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Nadine Babu discusses how savvy use of social media can enhance your job prospects.

greetings and welcome to today’s webinar linkedin and twitter can make or break your job search my name is john rujak and i’m the senior director of alumni networks for the University of Minnesota Alumni Association and I’m so glad you could be here today we’ve had nearly 500 alumni and friends register for this webinar and we’re just absolutely delighted that you’re sharing your time with us today this is our inaugural webinar in a new free series being offered by the University of Minnesota Alumni Association where we’re having conversations with experts about career life and learning topics today’s webinar is being recorded and will be viewable afterwards at minnesota alumni org backslash alumni webinar series just give us a couple business days to post it on our website we are doing eight more career in life stage webinars between now and april and those webinars will be posted on the website that you see right now on the slide and you’ll be able to access them wherever you are and whenever you’d like and if you’re on twitter right now use the hashtag umn webinar we’d love to hear from you out there and also our umn alumni twitter account and also nadine who you’ll meet in a few minutes our featured speaker today before we get started I’d like to go over a few items so you know how to participate in today’s webinar you have joined the presentation listening using your computer’s speaker system by default if you would prefer to listen over the telephone just select telephone in the Audio pane of the Go.To. Webinar panel and dial in information will be displayed if you experience audio difficulties while listening via your computer speakers this can be caused by having multiple software applications open which can use up your computer’s bandwidth in effect network performance so feel free to close any unnecessary applications on your computer questions are welcome we would love to hear your questions today about Linked. In about Twitter about social media and the job search so be sure to type in your questions in your control panel that you see on to the right of your screen and we’ll try to answer as many as we have time for today thanks to my Colin our colleague Aaron strong Elliot for helping monitor the question stream today and thanks to Tony with Go. To. Webinar for monitoring some of the questions of that you type in if you’re having technical difficulties as well without further ado I’d like to introduce our featured presenter Nadine Babu CEO and social media strategist of boo boos social networks Nadine holds undergraduate and MBA degrees from the university of minnesota’s carlson school of management after graduation and dean pursued her passion for marketing and sales and quickly established herself as a business development expert in the field of pharmaceutical and medical device sales on the side she parlayed a love for go for athletics into a website gopher hole calm and learned how to leverage business through social media and it has been wildly successful this website has seen an increase of over a hundred and fifty percent in page views from 2010 to present day this entrepreneurial sports marketing venture is where nadine developed her vision for babu social networks and she now helps companies and brands utilize cost effective social media platforms to grow their businesses I’m very thankful she’s joined us today to talk about Linked. In and Twitter and how to use these social media platforms for the job search how to position ourselves online and make meaningful professional connections Nadine welcome to the webinar thank you so much for having me it’s such an honor to be here and with fellow U of M grads it really is a pleasure thank you awesome well create let’s get this started let’s do it let’s do it let’s let’s launch the polls let’s get some interaction going right away I’d actually love to know from our audience what forms of social media do you use in a job hunt for professional purposes Facebook Linked.

In Twitter Google+ or other we’ll just take a couple seconds to let you all answer that so we get an idea where you’re coming from all right keep those responses coming in people they’re coming in fast and furious we got a great crowd i love the engagement already thank you all okay we’ll give a few more seconds and we’ll close this one and let’s share the results here okay great it looks like there’s a lot of comfort with Linked.In for sure not so much with Twitter so that’ll be great to be able to cover that today so it’s good to hear that are u of m grads are really comfortable with Linked. In so far let’s go for one more question if that’s possible um what hesitancy do you have about using Twitter or Linked. In not enough time privacy preferences social media is confusing or I feel I don’t have anything to say keep voting we appreciate all your votes this will give us a good idea of what we need to cover in this session as well a couple more seconds this one is popular oh wow all right close this one and here are the results Wow okay so there’s a there’s a big variety so not enough time I think that we’ll be able to address that today because we’ll try to teach you guys how to use it in a time effective way privacy preferences that’s always a good question as well social media is confusing been there done that that’s that’s actually why they pay me the little box for and I feel like I don’t have anything to say first of all you are all or brilliant alumni you have so much to say and someone people would love to benefit from that so that is definitely not going to be an issue thank you all for your participation I guess we can kind of get started with the presentation now that we know a little bit of background from our audience Oh one bit of technical difficulties we’re trying to advance the slides first timers here hmm well