Social Media Manager

Filmed at the Social Media Strategies Summit, London, 2011.

this is my Mc.Grail for the social penguin blog with me now I’ve got Jessica giulio from at dunkin donuts we’ve just seen a great presentation from Jessica about how they’re utilizing social media to work with their fans s’okay just tell us a little bit about your role and exactly what you do for Duncan social media manager so that means that i divide my time between traditional public relations responsibilities as well as all the digital and social media related PR inquiries that come in to us I also act as kind of the content and community manager within our social media team so I dropped all of the copy that goes on our Facebook and Twitter accounts and I work with my team on kind of strategic messaging reputation management as well as just kind of promoting engagement with our fans I also do a number of training with local markets and with new kind of voices that are coming on tour social media channels great so do you travel the states to different regions and talk about you know what the possibilities of social media are for the local franchises we really do everything through email or phone right now you know we have about 30 local Twitter accounts within the US and then there are probably another five to eight internationally so really we do everything through email or phone but I do send out kind of by monthly updates as well on our social media programs to local partners just to kind of give them a little heads up as to what’s coming down the pipeline as well as important kind of tips tricks messaging kind of nuances that are really important for them to know that they’re representing the brand accurately great so and you mentioned in your presentation that all of your marketing guys have an input into social how important is that for you and how you do you work that well it’s very important for us so having a brand manager for donuts our coffee you know they’re the experts on their product line extension so we really look to them and we’re putting together messaging for kind of tips and tricks and kind of key points that they want to get across obviously our strategy is very fans and chicken not sale centric so we take those guidelines you know if a product’s more of a morning product or more of an afternoon product and we can schedule a post accordingly for that time to make it kind of more relevant to their goals and then we also interests in terms of feedback and achieving their business goals that’s important to us but what’s really the most important to us is our fans and we want to put that post out for the brand marketing person you know for coffee get the feedback on it and also tee it back up to them so they can see you know here’s the messages they want to get out but here’s what the fans are asking and can we do produce some content in the future that really supports them as well and make sure that it it’s kind of achieving what they need to know because they come to Duncan and their fan of Duncan because they want to learn something from us so we’re not achieving that we’re not really you know being fan centric good stuff so you’ve clearly got massively passionate fans can it get a little bit overwhelming you know sometimes how you can’t possibly respond to every time someone says I love Duncan coffee you know how do you balance that I think that’s the challenges you know even the working corporate brand you know we only have about I’d say like seven or so people that are you know really today on the on the channel so you know certainly especially if someone goes on vacation or that the office it can you know it could be a staffing issue but we were also passionate ourselves that you know we want our fans to be passionate it’s never overwhelming it’s always happy and we’re always willing to go the extra mile to kind of make sure that we’re kind of they’re engaging so yeah I mean I guess I guess you could think about it as you know too much chatter but I don’t think there’s something yeah so on the odd occasion that you get a little bit of negativity how do you deal with it you have a protocol that you follow yeah i think i think you know when you’re in social media not no matter how loved of a brand that you are you’re always going to have a negative you know feedback or you know a bad customer service experience that comes through to you but i think how you handle that really defines you as a brand to the guests cuz they’ve already been upset once so what are you going to do to kind of fix that we do a process in terms of customer service issues our customer service team sits with us on Facebook and Twitter each and every day to help us monitor respond and kind of take the conversation offline to get them on the phone to really kind of get to the root of the issue resolve it and also provide that important feedback to the field because the store level that it happened that we need to make sure that they’re aware of what happened so we do have reports you know procedure for that and then also other kind of frequently asked questions that might fall more in the negative realm we certainly have addressed for that as well but we really try and keep it as fresh and conversational as well versus just cutting and pasting a response so you know we make sure our team has all the guidance on how to respond what we really want to respond kind of within the most natural voice possible certainly a nice approach so you launched the first Dunkin Donuts blog is one of the first things you did obviously the social penguin blog I’m a passionate blogger really believe in the power of a blog what is that all for you guys that the lakes of Facebook and Twitter don’t sure so the real goal behind our blog is we were inspired by our social channels by the conversations that were already happening on Facebook and Twitter and we thought you know we’re getting a lot of questions we’re getting a lot of interest in products and campaigns how can we take those conversations and put them in a blog and expand upon them so really eliminating the character counts that you find in Facebook and Twitter and giving fans that news you can use element that they’re looking for whether it’s a recipe from our culinary team because you can actually take Dunkin Donuts products and bring them home and make a copy vinaigrette for your salad you know things like that that are really simple that fan might not know about that we can actually take that blog entry and push it through to facebook to kind of encourage that collaboration it also helps when you launch a new product like our dunkin donuts k cup packs that are going to have tons of questions how much do they cost where can I find them really you know in a forum that you know with Twitter it might be hard to answer all those questions in one tweet but you can actually answer all them in a blog entry so I guess to really to recap to you it serves a business by you know being able to give us that extra character count that we don’t have on those social channels it allows us to show different sides of our business that we can’t always show on our social channels you know we don’t have a pay some place on our website for recipes to live from our chef we now do through our blog so that and as well as just sharing great fan stories you know we really didn’t have a place for that before either but now we can actually tell a great story of something that happened in our restaurant like a couple i got married in a dunkin donuts something that you might not put a press release out on yeah actually using a blog so there’s you know i could go on there’s a lot more reasons but we see it as a great content opportunity for us and just you know really being more storyteller from grand that’s great thanks very much so why don’t you tell us where we can find you personally online and dunkin donuts you can buy me personally online at savvy Bostonian as a BBY Bostonian and then i tweet on behalf of dunkin donuts which is at dunkin donuts I’m JG’s you can see if I’m on that day and then you can also follow us on facebook i prefer dunked on so thank you thanks very much probably. .