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In response to Ryan Holmes “The Social Media Manager is Dead. Long Live Social Media.” Nick Lewis and Allan Blair Beaton debate the topic.

Both Nick and Allan have also individually responded to the in their respective You Still Need A Social Media Manager For Your Organisation, Despite What Ryan Holmes

“3 Reasons Social Media Managers Are Reasons Social Media Managers are Dead (Part and Allan also had a more expansive debate on this topic, which will soon be posted online via the Nick Lewis Communications YouTube Channel..

today I’m joined by Blair beaten who is one of the uk’s leading social media experts and we’re going to be talking about social media managers in response to ride homes article is social media managers dead so Alan is the social media manager dad I truly believe that the social media manager should never have even been born so you know we can go into a lot more conversations about why they’re dead and why there’s no need for them in the modern world of social networking vaillant today did they exist in the first place there are people that try to create an industry of work based around lack of knowledge and technol technological scaremongering yes that are not really anything else but there’s always are going to be a need for some kind of oversight in marked marketing or communications capacities or not yeah and I think because this is a communication tool I think through mastery of the tool then it can be brought back in house to the people who actually are educated and experienced in that type of communication whether we PR or HR or business development and it’s not just given to someone who knows what button to press on facebook yeah but are we just when we talk about social media managers we keep on always talking about the role in the singular my empowering people are we not creating social media managers plural we’re not causing the extinction of them we’re actually creating all of them um well I guess the term social media manager will it just won’t be applicable to modern business in a year or two when it’s so ingrained in business culture you know we live socially we buy socially we spend money socially so everything is involved internally within a company and it won’t just be down to one person or one department to manage that that would be segmented into each department but social won’t be called social identity part of normal cons sure but I mean what you would normally have I would imagine is someone embedded within a particular part department or subset of the company who would take ownership of the social network feeds which go out in the name of that department or subset of the organization and to my mind that is for want of a better phrase a social media manager well then I guess we would have to come up with the person who’s a charter email at a company say they’re the email manager for t mobile UK because they’re the person that actually sends out an email to 5 million customers you have to say that you’ve got a webmaster as well so yeah you’re probably hadn’t completely but then again you do actually have oversight for those technologies as well so yes every one of in an organization has email but not everyone in an organization is authorized to do say a mass email and the email shot yeah the same way when you go back to the website analogy yes most people now an organization of the organization’s go anything about it will be able to upload things to the web for a CMS system but ultimately there is a kind of sign off isn’t there so I over the webmaster or the head of department would actually press the publish button even if someone’s created to content so I’m not quite sure whether you know that analogy holds well I’m quite skeptical that you would be able to label yourself with social media manager when all you knew using the tool for or mostly using it for and a big kind of companies our environment is customer service or business development or community so you wouldn’t say you’re the social media manager and you would say maybe that you’re on the Twitter customer service team or you’re on the facebook community service team or something like that so I think you’d have to take away a big title like that and make it actually more specific to what you actually do but in some ways it’s interesting that you named up network within that kind of Airy responsibility because to my mind what you’d want is someone who’s officially informed about whatever they need to communicate or engage with managing a whole plethora of platforms in the name of that subset or that department so for example rather than having Joe being in charge of Twitter for that department and Michelle being in charge of Google Plus you’d want to so have some kind of coordination or coherence to summon sure that everything is gelling well together it’s not necessarily out of any kind of paranoiac sort of fear that Joe or Pauline or whatever they’re called are going off piste but just to ensure a certain consistency of coherence I mean what’s your take on that well I think when we go back to the context of the Ryan Homes article the whole discussion was around a social media manager being an all encompassing job role that would handle everything and these people are you know the life that their life spans are limited because everyone is more absorbed into social at the moment in the context that you’re talking about it’s more that you need to have an infrastructure in place to moderate content before it goes live down and using a you know platform where Hoot.Suite enterprise which gives you team functionality organization granular setup of teams social properties and members so that once you might have three or four different departments using a Twitter account but they’re using them for different reasons so that their job roles and their specs would all be specific and be moderated before it went live so I don’t even know if that person would be called a social media manager because they’re more about more communications manager or communications director or something like that a one interesting thing which I will take away from this debate is we talked about the vulva ng fish media roles and by thought byproduct of that that’s almost creating more accounts on various social networks so are having a singular or to some Twitter feeds you’ll have several for different departments which is fine but in terms of say a member of general public wanting to get in touch with a company or a public sector body aren’t we going to have the issue that we’ve got with say hmrc at the moment where you call up hmrc you want some advice and you can be given 78 different options I mean if you you know that old joke Henry Kissinger used to say about when he was doing diplomacy with European countries i mean if i want to do new diplomacy with Europe who do I call I mean that is there a danger in having a kind of too much for plurality of an identity or company unlike that organization on social networks well I think you start the segmentation streams or what you’re doing you can analogize with traditional communications is creating a new telephone number you know there isn’t one developed a number for the NHS there’s probably about ten thousand different numbers some of them are regional some are specific to a venue or a department on but the cool thing about social and you know Twitter and Facebook specifically is that you can identify which department that person need to speak to but then you can also through tagging or mentioning that department can bring it all to their radar that this person or this customer or client needs to speak with you and I’m helping direct us that’s almost in a telly telly signal telesales but uh cognitive capacity is not blind transferring someone to a new department you’re warming up the call so you also did although having the advantage of the advantages there as well that you actually making it public aren’t you tram serving the social media interaction with when you’re called when you eating the call centers and as here they’re going to transfer you haven’t got the foggiest necessarily of really cause we transfer to the say of someone mentions never too pumped in a tweet you can then actually see the handle you interacting rip so we not allow a big strong advantage are absolutely and then there’s also on the opportunity using hootsuite enterprise and pro two in your team’s functionality to actually assign that update or message to another team member yeah and what’s an internal communication to say hey bomb over on the other side of the country you need to answer this request or this this mention arm so you can you can do in two ways make it public or you can use other types of social media infrastructure to assign comments and tasks to people based on their their department order job role I mean we’ve talked quite a bit previously about anything having someone in house versus out of someone hiring in a resource amount of house but doesn’t a tool like Hoot. Suite actually mitigate against the risks of hiring additional resource out of house for social media management given that you do have that sort of the team functionality on sweet yeah i mean III I think in it if you look at who treat on an enterprise level um yeah it completely squashes or you know just puts out of the picture in Vinnie but I outsourcing anything anymore as far as social is concerned because of the the granular level of engagement and the authority to give the different users functions yeah in conversation so yeah that’s what I but what some of those users actually might sit outside of the organization I mean if by having two tweeters essential hub as it were an empowering people in it doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone has to be in under the same so corporate roof as a crime yeah well I mean yeah you can have multiple you can be a member of multiple organizations and it vas born and that could be in the context of outsourcing going to be you as the service provider having five or six words that you are connected to honor who transport but the only reason that you’re actually doing that is so that you can provide insight into how better to better use the product not necessarily to create content or to handle any communications on behalf of the client yeah okay good good excellent well Alan and I are going to have a longer chat among various issues to just touched on now a link will be appearing on the screen now for that video and I hope you come over and join us for that longer conversation Oh Valon and my contact details are going to be at the end of this video as well so if you want to get in touch of us directly please do so you. .