Twitter Jobs

Part of the Learning Locally at your Library series

to get started on Twitter first you need to create an account so you need to go to Twitter’s homepage at twitter com and then click Sign Up now next type in your name next type a username twitter has thousands and thousands of users so you’re probably going to have to to select a username that is unique so try putting in underscores or something like that and try different combinations until you get an indication that your username will work next type in a password now type in your email address then type in the words that you see pictured at the bottom of the screen and click create my account next you can see if your friends are on Twitter by having it check your email address book but you can also skip this step and then finally Twitter suggest users for you to follow if you’re not interested in any of the users that you see you can unselect them and then click finish next you can send out an update about what you’re doing and also find people to follow by using Twitter’s find people feature type in what you’re looking for and then you click on the user to follow some other people that we recommend that you follow our indiana job indiana careers tweet my job’s allen county info because they retweet a lot of job opportunities and ipfw career and soon you’ll see dozens of job postings a day from each of the people that you follow.