you know what I’ll just start talking about it so you taught you talk it I’ll Drive okay okay that’ll be great thank you John why can this make or break a job search so recruiters review candidates social media accounts companies and recruiters are both on these platforms you can expand your professional network you can contribute to industry conversations and most importantly you can build your own brand this is absolutely huge to be able to do that and you have an opportunity to do it for such a wide range of people and have a reach that you would never have just from the people that you know cited by nadeem i think i gave i gave um i gave you back the mouse control that was I didn’t I there is a technical difficulty with the pole so you should be able to steer down perfect thank you very much okay so why twitter twitter is an Information Network made up of 140 character messages called tweets it’s an easy way to discover the latest related used to your subjects that you care about Twitter contains information you will find valuable messages from users you choose to follow will show up on your homepage for you to read it’s like personally being delivered a newspaper whose headlines you’ll always find interesting a newspaper that basically is made up exactly and tailored to you you can discover news and it’s happening learn more from the topics that are important to you and get the inside scoop in real time and twitter is something that is absolutely growing I just checked yesterday over 230 million people are on Twitter it’s got a huge network and that’s growing every single day so you’ve definitely this is not a fad that is going away so what you want to do is create a twitter account to showcase your professional profile this is mine as you can see and you want a professional picture up chances are you probably don’t with a cocktail in it just something that’s a closed head shot to you you’ll keep your twitter handle as simple or close to your name this is a really big deal to me because if i’m trying to find someone in a Twitter or if i want to tweet them i want their name to be in that so if your name is mine i could obviously get that handle nadine babu but say you’re John Smith there are a lot of John Smith’s so what you can do is add and MN on the end or a number on the end or MSP or something else to associate you know something else that is relevant to you so it’s really easy to still use your name you also want a short bio that describes what to expect from your tweets as you can see with mine I see it says what I work it lists my gopher hole involvement being a star tribune blocker a proud University of Minnesota grad of course yes my dog does have our Twitter account so she is also listed on here I’m one of those crazy people but she is a really pretty girl and leukemia lymphoma society woman of the year and I also list that I’m a Gophers and Packers fan because a lot of go for fans that follow me they don’t want to hear about the packer stuff but I put it right out there in my bio so they know what to expect right away when they see you so if you’re trying to be found make sure your Twitter account is public and accessible another point I’d like on making it public even if its private anyone that follows you can still see your things they can often retweet you they can still screen grab so if you are private you’re really not that private so you may as well just be public and tweet things that are relevant that you’re proud of and that really represent you as a brand next thing you want to do is develop a regular habit of posting content from be I cover the Gopher so these are a couple examples of tweets that I did during the scrimmage that we have last Sunday and you know obviously you some visuals post content on a consistent basis and post about things of professional interest to you if you’re in finance tweet about articles relevant to your industry show that you’re keeping up on all the trends over time you’ll start to provide value and add to the people who follow you you can take 30 minutes at the beginning of the week to set your tweets if you’re busy and you can use sweets you can use apps like Hoot. Suite tweetdeck and buffer to post a few update today I know a lot of people out there said that they don’t have time to do it this is actually a very efficient way to be able to get your messaging out there see what’s going on in a very short amount of time because tweets are so short it’s like reading a text message I always say the rule of content is be the first or be the best so if you’re breaking news great just get it out there put it out there quickly if you’re not which most of us can’t be the first with information then you want to actually be the best so say there’s a top ten list point out the thing that’s most interesting to you or add your own twist and expertise so make sure that it’s personalized if you’re going to go ahead and here to take some other information and not be first on this is another thing I love what not to eat so you can see this last night I apply to a job at target 20 to 30 hours a week really hope I get this job it’s so easy all i have to do is push carts and all target has to do is look up your twitter handle and realize that you’re not going to really work hard at that job um the other one by boss sucks i think this one is probably pretty obvious that you’re not supposed to say that she’s late i’m giving me information then I get blamed for sending out late emails I know we all wanna vent but that to your friends one on one send text messages or emails to each other privately don’t do it publicly because someone could either see that or misinterpret it and think that they’re talking about you John have you seen other examples of what not to tweet oh definitely it applies both professionals and I’ve seen it from students as well and these are public twitter accounts that they say recruiters over ninety percent of them reference social