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but when it comes to jobs the new year getting off to a pretty good start according to the bureau of labor statistics proc of approximately two hundred twenty seven thousand jobs were created in january and the national unemployment rate holding steady at four point eight percent sounds like this could be could be a great time and do a little job hunting so time to spruce up your linkedin page and your facebook page yeah facebook page it’s becoming a new resource for employers looking to hire so an eyewitness news reporter Jessi more shows us just how and why the social media giant is now trying to help you find a job sometimes I’d be even I go back and read my status I’d be like did I post this a know what I’m being my feelings spilling your emotions and over sharing on Facebook can now help or hurt your future job chances the social media giant now allows companies to post job openings that you can apply for and make contact with recruiters directly through Facebook I think it’s a great idea Cheyenne smelt only has a year left at Buffalo State and so will be looking to start her career she believes Facebook’s new job feature could help her not the employers are giving us you know halfway meeting us halfway to provide these jobs and opportunities for us although she worries about hackers getting personal information the Career Development Center at buff state is also concerned about how Facebook jobs could be tricky for some and messenger you used to communicating and maybe tech speak or quick short sentences or emojis but to be reminded that if you’re communicating with an employer it doesn’t matter what platform you’re using that you have to be formal Facebook has more than a billion users daily is hoping the jobs page will attract clientele that linked in doesn’t it’s a free way to for employers to communicate in one central place Damone Smith with the Buffalo employment and training center thinks Facebook jobs is a great idea but worries it could keep people who share too much from new opportunities if you don’t want things that you don’t want your mother to see don’t put it on your facebook account or we all just tell people if your facebook account is that bad get make another one Jeff Ashley as I often tell my 16 year old nephew you have to be careful what you post on Facebook because it can come back and haunt you later live at the digital desk Justin Moore 7 Eyewitness News ain’t that the truth thank you very much Justin over.