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hey guys in this video I’m going to talk about working in digital media and social media and I think you guys gonna be surprised at my answer because I think these are two emerging fields right now that a lot of people don’t really know about I mean a lot of people know about social media of course people know about social media so in this video I’m just going to talk about like my experience working in the field and then how you can get into it if you decide you want to work in digital or social media now digital social media are very closely related what really happened was that since social media took off the demand for digital media increased by a lot because companies started needing people to make customized posts for their say Facebook or Instagram or vine or whatever it is and then uh so they’re willing to hire these digital media experts to fill that role so what is digital media digital media is basically any job that involves pictures video or audio that’s on a computer so to sum it up any job that you could do with the Adobe Creative Suite whether that’s Photoshop Adobe Premiere Pro After Effects audition or one of the other many sweets is typically a digital media job so what makes me an expert in digital media well I was an engineer before which hence the channel name I don’t know if you’re right here and I actually didn’t like it so then I taught myself everything I know about making videos from making videos on this channel the point where I was good enough to get employed by an e commerce store called bike berry there I made all their videos for their channel so I made product videos product tutorial videos and then I made event highlight videos and I had been working there for nine months and I recently got hired by a website called Uproxx now if you don’t know what a proxy is I don’t worry I didn’t know about it either until I got hired there but apparently it’s the about the 70th most visited website in the world according to Qantas which is Quan cash is the best marketing analytic tool for websites that rely on traffic and so for Uproxx I mostly run their Instagram but also going to help with their Facebook Twitter and vine as well and maybe snapchat we’ll see how that went uh that one goes but I personally don’t like using snapchat for business that much now I know a lot of people think that digital media or social media is not a real job or you can never get paid really well too if you work in that field now it makes sense that why a lot of people would think this because it’s so new that a lot of people haven’t caught on yet so a lot of parents will tell their kids like that’s that’s not a real job because in their heads they’re not exposed to that idea yet or they’re not exposed to help importunate is for a company to have a strong social media presence uh well I’ll tell you right now it’s really important for a company to have social media presence for example see if I was going to buy like a really expensive computer like the one I have on uh you know I want to make sure the company has a good reputation right so naturally I probably check their Facebook or their Instagram and if I’m about to buy a computer from a company and they don’t have a big Facebook or Instagram following it looks really suspicious like if there’s they make such good computers how come the people that have bought computers aren’t loyal enough fans to follow them on social media right it looks suspicious so not only has social media turned into a marketing tool it’s also turned into a trust building tool and so because there’s a big potential to bring in more revenue through social media outlets companies are willing to spend money on social media professionals which are typically digital media professionals meaning people who can make like customize Photoshop images or custom short little videos or sometimes longer videos for where it’s basically marketing in a lot of ways social media and have replaced the traditional marketing on say flyer or TV so what social media has done it has created the man where almost every single company needs a digital media expert like after their first ten employees typically they need at least one person to handle the Facebook Instagram and whatever all that other stuff of course you know these brands these companies they want the post to align with their style or their personality of that brand so that’s where a digital media expert comes in where it’s like they’re not just reposting things they’re creating original images or original video that aligns perfectly with the brand style or the brand logo or the feel of the brand now know some of you guys might be thinking like okay yeah I can see what you mean by it’s in demand skill but aren’t you easily replaceable since every millennial knows how to use a Facebook page and a Instagram page well it’s not so easy when Uproxx gave me their Instagram to manage it only had about 930 followers in five weeks I was able to get that to 8500 followers organically not bought right and so I guess the difference between someone who is just a casual Instagram user and so one who’s a professional is someone that can grow an Instagram very quickly or also known as growth hacking but I guess that a term is too often used so I don’t like to use it but basically growth hacking and Instagram or whatever app or platform or social media thing as fast as possible and so say if my performance wasn’t as good say in five weeks I went from 930 to only 2,000 then likely I probably would have been cut during my trial period and then they would have found someone else so I guess that’s if you guys want to know the difference of what someone is like a casual so Instagram user and a professional that’s the difference I’ve never seen such a big range in a profession than then social media management but actually makes sense if you think about it right so smaller companies meaning about part of about 40 employees or less or 30 employees or less they’ll typically pay their social media professional between 20 to $40,000 a year a medium sized company with about 50 I don’t know about 200 250 employees they’ll probably pay their social media expert in the range of 45 to 65 thousand and then really large companies will pay their social media professionals anywhere between 75 to a bit over six figures now this range is a lot depending on how much that company relies on social media to generate revenue right so for my company up rocks we rely very heavily on social media to bring traffic to our website and then by bringing traffic to our website we make money on the ads so since this company relies heavily on social media to drive traffic to the website they’re willing to pay more for someone that’s good whereas a company say like a local burger chain or whatever they’re honestly not really that relying on social media so probably they could be a pretty big chain but honestly they don’t really need a fork out how much money for social media because it likely doesn’t bring too much traffic or new traffic to their burger joint so they wouldn’t be willing to dish out the extra cash for someone that’s really good at digital media so the big question is do I think digital media is a gray and growing industry to work in with a lot of opportunities honestly I would say yes it’s like surprisingly what social media has done was created so every company needs someone to do digital media and when every single company that’s like at least MIT like within more than ten more ten foot employees or more needs someone to do digital media yes it creates quite a bit of man what’s crazy is that so many people have been deterred from doing these kind of careers I mean I know of a lot of my friends who are just natural graphic designers who were told by the parents not to do it and so they became like nurses or something right