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#SSSVEDA Day 9 asks us about our favorite social platform… get the best Tips and Tricks of 2017 straight from a real life social media manager (aka me) in this video. Let me know some of your favorite hacks in the MY COMMUNITY:

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hey everyone what’s up welcome back to sssveda today is day 9 today’s question is which social media network is your favorite and it’s so hard for me I feel like I go back and forth I really love Twitter honestly I think that I love Twitter at the end of the day that’s like my og I just love it but I don’t really love it for like marketing myself as much just because it’s more of a personal platform for me so Twitter is where I get my politics where I get my news you know I talk about personal stuff and then I do share my videos and share some of my content but it’s really more like of a holistic view of me I feel like so if you want to know who I really am look at my Twitter then other days my favorite social media network is Instagram obviously I would say but I don’t know if counts I feel like you just kind of in a league of its own but Instagram is my favorite social network sometimes like I hover between Twitter and Instagram Instagram can make me feel kind of horrible about myself to you though and I think that there’s some studies that say like that’s pretty common it’s just you put your most amazing luxurious times of life on Instagram and when you’re sitting like on your couch feeling you know not that cute you know having a bad day whatever stressed out sometimes it’s kind of like salt in the wound you know so I love it but I hate it but I love it and so in today’s video the actual content of the video is going to be about Instagram because I did a video like this a long time ago like a few years ago and I wanted to just do an update so I am by no means this is a full disclaimer I’m by no means like a famous Instagram ER or super popular and Instagram where I know everything that’s not what I’m saying at all but I just want to share some of the things that have worked well for me and just start a conversation you know let me know in the comments if you guys have any suggestions or tips that I didn’t mention so I’m always looking to learn and grow you can follow me on Instagram shameless plug at a jerk east underscore I post videos or not videos I post pictures there all the time so the first tip that I have is to take good pictures I mean this goes without saying this platform started as really a lot of photographers were on it when I first got on it and I felt definitely not cool enough to be on it so it’s obviously changed quite a bit but you know better quality pictures just do better on the problem just take good pictures one of my favorite tips people always ask me how I get good food photos so honestly it’s the splat view is the best for food in my opinion any kind of like tabletop thing or surface sort of picture as flat as you can get your phone the better and just hold it up high and like and then choose one that looks best you know make sure that it comes in focus so it’s pretty easy just tap on the person and edit your photos so I use vsco cam the escal cam I don’t know how you say it I never have known but whatever I use that out to edit my photos and then I also use after light sometimes I really like after lights light leaks feature they have I ever do anything that’s an unnatural edit it’s light leak just because it’s a little bit fun and kind of looks natural almost in a way so you do that sometimes and then I’ll see you space tuned and not in the way that people think although I have I don’t really see a problem with it like if I have bad skin one day which has been a lot lately I don’t see anything wrong with smoothing it out a little bit I personally don’t really do that I’ve done it before but I don’t but how I actually use it as I use the whitening feature in face tune so if I take a picture against the white wall or like out like my walls in my my house are kind of like a beige color or tan color sometimes I’ll just whiten them to make me or whatever who’s in the picture pop a little bit more second tip I have is try new features this is really true for any social media platform but when a social platform releases a new feature like live like stories like the album’s the sliding things they want you to use them for a number of reasons but really at the end of the day what they’re trying to do is increase their visit time on their site so they want people to stay on Instagram longer instead of like going to watch a video they want you to do the video on Instagram essentially so whenever those new features come out if they make them through your brand which they don’t always but when they do use them try them out because the platform typically prioritizes those things in the algorithm they’re going to help you rise up and get your content seen by more people so for me I’ve been trying out interim stories a lot lately I don’t really like snapchat I’ve never been active on snapchat so this is kind of a nice compromise like okay people do like snapchat people do like these stories these kind of intimate looks into your life so I’m going to try doing an Instagram instead some type op firms already here my followers are already here and it’s a little bit easier I don’t have to like open up another app also snapchat horrible for battery life I feel like it like drains my battery so much so I’ve been trying to do stories more often and then I also love the album feature specifically when I’m working with a brand because fun fact you know want to brands into your product a lot of times besides just getting your feedback and getting exposure to your network they also like sending you products because you’re creating content for them so you’re taking pictures that they can then you know with your permission hopefully use on their website or using their own social media strategy and all that stuff so I feel like the more content you give a brand the more likely they are to work with you again or you know the better that they’re going to think of you so a lot of times when I do a sponsored post I’ll do an album and pick like my top three favorite pictures and put it in there and give them permission to use them all instead of just giving them one picture number three hashtags strategically so hashtags are super important you can use up to 30 of them in your post but I don’t recommend that you use 30 of them just to use 30 of them and I also have some recommendations for how you use your hashtags so first thing I like to just aesthetically kind of hide them but I don’t hide them in a comment this is up for a lot of debate I have a lot of social media managers and experts who I know who advocate for that and a lot more on my side and don’t advocate for it I personally feel like it’s a little questionable and I’ve seen some accounts get in trouble for doing that or get shadow banned for that or just not see as a great evolved so I like