media accounts when kind of checking on candidates and at least fifty percent look at Twitter and so think about the things that you might be posting about your personal life maybe of outrageous views or swear words things like that maybe racy photos there are lots of things out there that really aren’t that hard to stumble across or do Google searches on and you do leave a digital digital trail so i would say especially if you’re approaching twitter from a professional branding standpoint think about those things as well because whether it’s talking about current or past employers or just a wide variety of personal things you just have to remember who your audience is and in in who’s out there listening that’s a great point we i we actually blessed to have chris sacca be my mba graduation speaker for carlson’s mba graduation and he actually is it one of the founders in twitter but he actually had sat at a graduation he gets thousands of resumes every single day and why would i look over at a resume when i can google you he’s like that shows who you are that shows the messaging that shows you know the kind of person you are he’s like anyone who make a really pretty piece of paper but to Google you and see who you truly are that’s about bigger indication of who he wants on his team so next up hashtags this is something that is intimidating for a lot of people but it’s really quite simple and actually Jon I’m going to let you go ahead and talk about hashtags a little bit for how you can use them for chats definitely with Twitter think of hashtags a search term so when you insert that pound symbol before a word that’s a real easy way for other people to find the content that you’re posting or a great way for you to search for content that’s of interest to you and so from a professional standpoint I just use this example of a tweet that I did about you of University of Minnesota lump at Fallon as far as an article that was in the Harvard Business Review about his of his company in some of the creative risks he gets his clients to take I thought from a social media standpoint that that would be of interest to some of the higher at social media folks that I follow and discuss things with on Twitter and so the hashtag h es m higher ed social media that’s one that I tagged it because I thought that would be of interest to my colleagues nationwide here in the state of Minnesota in there’s just unlimited examples of how you could weave that into your own industry or professional interests both to search for topics but then also to get that out in front of other people and so with this one it was really more about some standard hashtags but obviously you know whether it’s a particular topic like right now in bolas probably trending or our other keyword topics that would be of interest to you from a professional standpoint definitely explore the hashtag function of Twitter absolutely and hashtags are a way to be able to show up in feeds that you wouldn’t otherwise be in corrected the worldwide search for hashtag so for example if I have a Gophers hashtag I’m seeing every single person in the world that’s tweeting about the Gophers so it also brings attention to people that hate maybe I should be following maybe they’re providing a lot of interesting content so using those is crucial to be able to follow things and get noticed as well like you’d said they’re also hash takes four career tips so you can use things like job search career advice resume I know locally m and jobs is one of them many specific job chats need at regular times during the week you can join a live or search hashtags to gather the information afterwards which is also nice to it’s an easy way to find specific information in an arena like Twitter that has a lot of information to sift through so what is next as far as Twitter you’ve got your profile you’ve learned about hashtags now you really want to start following people you want to start following people businesses and recruiters in your industry so instead of going to ten different job sites you’ll get to see the jobs posted on just one stream from Twitter and typically it’s a lot more timely than it takes for them to actually post the job openings on their websites it’s usually the first thing that they get they get out there so you’ll follow job websites the more you follow the more opportunities will pop up and interact with them that is such a huge part of social medias interacting and i’m not talking about replying to everyone’s tweet or retweeting or favoriting everything they say but some interaction there will get you noticed so you can you know you can favorite tweets if you think somebody said something really valuable or if they have a link to an article that you really like and you can reference it later and if you’re adding to the conversation of providing a different perspective you will be able to get noticed on Twitter the next thing is direct messages you can only direct message people that follow you so say you have you followed a recruiter they followed you back that’s when you can go offline and be able to message them you know if they have positions open if you want to meet up for coffee if you wat to exchange emails that’s a great way to be able to do that privately on Twitter as well next up is using Twitter lists this is a great tool especially with the job hunt because you can personally organize your own Twitter lists making them public or private and it makes it easier to follow and track people and organizations of interest to you otherwise there are ones that are already out there which is great like this one for example employers that are recruiting this is already one that somebody had set up that is following you know over 475 people and this is maintained by others so you can basically pull up this list and it’s a live feed for you for all following all these different employers seeing any jobs that they post and things like that it makes it really