Dew is usually lists at all their demographic it snapchat right oh yeah so whether they can take advantage of all of it if not Stanley Instagram put your focus there is it with Facebook isn’t it so and I mean look at this kit can’t beat that girl so unfortunate crap and then moving on to probably the biggest story of the week it made a splash and that is a amazon. com put in a bid to buy Whole Foods for 13. 7 billion dollars which is by far their biggest acquisition I think the biggest one before this was Zappos if I’m not mistaken bigger than not yes and Amazon bought Zappos really over a billion so this is you know 13 times what their biggest acquisition before that was and it comes at an interesting time but it’s and you have to think that this is this sort of surge or revitalize like their their whole vision of a home grocery delivery service at least that’s kind of my take on it but yeah it’s it’s really crazy to think about there’s over 460 locations for Whole Foods the other thing to consider of course is that Amazon is beta testing an Amazon go store in Seattle so if you think about what that is it’s a technology that allows you to walk into a store take something off the shelf and just leave you don’t have to check out there’s no cash or credit card exchange there’s no cash here at all it’s time to it’s on your account you’re logged in on your phone you notice when you walk in and knows what you take it knows when you leave and knows what you put that so you know obviously me my the mystic and and I’m thinking well maybe they’ll tie this in somehow in the future to the whole foods I mean now they have 465 locations where they could use this kind of technology would be really interesting to say yes it’s like the thing gives me goosebumps I’m a techie at heart maybe a year ago we heard about the Amazon goes for right yes you’re good check it out guys google it there’s there’s a video that shows what it can do with it kind of gelled robbery um but when you think about that are they going to automate things in the near future here probably not but now what they have is a disposal is xmm is going through old foods to really go ahead and do something like this um not only that like Whole Foods has a book has their fault the price tag that was assessed they bought it at legitimately what Whole Foods this work and correct Whole Foods isn’t changing anytime soon I don’t think but Amazon has this they’re making sure they get in front of it to keep it in their their sandbox as a tool that they can go ahead and move things forward when things are ready for the public for the masses oh what the scary side of is it okay is it are they going to become automated source download line are they going to upset certain things for so many whole foods actually serve alcohol and everything right so if the interesting to see how think and how things change here but if I’m not mistaken they actually filed a patent very recently at the same time which is aimed at also report to dental so it the patent is to say when you’re on Wi Fi in the floor right and you’re trying to comparison shop it’s going to overtake and offer you a discount for what you’re looking for in that store right yeah it’s something along the lines of you they filed a patent for technology that would either block to the ability to comparisons you know search in their store which I assume pertains to if you’re on their Wi Fi I don’t know if they’d be possible to stop anyone from searching Illinois State through their network but like you mentioned it’s kind of like an awkward coincidence the same day they put in a bid for this they filed a patent for that because that first showing bioresources Amazon really have but now it makes a lot more sense because if they have over 460 of these grocery stores now like right off the bat the first thing that came to my mind like Amazon going would be awesome like to have that kind of functionality the first thing that came to mind was like well it’s got to be for their delivery service like the Amazon grocery type delivery thing that they sort of launched in 2007 so like this just thinking about all the different like that points that they have where they can sort of work that into their already existing delivery service which is pretty pretty massive so it was not extremely smart what they’re doing just like Google are not thinking about the here and now they’re thinking further ahead all right ten years down the road we saw years ago they had the drone delivery thing or like okay that’s great but like it’s practical people could interfere right it was gonna have to go on the record and said listen we’re ready to move forward we’re just figuring out the airspace logistics on it so that’s coming in your future but Amazon precious has gone off we just saw the Amazon log that looks a lot or whatever yeah so mom or dad at home keeps keeps a scanner on tap they can talk to you talk to Alexa and then scan barcodes of what they need and you either have it automatically buy so it’s coming to you whether that’s produce or anything which does piggyback off of it or add it to your cart so you can go back and refine it later but they’re trying to make like so much more easier and automated that’s why we truly believe this is the first step and I’m doing something bigger with what the whole references yeah and it really expands like what they can offer now in terms of their products like they have all this trash I think I’ve had that kind of feature before but like just there the amount of products that they can offer now they’re not limited to you paper towels and dry goods or whatever they can really be unlimited and you mentioned like the buttons in the wand which is really bizarre and that’s where I think we’re going where when they were going to have a fridge that runs our buying habits and orders orders our food based on how how frequently we go through it but yeah the you’re right Amazon is always seems to do like really far ahead whether it is the button or the wand that will scan your barcode and add it to your cart or buy it it’s really it’s really going to be insane and also I think this acquisition brought up a lot of it brought to light what a lot of people don’t recognize and that’s how many things fall under the Amazon umbrella like if you you look at like Zappos but then you look at like Goodreads inaudible like for books like that all falls out of there twitch that falls on it so it’s really insane to kind of consider that you know you’re throwing whole foods in now so they’re sort of just becoming this monster and they started you know selling books online that was kind of what they start with so it’s insane to think about where they’re growing to and an author would also don’t necessarily take into mind Amazon it in and of itself it’s sort of a search engine in the sense that you can you can search for products and things like that they’re the sponsor with things yet so definitely is something you know it’s going to scare come in the grocery stores obviously we sell stock plummet for every other grocery store out there it was our Whole Foods it shot up of course but definitely going to be crazy to see how far Amazon takes this if they want to incorporate some of their go Amazon go features into some of the stores that’d be really really cool to see all these acquisitions these buyouts the tech companies taking part in other aspects of life which is crucial shot in here up this is the start of it the next evolution of what what we know is technology like when I was growing up or what there wasn’t cellphone