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If you’re an engineering student then this video’s and your match was made in heaven! Watch Akash Dabas share his interview experience at MICROSOFT placement drive at his college. Interviews can give you the cold feet but we assure you that after you’re through with this video you will have the confidence to the interview by storm. With that being said, keep your preparations going and it is certainly not an interview to crack. The above video will give you the answer your burning questions with regards to the basic placement procedure.

Akashalso shares his preparation strategy for his interview and the rounds he had to go through. The challenges he faced during the interview and how he dealt with them. Also, he shares insights of his psyche during the interview and how were the interview panelists. We’re sure that some tips and tricks is just what you are looking for and we’ve got it covered for you!

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press the bell icon to never miss an update from placement interviews hello everyone I’m a caster bus currently I’m pursuing be taking mathematics and computing from Delhi Technological University and I’ve done my senior secondary school from Val Bharti public school Rohini and I’ve got replacement offer from Microsoft IDC India Development Center tell us about the placement procedure in math idea Microsoft came to earth on pace for intensive procedures and I got selected from that so there are there was one round in our campus only this was about competitive programming so we were given three cautions and that was for screening so I attempted all three of them they were pretty standard questions and we were marked on the basis of for the efficiency of the programming time complex and space complex complexity and anyone who has got all three questions right were called for interviews they after we will call to NS IT for a further round of interviews and there were four other routes one was group fly around in which people was painting on the basis of how they were able to program how they were able to discuss the program with the seniors so in the first round group fly we were given one problem that was encoding problem and we were supposed to discuss what how we’ll approach to the problem with the image letters present there so 70% of the students were out of their interview after that there was one other interview that was in person interview and I was asked questions related to graph like Dijkstra algorithm they gave me the problem statement that you want to go from point A to point B what was the best strategy to that and yeah that’s it they have a few other question related to brute force so there was a dude was pretty hard brute force question and actually my second interview got skipped because of my performance in the first interview and they after was the final inground of the interview third round and in that interview they asked me about substring search this said that you need to perform the substring search and I say it’s pretty straightforward they will go and use kmpl rhythm but they said that I don’t want to use KMP please tell me the brute force implementation of that so I explained the brute force now they asked me to improve that brute force rather than using KMP they’d wanted to use brute force or some other algorithm but this incremental changing the algorithm so I was taken to that problem but after some time I was able to come up with an algorithm using the hash code so we’ll generate the hash code and it was something like that and let later on I came to know it was born or algorithm that they were asking for and yeah that’s all with the interview process what was your preparation strategy in detail interval interview procedure starts in around August so I started preparing for the interviews in December I started with competitive programming not focusing on much so in up to February I just did something randomly and then I asked my seniors they asked me to buy some books and some other resources so I went for a book code on data structure algorithm from a scimitar Moochie so i strictly recommended this book for others also because this book contains summary of many popular questions from geeks for geeks so it will help a lot so that book itself gave me some basic building blocks for more combination of difficult problems so after that I used to do ten questions 20 questions a day having good a combination of complexity so what I used to do is I’ll take four questions which I was very comfortable with and four other questions which will give me more difficulty and two questions which are which were really hard for me at the moment so I used to do problems on core forces I don’t like code staff or other rapid because code forces gives you problem statement and gives you test cases you are able to see what was wrong with your program and they are article associated with each problem moreover they were weekly competition your courses I highly recommend to do those four competitions because they’ll give you a chance to see to undergo the pressure that you are suffer while you’re coding for your interview or something and there’s another site a 2oj and on that side questions are arranged in groups called as letters so letter A will be containing questions from court forces of difficulty a lateral bill will be having questions of difficulty P and so on so I solved let it be entirely that gave me a very nice skill set of problems that I can be solving yeah that’s I need tips and tricks that you would like to share okay now for tips and tricks as I’ve already mentioned the book will nursing Makara Munchie on data structure and good I highly recommend it because it gives you a basic set of problems that you will be able to use secondly what you do you pick one chapter from the book you do the chapter from that book only and then you’ll move on to code forces you do some questions from the topic from code forces like 20 questions 30 questions 50 questions after that so this is all related to that section algorithm and don’t skip any other topics like people will say that graphs are not that much recommended or dynamic programming will not be asked but believe me interviewer ask you question from DP as well a graphs and then relate it to other subjects like operating system DBMS you should be doing whatever is there in your course only that will be more than sufficient but you should revise before going to interview then there’s one other important thing about design questions so in the latest interviews of Microsoft for off campus placement they were they asked many questions from design problems and people got stuck on that because they haven’t practiced that so I’ll say you should practice at least 10 20 questions on design problems also so that’s it for this video I hope you like this video please like share and subscribe to our channel and also let us know if you like these video and if you want to watch more of them and suggest us topics in the comment section below and also I’ll be linking all the social media handles in my in the description you can go there follow us there drop a text if you want to be interviewed or if you know somebody who can be interviewed and would help others so that’s all for today we will see you next time.