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“Irrational Jobs” on Twitter: Former Employees Looking for Employment, Industry Message From Ken GAMES CLOSING IS A GOOD Mike on.

welcome to friendly AI I’m your host Michael Angelo and earlier this week I discovered that ultraviolet light can’t be seen with the naked eye don’t tell me what I can’t see science you righteous bitch also earlier this week ken Levine co founder of irrational games announced that he’ll be downsizing the studio just like how i downsized my self respect to last fall so I had a few drinks it was only an octopus a rational games maker of the ever so popular Bio.Shock Infinite will be reduced to a small team of only 15 people so what’s next for ken Levine and his small team of people make him sound like he’s working with little people like he’s Sandy Claws this is what he wrote on the official rational games website in time we’ll announce a new endeavor with a new goal to make narrative driven games for the core gamer that are highly replayable to foster the most direct relationship with our fans possible we will focus exclusively on content delivered digitally it’s official ken Levine has gone full hipster now joking aside because this is serious show don’t be fooled I don’t blame on all for doing this umass will end with the masterpiece and then start all over again from scratch unlike lucasarts with the force unleashed two should have called the force equal oh what a world what a world what is probably what ken Levine is avoiding a sequel to bioshock infinite after an intense six year process of making Bio. Shock Infinite and then a year of DLC I’d want to do something fresh as well I wouldn’t want to make a sequel after a seven year project I want to make something completely new with my time like a musical or a prune growing contest maybe I could be a bug Wrangler for the movies this is sad news for me though because Bio. Shock Infinite was my game of the year for 2013 also I fear change now hundreds of people have lost their jobs and there was a lot of talented people from irrational games and the whole industry knows this that is why hashtag rational jobs is trending on Twitter I can’t believe he did the hashtag thing I can’t believe I said trendy murder me now other studios are welcoming the X irrational games employees on Twitter with open arms like a bunch of horny housewives that just watch a Bruno Mars music video oculus VR makers of the oculus rift headset and strong supporter of the jack machine tweeted this sorry to hear about irrational games for those looking for their next project we’re always hiring hashtag irrational jobs Bobby under love from Ubisoft we do this sorry to hear about the shutdown we are looking for skilled animation pro grammars and technical animators at Ubisoft Montreal hashtag irrational jobs Michelangelo from Friendly AI tweeted this you guys into gladiator movies I have a great idea hashtag rational jobs there’s been other offers from other studios such as Disney telltale games bethesda Double Fine and much more they’re spreading these jobless people around like the Nazi scientists after World War two I’m glad that these talented people have a place to go though and I wish them all the best I’m a nice guy see it’s getting harder and harder to make a triple a video game these days let’s not forget the gamers like ourselves have become extra demanding over the past two decades it used to be cool for a 2d sprite cartoon animal to bounce around and collect some fruit now we need a campaign with a compelling story and you know graphics that blow our minds at 1080p 60 frames per second with Hollywood studio sound has to have excellent gameplay has to be long enough but not too long and has to have perfect controls anything else is just unacceptable not too much to ask right Ron it’s a lot of damn work more work than making a big blockbuster movie work that comes at a price what do you think do you understand why ken Levine did this do you think gamers these days have become spoiled let me know your thoughts down under not Australia but the comments section below if you want no more info all leave links in the description hey I wish is it slide time there he is you can follow me on Twitter I no pressure I just want you to know that I’m a very sensitive person like a beautiful flower or a Kinder Surprise i’ll keep you up to date with my videos and of course gaming news and if you’re new to my channel please subscribe I think I have a lot to offer in this relationship and I think you owe it to me to give me a second chance or maybe a second date let me meet your mother don’t be gay about it once better on pc are the pc master race they’re kind of jealous of them actually.