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Top #Career: As economies move towards robotics, artificial intelligence, and automation, new career skills will predict your success. To check out a good new report on the topic from the Financial Times, visit
Top #Business: Whole Foods is launching its first 365 Market next month. These less-expensive stores will help the supermarket chain compete with chains that are increasingly offering wide organic food selections. The investment community is very interested in health food companies right now, so it’s a great time to look for a job in this field or start a new health food project.

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Hi there and welcome to your Brain Boost.The Financial Times has released anextensive new report on career

management in age of robotics, artificialintelligence, and automation. Based on the research from this report and from others,carreer success especially for non developers will increasingly rely onone’s ability to be creative and to

develop personal relationships skills and then

translating those capabilities into theability to apply emerging technologies

to business and human needs. For example,how to integrate AI systems for business

and personal use. You can read the research at a link in

the description of the video. Next,Twitter has successfully won the right

to be the first social network to streamfull NFL games.

You might remember a

couple of weeks ago that we reported that.Facebook was vying to stream Thursday

night football. Instead, Twitter has wonthis auction. They will stream 10

Thursday night football games in fullvia the apt with no extra payment or

registration required everywhere in theworld. One thing you can take away from

this is that sports is an undeniablypowerful marketing vehicle. Next, Whole

Foods is launching its first 365 marketnext month.

In these new marketplaces,

there will be fewer choices and thestores will be smaller.It’s also going

to be much less expensive than thefull scale Whole Foods Markets. They’re

trying to compete as more chainsdedicate space to organic food and, when

I’ve been talking to investors in the. San Francisco Bay Area, health food

businesses are growing very quickly. So,this is a great time to look for job

openings or to launch a healthy foodbusiness. Finally, we’re very proud of our

newest masterclass series.

It’scalled the 8 Step Business Launch

Formula.It’s our best course yet andit’s a step by step practical formula

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launches, you can check out a link on thescreen or in the description of the

video. Finally, what are your top storiesof the week? We’ll see you next week at

10p. m. Pacific time.