Social Media Jobs

In this weeks video, were going to go over the dos and donts of social media. Thats definitely not the case. Over 50 percent of employers check out an applicants social media profiles before hiring them.
Whether youre a fashionista, foodie or just want to show off your adorable puppy, share the things that make you, you. Employers want to see who you are.

DO – Pick the safe choice.
Changing your privacy settings on your profiles is the safest bet. You never know what could slip through the cracks.

DO – Use it to your advantage. Use your network to ask friends if their jobs are hiring.

DONT – Let it all hang out.
While you want to show a glimpse into your life, not everything is for the world to see. Appropriate doesnt have to mean boring. Just follow the mom rule: If you wouldnt want your mom to see it, dont post it.

DONT – Badmouth.
As an employee, you represent your employer on and off the clock. Talking trash about your old job, coworkers or even professors will leave a hiring manager wondering what youd say if they hired you.

DONT – Stalk the interviewer. Cyber stalking, bad. It might sound like a great idea, but accidentally mentioning a personal detail you stumbled across isnt worth it. I guarantee itll be weird – very weird. Now that you know the dos and donts, share, like, and retweet away!