really easy and very timely fashion efficient to do it that way so just a couple Twitter takeaways you want to have a clear theme and purpose to your account make sure that it’s your brand and everything you do you know represents yourself tweet regularly focus on professional interests if you follow me on Twitter I tweet a lot i love it i have a lot to say and i also tweet a lot of sports you don’t need to do that if you can say a couple different things a day or interact with a few people that’s great just make sure it’s consistent add to the conversation and interact with others utilize hashtags to find content and content and participate in chats follow people and employers of interest and use these lists to manage your own contacts or discover public resources that are already out there for you so I know that is a lot of information in a little bit of time but we wanted to touch on a lot of things so we’re going to take a moment now to pause and question about Twitter that people have submitted and we have a question from Paul who asks what do you think about posting tweets / retweeting on news stories for example politics Paul that’s a great question i would say that your I mean if that’s your field if your own political science if you’re in politics go ahead and do that if you are trying to stay more neutral I would probably stray away from that a little bit just because you don’t want to put something out there that could that could hurt your chances of getting a job and politics is definitely one of those things that people are very passionate about so if it’s not your field I would probably stay away from that a little bit we have a question from Bridget she wants tips on incorporating personal and professional content into one Twitter account that’s a great question to Bridget yeah I do the exact same things I feel like it is very important to put some personal things in there I know there are people that follow me that moly waffle for news they don’t want to know where I had dinner last night they don’t know want to know about my dog but the majority do and the majority then connect with you on a personal level and then you’re not just a robot or a walking advertisement so I think putting some of those things in are really good but kind of with everything else keep it positive keep it fun you know you never want to really put a lot of negative things out there John you have anything else to add to that one yeah I’d say just uh I think you can you can definitely maintain both I usually try to keep things light as as far as non professional things news news items that I find of interest like yesterday some researchers said that they were able to verify that a piece of plane that they found in the South Pacific had a high probability of being a the from Amelia Earhart’s of doomed voyage across the Pacific and and for me being a history buff that was really of interest and so i retweeted that and in a couple people pick that up so I kind of tend to go with my instincts as far as of what personally interests me what’s not you know I I definitely probably have my own accounts straight or don’t don’t delve too much into politics or super controversial issues I kind of leave that for my friends on facebook but just try to think about those things that are of interest to me and then hopefully maybe other people you know find of interest as well thank you we’ve got one more question that we’re going to take from Beth and we apologize if I can’t answer all of these but also feel free to tweet John or I any of these questions and we’re happy to get back to you um but that had a question if potential employees are checking your Twitter does it reflect poorly if you don’t have one I wouldn’t say it reflects poorly because some people just don’t have a twitter account and that’s fine but what we would do is we’re kind of doing this this webinar to be able to encourage you to get out there and be able to have that and then have it as another tool in your arsenal to show who you are and what you’re about and hopefully that will be something that helps you get a job as well so if you even after today if you’re like absolutely not I can’t have one I don’t want one I understand that won’t hurt you but it could help you find a job if you do set one up and you set it up correctly so you guys are asked asking such great questions and we’re sorry we can’t get to them all now but we will answer some more at the end and I am actually going to let John go ahead and take it over and talk a little bit about Linked. In thanks Nadine so what are these images that you’re looking at well to the left is uh what’s called a rolodex and that keeps business cards into your right is a stack of resumes and I actually still have both in my cube I meet people along the way I get business cards people give me resumes and I do hold on to them I’m probably behind on my business card filing but the reason I show you these is that I actually don’t rely on my physical rolodex very much or go back to my stack of resumes in my cube because probably nine times out of ten what I need to find out or remind myself about a professional colleague that I’ve met along the way is something that I can find on linkedin and is a more up to date than what a business card from two years ago or a resume that’s been filed away and my dusty file drawer would contain and and that’s why I feel linkedin is the professional network that more and more people are gravitating to and keeping that professional presence kind of going back to the earlier question I’d say it may be becoming more unusual for someone not to have a Linked. In profile if a recruiter was looking vs vs Twitter and so I would encourage both but definitely linkedin is of importance over 300 million people worldwide are on it it’s different than Facebook you’re not going to see pictures of people’s kids probably more of the light fluffy stuff won’t be on there but in my opinion Linked.