so that and it’s helped cause even more demand right because there’s less supply on top of that you know there’s also besides us working for a company there’s a lot of opportunities on like say Craigslist or other marketplaces to get like little gigs here and there so I met a lot of video makers or graphic designers who just live real ants because to them they’d rather just have freedom of their own schedule and not have to go in the same workspace every day all right so the next question is a little bit harder should someone go to college or major in digital media or say graphic design now in most cases I would say no uh so since I got a new job at aprox I’ve been trying to hire my replacement at Bike Barry and so I interviewed a lot of film graduates people who went to film school and you know what they can’t make a product tutorial video our product promotion video or an event highlight video like at all their expertise is pretty much in only making short films which is not good it’s like and honestly some of the short films were awful till I got hurt my eyes watching some of these short films like they’re so bad to the point where I couldn’t believe that they actually went to a four year university to become that bad at something right so after my experience of trying to interview my replacement and my previous employer I honestly do not think it’s worth going to school or film now graphic design is a little bit different I know as graphic design schools tend to be a little bit more focus on being teaching applicable skills now so if you’re struggling to learn then yeah go attend a local State College pay like two to three grand a semester but absolutely I recommend not putting a big investment of going to like some private college to learn graphic design it’s just absolutely not necessary for most people your parents are super rich and they want to do it then that’s up to your parents but if it’s like you know you come from middle class like most America I recommend not doing that right your state your local State College would be good enough especially because honestly whether you’re good or not it just really depends on how much you practice on your own now I actually don’t in general I just don’t recommend college for graphic designers what I would recommend is just learning on your own for fun because if you do graphic design it I mean this is very few people that go into gravity design and like I’m going to do this for the money right like pretty much everyone I know that is graphic design do because they’re natural artisan because they like it so what I would do is just learn on your own until you can get good enough to get a very like low wage entry level job doing some graphic design and then you know those wages will probably start around $12 an hour maybe 15 to 17 if you’re lucky to get one but you only stay there for about a year then you jump ship to a larger company or a better opportunity and then there you’ll get paid around $20 an hour and then a couple years later you jump ship again and get paid $30 an hour that’s just you know how people get big raises these days they don’t stay at the same company because companies love giving raises sometime about ten years ago that’s very similar strategy to what I did for video making you know I got that house engineer before took a huge pay cut to like $15 an hour to work at a bike bury and then now I’m getting paid a lot more to work on Uproxx and uh I just started working there so I don’t want to tell you guys how much you’re getting paid because that pisses some people so employers get pissed off by that not all employers but uh some do right so since I’m still new there I don’t want to tell you guys how much I’m getting paid but just know that uh it’s comfortable all right I maybe in the future I’ll give you guys a range of what I get paid but I’m brand new so I don’t want to piss anyone off the only exception in digital media where I think it probably is worth it to go to school is concept art uh you know I have met a professional that worked in concept art and he went to an art institute not a regular four year college and he said for him it was worth the investment and I could totally see why because concept art looks really hard and uh apparently it’s very like fast he like you got to make those things really fast and he said going to the Art Institute helped him create with speed however I don’t really know ah I got this probably a good amount of people that were I do concept or and never went to college to I don’t know all right so I’m going to end this video with how to get your foot in the door for digital media or social media position because we all know it’s the first job that’s the hardest well luckily for social media and digital media it’s actually pretty easy to get your foot in the door there’s so many small businesses that are ran by older people I’m gonna get mad when I say that but they’re like in their 40s and a little tube you’ll like all the people don’t like social media like they don’t like using it it feels very foreign to them they don’t really get it and so a lot of these small business owners they’re very down very willing to hire young millennial who knows you know some decent photoshop skills or some video editing skills to run their social media for like minimum wage or a bit above minimum wage where do you look for these positions I think Craigslist is always the best I mean you guys always hear me recommending that one because I feel like that’s the best place where people expect Lexx experience but they’ll also pay less the next place to look is your college career website I almost guarantee you you’ll probably see a social media position in your college crew website there’s so many companies looking for social media experts these days and uh you know starting with that minimum wage job you know in college honestly it’s relevant experience it’s fun I mean honestly I’m I job I don’t know anyone that has a more fun job than I do I just spend a lot of time on Instagram which is pretty fun as really good sorry and then uh you know you leave the rater promising career and it’s a place to start so what can you do before you apply for a job to make yourself more appealing what I would do is I would take one platform and pick a popular one like Facebook Instagram maybe Twitter I think Facebook and Instagram are the most popular right now and then I would grow following on it like maybe create a Facebook page of whatever you’re interested in like I’m interested in MMA make an MMA page and then grow that MMA page or make an Instagram account to of about travel and grow the Instagram account because once an employer sees that you can grow one account they just assume that you can grow another account which is kind of true to be honest so that’s what I would do just show your worth by saying like hey I’m in college and I have an Instagram account that has like 30,000 followers that’s why you should hire me to run your Instagram our Facebook page that has 50,000 likes and you have like 500 likes that’s why you should hire me to be your social media manager and that’s how you get a job pretty basic and uh it’s pretty interesting career I think the demand for social media managers isn’t like exceptionally high it’s not growing at a rapid rate but at the same time there’s not that many people that know how to grow a page or an Instagram super fast either so people although people are looking for these experts on these growth hackers to grow these pages super fast and if you’re one of them then you get compensated appropriately meaning yep a pretty well that’s my video for this week I’m always looking for new video ideas and uh so far it seems like these monologue videos do the best cuz they’re very TV but also the interviews are kind of fun too so if I can do some more interviews and I’ll see you guys next week bye.