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At SXSW, Buck spoke on the topic of outsourcing social media, a topic she also presented on one week earlier during PubCon South at Austin 2011. During the SXSW session speakers discussed the pros and cons of outsourcing social media management versus keeping it in-house, Buck said. Eric Schwartzman, who wrote the first B2B book on social media titled Social Marketing, argued against outsourcing during the session, Buck said. If you have the budget to bring someone in-house then why not, admitted Buck, despite the fact that she is a social media manager for hire. The reality is that small business owners do not have the budget to hire in-house, plus they are busy with the everyday demands of running a business, Buck continued. “Let’s Get Social” is a social media training course offered by Buck in which she trains social media managers on the essentials of managing an account or provides structure and training to individuals familiar with the social media space so they are able to start a legitimate social media business, according to Buck, who started the training program as a way to improve credibility in the industry. The most productive part of the conference however, according to Buck, was the opportunity to have all connections in once place to network and meet up for business discussion in person.

Vanessa Zamora here we’re at South by Southwest 2011 joining me now is the lovely Miss Kate back of kbj I’m Kate just spoke with us last week at Pope on and she spoke this morning tell us about your panel this morning I was speaking on outsourcing social media that’s also what I spoke on at at pecans social media management we’re talking about the pros and cons of whether you you know whether you should outsource your social media or whether the only solution is to hire somebody in house so it was a very heated debate this morning we had Eric Schwartzman who wrote the very first book on b2b social media who you know was just you know laying down the law on his thoughts that you can’t outsource and you know we had a lot of people in the audience that disagreed some that did but it was a very heated debate so it was a great panel we got we got really good feedback so you work on the outskirts you actually are hired to manage people so she social media campaigns and so what was your argument for that well my main argument is this and it was kind of fun because generally when I get into heated debate about whether or not you should outsource your social media and we generally come to terms by the end there is that great area we do agree that if you have the budget to bring somebody in house that why not you know but small business owners you know Joe’s coffee shop on the corner is not Starbucks they don’t have that budget and here are all the messages that they’re hearing in the marketing world is you should be blogging you should be on Twitter you should be doing social media but then we told them that they have to do it themselves and their washing dishes and you know doing the payroll and making sure they can cover their rent and doing the scheduling and all of that and they don’t have time for social media so there is a place for outsourcing if we’re going to tell Jose coffee shop with a very minimal budget that can’t afford to hire somebody full time to manage their social media that they should be have a Twitter account and be on Facebook and all of this we’ve got to also then empower people to be resources for them and that’s really you know where I am about outsourcing social media now you offer a training program correct so is that something that businesses could look into to gain some knowledge in the area yes as a matter of fact I have a training course it’s called let’s get social where I train social media managers because what I found was is that part of the reason that people are so against outsourcing their social media is because there is a lack of credibility in the industry there is a lack of training of the different folks that are touting themselves as social media experts so too for those businesses that you know do you want to hire somebody I have a course it’s called let’s get social and it just trains social media managers on what are the essentials of an account that needs to get handled from the from day to day it also really empowers people who have found themselves in a position where they know a lot about like you know just naturally people that spend a lot of time in social media kind of start to get a feel for how it goes and so this gives them some training and some structures that they can actually start a legitimate social media business so let’s talk a little bit about South by what are the hot trends you’re hearing Mizer’s buzzwords going around that’s a good question I haven’t spent much time that’s kind of the mean of self i right is that you don’t send actually a lot of time at the conference one one thing is always a hot buzz trend is ROI so there’s been a lot of talk about how are we measuring ROI in social media we’re seeing a lot of we’re seeing a lot of consumer activity around consumer brand activity around social media and blogging and technology so that’s that is exciting this year because we’re you know it’s like yes it works you know people are starting to really kind of figure that out now so those are kind of this stuff that I’m seeing but really the biggest thing for about South by for me anyway is networking getting all everybody that that I generally need to talk to in connections all in one place you know we just had a meeting with somebody who’s in and somebody else was in New York City and we’re here in Austin but we’re all here together so we’re able to meet and connect and get some business done you know so this is Kate buck thanks so much for joining I’m Vanessa’s Maura we are coming to you from South by Southwest 2011.