Social Media Manager

In this video you can hear an interview with our CEO Ingar Hagen where he explains about what a Social Media Manager is, and what Netxolutions can do for your business. Also some very good tips about online marketing..

social media manager is simply just a person that is managing the social medias for a business for an organization or another private person doing their updates uploading videos and doing all the marketing on the social medias products business we believe it’s paramount with the right people the right job this means that if we have a restaurant as a business at this point we will put some one which has experience from restaurant business as their social media manager as well in that way they will communicate better and they can understand the social media manager to understand better what it is clients looking for we believe that’s the secret of our success all social media there is of course differences about that depending on a branch you re some branches like finest French have some very amazing social networking sites which works perfectly for that branch for but for just about anybody else there are three really important one and that is facebook it is Twitter and it’s these are the three most important one which anyone should be on no matter what branch are in as long as they’re gonna use social media for marketing we could very easily just focus on numbers of friends numbers of fans numbers of followers numbers of viewers whatever but that wouldn’t give you any return on your investment in social media management more specifically what we actually do is that we work with you to find the right followers right viewers the right fans with the right demographic to the right age whatever is necessary in your line of business if you have a restaurant in Dallas you don’t need 1 million fans from Hong Kong what do you want is probably 1,000 fans from Dallas step that will make you money a lot of people that lives in China so what we do is we try to recruit your followers on social medias in the area you do business which have an interest about whatever you do and this is of course different from business to business branch to branch whatever what you do online you one of our most important jobs as social media managers for your business is to give you the training and the support you need to do well on social media this can be one on one sessions it could be true phone can be email you can be webcast it could be seminars it could be anything you possibly can imagine we will always do a personal training with our clients and then we will give them all the training material that I needs like ebooks like Skype conferences like live webcast videos which they can download or mp3 files which you can listen to anything this is our number one benefit we teach our clients how they can do business with social needs.