In is where you can let your professional self your professional brand shine and people from all sorts of industries are on it business nonprofit science education engineering law health care and even college students as well college students if you’re listening out there right now Linked.In is a place to be both to educate yourself about positions and also to connect with others in your network so first and foremost have a complete linkedin profile it doesn’t need to be exhaustive but put a little bit of work into it to fill out some of the main areas so have a complete name have a full description of your your title and what you’d want to be known for because these are the types of things that will show up in Google searches or when people do an initial search on linkedin this is what it will show you so sometimes I’ve seen the mistake where students are start an account on linkedin it will say student at university of minnesota and they ultimately end up getting employed and so they update their experience but they don’t update it up here and so the initial look that somebody sees then it still says student at university of minnesota so update those titles update the job description your titles put in some descriptors as far as really describing what you do in in a brief brief yet informative way insert those keywords that you want recruiters and others to be able like if they’re searching for engineers or sustainability or think of all sorts of industry and career specific terms that might apply to your field make sure that you sprinkle those in in this in the top section and also in your descriptors because the more you strategically place those the more those will rise in search optimization within Linked. In and beyond and be sure to make the most of the contact information screen here this is where as you edit your profile you can choose to list a Twitter account or list to list your preferred email so if you’d like your work email shown versus a personal account you can set it here you can set links to company websites it’s just a great way for people to find easy and the preferred ways to contact you and lastly have a photo so many link there is an AZ khab on it’s becoming more and more common that people have photos but there are quite a few people who don’t have photos the one thing I will give a plug for is how far as having a photo is that they say that if you do have a photo of yourself it increases the views of your profiles but about 11 fold so it doesn’t have to be a professional photo it doesn’t have to be a glamour shot but just get a photo that’s high resolution in focus close up not far away you’re smiling these are things you can take on your your i. Phone or Android and crop it appropriately and just set it and forget it it really helps I think tell the personality a little bit more and makes your profile more approachable and some of the other things that you can do with the profile as well is reach out to pass coworkers employers bosses ask for a recommendation of your work and over time that can be very nice supplemental material to the types of formal references that you list during a job search or if somebody recruiter is looking at your profile and they see wow you know 20 people have recommended Nadine for all this past work that she’s done both both within business and also in the community I think that really speaks volumes and I would approach those recommendations just from a sincere standpoint only approach the people that you think could speak well to you and and if you’re ever in a position to write up a recommendation on somebody up definitely do it and also within profiles list the skills that you would like to be known for and and that can help also recruiters and other people come across your profile see what you consider your strength areas so I believe this is Nadine’s strengths or skills and so social networking and marketing and and you can use preset skills that Linked. In offers you can type in ones that maybe don’t exist too but just keep it simple others can endorse it don’t put tons of warrior or weight on this it’s just another way to to build up your profile and and be a little bit more visible when when people come across your page with Linked. In it’s definitely important you don’t have to be a constant poster but just be sure to share content and be purposeful about it because that’s a way where you can get out in front of people and share content much like we were talking about with twitter share content that’s professionally of interest to you and Nadine has a really great example that I’d like her to talk a little bit more about thank you yes one of the things that I feel is true about content is you really like John set you something that’s purposeful if you read something that you really enjoyed share that don’t just force out things because it’s a link in an article and you should put it out there people will see that and they’ll see what’s genuine or not this was actually an article that i posted about our head coach jerry kill that was done in CNN and it was one of the most well done pieces i had ever read because they talked about him not only as a coach but his struggles to get where he is today and his battle with epilepsy and the thing was really unique about it is the author Wayne actually had a son with epilepsy so he told his son story in there as well it was intertwined and this son is looking up to Jerry Kill like wow your head coach of a Big Ten football team and you have epilepsy so I can do that even though I’ve had 500 seizures I can do those things and honestly i don’t think i have a dry eye any time i read through that and it’s one of those things where i post it on here you obviously want to post about what you’re doing and things like that but you need to share the love and really talk about other people it shouldn’t all be just one sided and about yourself if you have something that’s really great to share go ahead and do something like this definitely and and and kind of the same rule of thumb with with Twitter’s is is posting those things that are that you find of interest i find gravitates towards other people in your network and and even if somebody isn’t uh maybe liking a post or commenting on it do know that people look at it i as i talked with alumni and friends i post probably a little bit more than others on linkedin but even if they’re not liking it or commenting it so many people have said hey you know I heard about this event from what you posted on linkedin or I saw that this was happening at the University of Minnesota that’s really great it’s it that’s telling me that it’s helping to keep people informed and that’s a you know just a nice benefit of expanding your Linkedin Network and and that really speaks the importance of being purposeful about connecting with the people that you know who are already on linkedin your your friends co workers a former supervisors people that you meet professionally take a moment to send them an invitation and get connected in because life’s really busy and we’re all off doing different things but this can be a nice tool to stay connected professionally and definitely will help with future networking and one element of being active that that is a benefit to Linked. In is that you can kind of start to see the fruits of your labor and Nadine pointed out this interesting feature that I’d like her to talk a little bit about yeah this is one of those things that is a newer feature on linkedin and I actually didn’t know about it until recently you can actually see how you rank amongst your Linked.

