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welcome to your social or dashboard social arisen easy to use social media management tool upon logging and you will see your connected networks create a post upload an image and manage users when scrolling down you have published post the post pending approval and then your schedule post now we will walk through the creation of a post collective pages that you wish to target enter the unique Facebook and Linked.In content as well as the Twitter content you can optionally add an image from the library and then select the image you wish to share click Edit and then select a date and time that you wished your post to be scheduled you can optionally add it to a campaign as well then you make hand cool save the draft or publish when ready next we can view your schedule posts or view others within the same campaign community feed allows you to view your posts by page TV engagement as well as comments straight from the post the image library allows you to upload file and then assign to your desired library the analytics feature shows you a nice snapshot as well as the more in depth statistics page by page. .