series as a luxury right and then it moved to the touch tone phones and now smartphones are just ridiculous this is the beginning of that in another way shape yeah changing the way we shop as always they’re moving back to a Google story here and this was released a little bit ago and it’s on you know we’re still unsure of what it’s going to be getting rolled out but it should be in the near future here which is and it’s very exciting now but that’s that Google is extending their in market you know audience searches to the search campaign so to kind of break it down a little bit this is you know on the Google paid side and what this really does is it’s available right now but for the Display Network and for campaigns so what you can actually do is target people who are in the market for what you offer so if someone’s been to Kelley Blue Book’s comm or Chevy calm or Carson sicom you can then hit that audience with specific display ads and ads based on what they and you know browsing and searching it’s huge though that it’s coming to the search campaign side of things which means that X data right there can can hit you so if you’re a car salesman and you don’t just want to show up from whatever someone types in 2017 Chevy Tahoe but you want to come up when someone types in 2017 Chevy Tahoe and they’ve been to these other websites it shows you that you’re hitting them so much further down the sales funnel which is huge you know obviously you’re not spending money on people who might just be in the really really early stages obviously if you’re chevy. com you’re going to show up no matter when somebody types in a Chevy car but it’s definitely a cool feature and it’s going to be forever a dozen you know different categories or industries which is cool but it’s definitely a huge step I was talking to our director of paid here Michael birdsong about this saying you know what’s exciting in the PDC side today and this was something that he got really riled up without so definitely cool to see Google kind of uh we know that they’re toasting more towards how can they leverage our search history how can they leverage our browser history so this is just sort of another step in that direction absolutely extended reach that’s now becoming more available readily available for markers and business owners like so this was this week month now for awhile and to the fact that’s taking off now just fill this door for more opportunity yeah and I think I mean the whole thing with PPC and when you’re paying for these clicks is to really just maximize your return and if you have the ability now to kind of use your use your impressions sparingly like and show up only when someone’s later down the funnel you now have that ability or maybe you want to do that for certain products and you know for the more expensive you know clicks or whatever you can down do that for certain products but then still come up for everything else on some of the other products it’s you know some flexibility to be really cool to so I’m excited just going to be more more targeted for how we get advertised to think about it work more and more as individuals searching differently we’re doing void searches so as the umbrella starts to expand more over how we live and operate with technology nowadays it needs to get much more specific right so hopefully as that gets you know overall update gets a little clearer we’ll have some similar information but until then you know we’ll be waiting and lastly Facebook released an article on on the business side of their platform which kind of talks about some features some new tools that they’re adding that allow advertisers to have more control over where their ads appear so this has been I think that this kind of ties into the whole conversation we had where people don’t want their ads to show on certain types of video that’s a little more extreme obviously this is a little different but you have the ability to you know as an advertiser on Facebook to try to see a list of where your ads might show I think you could always check off that you don’t want it to show for gambling if I both things and forget the other one but there was one more that was like really obvious but now it’s even more detail where you can just block out publishers altogether so you’re pretty pretty cool to see and it’s almost an obvious move that these companies are all for the advertising features like you see doing where they’re not going to let people who have hateful videos make money off of advertising you see Facebook’s animal work we don’t want to stop people from advertising with us if this is something that’s going to stop you from advertising because we’re showing your ads on where you don’t want it to go then we’re going to help you out and let you kind of decide where it kind of shows I think this is a Facebook thing you can be brought up that we discussed previously I truly think this is the industry movement we see things getting more finally things are getting more silent and when you give those abilities to the marketer as the business people really open source because now you know where your stuff is ending up and you can start to hone in on your numbers which means if I can do better on my advertising with Facebook why wouldn’t I spend more yeah and to be clear like this isn’t going to lose a lot of people were curious rule you can see where I undergone so let me you know let me see where they share after the campaign’s over you still can’t do that you still can’t see where your ads were shown but you have any ability in the beginning to see a list of where they might be shown and then of course you can block certain things out they also made it clear that they’ll be blocking on the account levels so you don’t have to go into every ad in every campaign and block all the places you don’t want to show you can do it on your whole account which is definitely nice and then you also have more choices with where your video ads play whether you prefer the mid role or you prefer the pre roll or either the interstitial you’ll have the option to kind of go through and sort of tailor your ads to what you think might work best so definitely you know a step in the right direction you’re going to see it like you said across the industry where people are going to give advertisers more and more flexibility in terms of how their advertisements get shown especially with the amount of money people put behind these nowadays so kudos to Facebook and it’s where it’s especially Facebook which is the most widely used mobile app ever right yeah I’m beyond any browser or your email this is Facebook realizing you know what give them more control so they can take advantage of their demographic and we can just make more profit off of this absolutely so what I’m saying kudos to them and will definitely be I’m sure seeing a lot more of this kind of across the industry so but overall you know those are all big five stories this week six if you want to count the snapchat you know math little tidbit there you’ll get the update I think it came out yesterday but um as always feel free to reach out to us during the week if you know you guys have any questions we’re excited um which won’t be back next week either it will be in Dallas I think for Rob’s digital so he’ll be speaking down there another week immediately else you’ll probably get another we could BJ on the couch but hopefully you know once these uh speaking engagements settled down we’ll have we’ll have them back on but either way that ran once thanks for joining and I will see you guys next Africa. .