In contacts amongst how many people have viewed your profile so I was actually very surprised to see this because just by doing a minimal effort on linkedin I’m within the top four percent of people that are viewing profiles with my almost 1,400 contacts and really all this is is doing a couple updates obviously I updated about this webinar you have a couple things articles that you pose cell do things you know if I’m with my team and we’re doing something great but it’s really not a ton of a time commitment it’s really just a couple times a week just just filling in that status update putting something purposeful up there and having it be genuine to what you are what your brand is and you’ll see how you can set yourself apart and then that means that you’re in the feats of people you’re in the forefront of people’s minds they’re seeing what you’re doing they’re following you I bet people reach out to me that I haven’t seen in years and years and that never like a status never comment and they know exactly what you’re doing so just like John had said even if you’re not getting con comments or lakes on it it doesn’t mean people aren’t seeing it it’s amazing how many people are more lurkers and they don’t participate as much but they read everything so it up and yeah and I mean personally I would love for a lot more of you guys to comment and like things so I know the silent majority as they they said and as you build your networks the my biggest piece of advice to people starting off on linkedin or or just trying to build their network and this probably applies a little bit more to maybe people you’re not as familiar with or are not close personal friends with but I think actually probably when I linked in with Nadine a while back I did do a customized invitation as far as saying hey we have these people in common you might not remember me but I worked at the Carlson school of long ago when you’re in the MBA program love the stuff that you’re doing on Twitter would like to add you to my network on linkedin and by taking that extra step to customize your your kind of filling in the who what when where why about why that person should connect with you so many times I’ll just get an invite from somebody on linkedin saying add me to my network on linkedin well if it’s my mother yes I’ll accept it because I know who she is but if it’s joe smith from off the street I have to do maybe a little bit more connect the dots as far as why that person wants to connect so take the opportunity to customize and let the person know why you want to connect much like if you were sending a kind of a cold call email to somebody to set up in an informational interview you want to be informative with that person and what I’d also recommend if you use Linked.In mobile I use the customize a feature of it it’s in the upper right hand corner you’ll want to select on it I did not invite Conan O’Brien as the image shows but it just shows that even on least on the phone mobile device you can customize that invitation because otherwise people really aren’t sure what you’re wanting to connect about or there may be fill in their own conclusions about why you want to connect and then quickly this can be found in most people’s profile pages is under contact information you can or excuse me under relationship under the relationship component of your contacts you can make notes to yourself about about it maybe a meeting with somebody set a reminder to say hey I want to contact a Dean in six months make a reminder about how you met and under the tax function it’s kind of like lists with Twitter you can make labels to organize people so people from work people from college sky’s the limit on as far as how you want to do that and it also keeps tracks track of linkedin messages that you send back and forth as well and then under contact info as we talked about before it will list the person’s preferred contact information the one thing with the image down here that I wanted to point out this is a person by the name of Paul who I’m not connected with on linkedin however in this will vary from profile to profile he has some publicly viewable contact information that he has decided to share always click click on contact contact information icon if you’re wanting to find out more information about people a lot of people post their Twitter accounts on there sometimes maybe I don’t want to send a formal connection to connect with somebody on linkedin but hey they have a Twitter handle I’ll just go follow them on Twitter because following and things like that it is just more common on Twitter so check out that contact information and then also by clicking the star you can build out relationship notes on those people as well that you’re not connected with and those are things that only you would see also thinking about the job search follow employers and companies that are of interest to you whether it’s fortune 500 nonprofits government agencies educational institutions so many employers have what’s called company pages on linkedin land o’lakes here is one example you can follow these companies you can get in your newsfeed recent updates about what that employer is stressing so as you’re doing the research process about applying for jobs interviewing for jobs you can see from a very high level what that organization is promoting you can also see who in your network maybe works there or second degree connections as far as people who could maybe make an introduction to somebody at land o lakes and that’s really I think a tool that maybe people don’t utilize as much I’m going to put in a plug now for utilizing groups that are on linkedin groups are basically what they sound like groups where you can join around a variety of different interests whether it’s former employees of General Mills whether it’s people interested in social media and the Twin Cities recruiters probably whatever your industry is there’s a group for it on linkedin so definitely explore that I will put in a plug for the University of Minnesota Alumni Association’s linkedin group we have nearly 28,000 alumni students and friends on that group a lot of times people talk about hey I can’t find alums ER can’t figure out the career path to go with this major uh we have 28,000 people just within this group that I have joined of affiliate with the University of Minnesota it’s a great resource we also have some subgroups around advice and opportunities we started a entrepreneur startup group too many of the colleges here at the University of Minnesota Carl’s and public health science and engineering except Liberal Arts uh the majority of them have Linked. In groups so check those out it’s a great way to connect with fellow alums it’s a great way to connect with people across different disciplines another quick tool that I always love to plug is linkedin com backslash alumni this is a dynamic search tool where you can search any higher ed institutions so with this screengrab I’ve searched university of minnesota twin cities and it’s showing me that a hundred ninety five thousand records list university of minnesota twin cities on their Linked. In profiles and from that I’m able to through clicking and sorting I’d be able to theoretically say show me all the people in Minneapolis st. Paul who work at 3m or an engineering it’s a dynamic tool you can insert key words it’s a really fun thing to play around and it’s a great way to look at that career path and then lastly linkedin has a jobs function where you can search for job titles keywords company names you can set preferences as far as the geographic regions that you’re looking for you can save job searches you can open ease let you apply for jobs directly through Linked. In so it’s a it’s a developing process as far as this part being built out but it’s definitely another tool to use if there’s any student college students listening linkedin com backslash student jobs has a job postings for current college students or resor students who are nearing graduation so that’s something specific that you can check out in a plug for the University of Minnesota for our students in also recent alumni there’s gold past umn. edu that’s also another job posting board here at the University so just remember linkedin there’s 300 million people on that network as you saw there’s a hundred ninety five thousand people who list U of M Twin Cities on their Linked.

