Social Media Manager

Alexa Clark of interviews Di Gallo of – they discuss the importance of respecting your community online and different ways to approach them..

hi Diana yellow and I’ve been a pleasure David specifically okay so you were upstairs in the social media revolution rock and roll session I was wondering if you could tell me if people walked away from that session with one message from you what would you like it to be one message what either he started her own sort of social community or if you go out and reach out to existing social network livre be mindful and it’s like you’re communicating to be very transparent that this is their content is their community and please don’t watch is a very interest and they will tell you exactly how do you think people should start working within these faces if they’re if they’re new to it starting to work with an agency that’s pushing it on them for sure first of all I don’t think everyone needs to understanding is it something that will work when I save you I mean the collective’s christina plugs your body it just made sense because we already have an existing so people like to talk about so now we’re just getting our materials to talk about it it’s really about first off I go is it really something that will make sense for you and if so then think about what the right thing is to do is it something that you’re just going to take on yourself because there is associated to it someone’s got to be there to pay attention to the content or is it something where you’re just going to white with go out and just big presence into existing networks like Facebook and sort of let the community grow their and so there might be a disconnect if you waiting to hype mottely fantastic thank you very much.