to keep it in my actual caption but what I do is I just do a line breaks I do return and then dot dot or whatever five dots and then I do the hashtags under there so you can still see it when you open up the full caption but it doesn’t look as cluttered and messy and I guess with the whole hashtag hiding thing I don’t really get the point like people can still see it in your first comment you can delete it you can always edit your caption if you want to delete the cap the hashtags as well and I’m not putting anything in there that’s like embarrassing or misleading so I don’t really care if people see what hashtags I use I don’t know I just keep them in the caption again that’s up for debate but then also just hashtag strategically so don’t just put like like for like because that’s going to get you a lot of like try to really make them nice hashtags I do a lot of research on this I mean that a lot of Logano spent hours doing it but you know I go through hashtags frequently and see which ones are active which ones seem like they’re actual genuine engagement it’s coming through around them because something like like for like I’m just using that incident as an example you know yeah you might get a lot of likes but they’re not going to be people we’re going to want to follow you or who are going to like find value from your account or anything like that so I try to go for hashtags that are a little bit on the smaller side but I’ll obviously big enough to where there’s traffic coming through you know when you’re typing in your hashtag in Instagram it’ll give you the list and I’ll show you how many are in that hashtag if there’s like a million I usually just like I’m not going to bother with that because it’s going to be moving so so quickly that your photos just going to get lost anyway so I try to go for ones that are in am healthier range I mean or smaller and sometimes smaller the better honest as long as it’s being active so yeah just hashtag strategically don’t use all thirty if all thirty don’t make sense use ones that are relevant to your brand relevant to the picture number four comment comment comment comment not missing spam please don’t them but comment do real authentic comments you can like a million things that’s not how you grow your account you know when I’m actively trying to grow a brand’s account for you know as I’m managing an account for a business I get my comment fingers ready to do authentic comments and this takes time because you can use automation tools there’s software out there but I don’t like them I don’t use them for my clients and I don’t use them for myself because I’ve seen them go wrong way too many times for example like I’ve seen a girl who did a very beautiful tribute to her dead father and somebody comments under their like cool post with an emoji because it’s automated horrible don’t do it don’t use it it’s bad so I just go through and manually comment you can also set up like Hoot.Suite helps to kind of organize your streams for you so it’s a little bit easier to comment but one of the secrets that I do is whenever I tag or check into a place so if I check into Detroit water ice I guess we’re given them free free promo today if I check into Detroit water ice post a picture with the location underneath there I will then maybe not that instant if I’m actually like eating my water ice but later on in the day I will come home click on that location tag and like pictures from that tag and comments and pictures and I’ll spend a lot of time doing that like I mean 20 minutes or something like as many pictures as I really find interesting because it is kind of give kind of gives you that in and like gives you something in common to talk about and then they’re going to go back to account and see that you were there soon like oh she must live in Detroit as well I’m gonna follow her because I don’t follow a lot of people from here whatever so that’s one little tactic that I like to use the key is only like and comment on things that you actually like and want to comment on because it looks so cheesy and just phony if you’re doing that on like every picture only comment on things that you like but comments get so much more positive feedback than it like because like it’s so easy to do I mean I just like things all day long like it they almost don’t really mean much anymore and also just for your knowledge brands really look at comments almost more than likes now because likes are so easy to buy and to automate and stuff like that so comments are really what they look for for engagement when I say my engagement right a lot of times they’re going to be waiting comments kind of on a higher level than just alike and the number of likes that your pictures get the last type is DM use that DM feature slide into Dan’s what is the song I don’t know I don’t listen to I’m not cool I don’t know I’m going to stop Gary Vaynerchuk just posted a blog post recently I’ll link it down below about how he thinks Instagram DMS are like some of the most revolutionary things that have happened in business recently and how we need to take advantage of them and I couldn’t agree more honestly I see every single DM that I get unfortunately sometimes they’re just a nice portal into people’s account most people check their DMS on a regular basis and they’re a really nice tool for getting engaged and working with people so use these again strategically don’t like D on people indicate follow me hey follow me don’t spam people that’s so annoying but if you have something of value to give people so for example you know I think I’m going to try doing a little bit of outreach for my free online course that I just launched because it’s free it’s valuable to people I’m not asking for anything from people besides their email address to log in so I might do some outreach for that just museum like make sure that something valuable yeah I just think that that is a really good feature to consider if you are looking to grow your business maybe you reached out to an influencer via email and you haven’t heard back and you don’t want to be hound e by emailing them again but you know developing a relationship on Instagram might be a nice next step obviously you want to have a relationship with influencers before you work with them that’s a whole other video but that’s one of the things I help companies do is develop those relationships so they’re not just like jumping in but anyway DM is a nice way to kind of follow up sometimes without sounding too too pushy so yeah those are my five it’s hop Instagram tips I hope this was helpful for you if it was make sure to leave me a thumbs up and let me know what you liked about it in the comments down below and that’s it for today’s Veda video don’t forget to subscribe if you have any access videos every day for the month of August and I’ll be posting a new one tomorrow so don’t miss it see you tomorrow bye well my favorite photographer friends are on this platform sorry I thought that I saw a bird in the window sorry that was awkward shut up car shut up. .