In profile so it’s a great network to connect work connect with so complete your profile insert those keywords share content that interests you customize invitations to kill it connect let them know why you want to connect leverage those personal management tools follow employers join groups utilize our U of M alumni network connect with others both here you wide and also at the collegiate level in search career paths with linkedin com backslash alumni Nadine do you have any other points to add before we filled some questions in our remaining minutes here I’m not really i think we have so many questions that we should probably get those an answer these great questions that the audience is send in let’s do it alright perfect and great job on linkedin john i know i learned a lot ah we have a question from iris what are some appropriate linkedin titles for recent college grads searching for jobs John do you want to go ahead and take that one yeah you know I’ve seen I’d say just keep it simple as possible a recent graduate seeking sport management position or or recent graduate seeking a position with major league sports franchise or yeah something where it is acknowledging that you’ve graduated but maybe are still in in job search mode definitely I don’t let it default to like let’s say you’re in a job right now let’s say maybe like one of your past jobs during college was a server at buffalo wild wings but if that’s kind of your your side job sometimes people don’t take that out of the main header so so definitely the main header description list the thing that you want the employer to see and and I’d say just be honest about it but but be descriptive as far as what career path you’re you’re you’re you’re looking to get into and in think of those keywords what would you want people to find to buy absolutely the one other thing I’ll add to is I know I interview quite a few people and one thing that I am impressed with is even if they haven’t found their full time job is to still have something within their field so even if you know you’re working at bdubs to pay the bills if you’re volunteering or if you’re doing a non paid internship in the field that you like that’s great to have absolutely no you find your permanent job yep and on linkedin profiles I didn’t touch about it but you can actually add in volunteer components to your profile so if you don’t have that professional experience you can really highlight those volunteer fallen tier experiences and skills that you’re building up in those areas as well ok perfect theme we actually going to merge two questions together from Stephen and Liz Stephen ass should we replicate exactly paper resumes on linkedin profile inexperienced and lizard asked how is it different than a resume how’s your Linked.In profile differ than a resume I feel like Linked. In is an extended resume so you it won’t be the exact same as your paper resume I think it’s a way to really show a lot more things that you’ve done you’re not restricted to you know one page or two pages you can go ahead and have those recommendations on there you can have a great summary a description you can have your status updates so I think that it’s really an extended version of your resume and that’s how it differentiates mm hmm I think that’s a great take and in in some of that we weren’t able to touch on this for the Linked. In profiles but you can also add to your job experiences let’s say you have a great video link of you giving a webinar you could link to you could link that webinar within your Linked. In profile or add a photo of you maybe from the volunteer experience add a photo of you on a habitat for humanity build or things like that things that would look weird being inserted into a formal resume our kind of some bells and whistles that you can add to your Linked. In profile I’m i agree i definitely don’t think it should be a carbon copy of your resume um I think it should be a little bit more succinct but I think one other one other pitfall I’ve seen is people use I believe there’s a tool within Linked. In that allows you to upload your resume and then kind of use that as a template to start building out your profile just don’t you can upload it just don’t leave it as that because it looks really weird and it’s just put a little bit more extra time into it great the next question from tara or tar i apologize if i’m pronouncing your name incorrectly if someone wants to write a recommendation do they have to be on linkedin for to be a recommendation on linkedin they do have to be on there um and that’s just you know that’s kind of just how it goes with that you have to be able to log in and do that however this is an on social media tip I know I i love getting recommendations from people that I worked with that you can just have in your portfolio so if that’s the case go ahead and get those recommendations and have those always on your side for you because that’s always a good thing to get under your belts absolutely um next question we have is from Pam sometimes there’s not an option too personal personalize the message is there a way to do that John do you want to get that one yeah I’ve come across that like one or two times for the most part if you what I always do is I go to the person’s profile page and click on connect and about 99 out of a hundred times it will give me an option to show that customizable screen where I can say we’ve done business together and and write it out a little bit more where I’ve seen the mobile devices have been a little bit more trickier for a long time I couldn’t figure out how to do it on the phone but then found the icon that’s in the upper right hand corner I have an i.

Pad as well I’ve found that I actually and if somebody has this tweet it to me or shoot it to me on email i haven’t found a way to customize versus on the ipad version of linkedin so that’d be my two cents okay great thank you next question we have is from dan can you remove someone from your linkedin the list if you accidentally accepted them well dan if you accidentally or purposely accepted them yes you can remove them removing a connection is very easy you can just go to the connections profile and then you move your cursor over the arrow icon next to the button in the top section of the profile the button name may vary and then you can select remove connection and then you review the list of effects of removing the connection and click remove so it’s actually a pretty simple thing to do and if you have any questions on that you know go ahead and contact us again also you know quick Google search can help you with that too but I know I personally remove connections to if they’ve spam me a lot if you get a lot of those forum messages and spam I have removed them yep um let’s take one more one more we’ve got a lot more John well the thing is what I think we’ll have a log of the questions and so will try to follow up as as we can post webinar absolutely is so is this actually from Nadine well this is the question that we’re at we’re answering because it’s from another nation you just jump to the top of the cute girl is it common to randomly connect with people you have not formally met and is it acceptable to accept someone if you find them helpful I say yes that’s the whole idea with social media like i said if there’s someone that i have mutual connections with and they write a thoughtful note i mean for any of you listening today if you’re saying hey we listen to you on the webinar and you were so wonderful I’ll accept you if you say I listened you on the webinar and I thought it was horrible I probably not um but yeah so that’s a great way to build your network and I mean honestly for me personally I have gotten so many referrals to people that I have never met that have file of me that we’ve interacted and you honestly get to know people i mean even john and i followed each other on Twitter for a long time before we met and I felt like I knew him when I met so it’s a great way to be able to do that obviously be a little conservative in accepting people make sure that they don’t look like you know that their spam or you know that they’re in a legitimate business and they also have some mutual friends those are always kind of screeners that I use anything else John definitely i use your personal preference if you’re if you’re reaching out to someone who you don’t know as well just be as informative as you can about your interest in connecting and and just be sincere about it and and i think that will be fine linkedin linkedin used to have some problems with like spam accounts i think they’ve gotten better at weeding those out over time but just use your personal judgment so exactly and if you guys want to connect with nadine or myself via twitter or linkedin we got our contact information here and also all of Nadine’s good stuff with gopher hole and Babu social networks Nadine thank you so much for joining us I really really appreciate it thank you for having me it was a blast all right we’ll do some other announcements here this is coming to you from the University of Minnesota Alumni Association if you’d like to connect with us on Twitter here’s our twitter handle join our linkedin group search University of Minnesota Alumni Association it’s the one and only nearly 28,000 members hey let’s get over 28,000 after today with that and if you’re looking for other social media channels that were on or just all the information about us minnesota alumni dot 0 RG coming up november 21 is it time for your second act making the most of career transitions that’s going to be our next webinar being brought to you by Cathy Muldoon who’s an executive coach and you can RSVP at minnesota alumni org backslash alumni webinar series and then on december fifth we’re switching it up or we’re doing a life stage web Bernard about a world travel and it’s how to see the best of the world on your next vacation with alum Matt chua and we’re really excited about that he’s excited and again RSVP at our website and members of the University of Minnesota Alumni Association make new initiatives like this webinar series possible so thank you to each and every one of you because of our members we can enrich the lives of alumni support student success and make a better University of Minnesota so consider becoming a member today at Minnesota alumni org backslash join this is the conclusion of today’s webinar thank you for joining us and for being an active member of the worldwide community of University of Minnesota alumni and friends have a wonderful day in sky you ma..