Social Media Manager

For more Human and Recruiting Tips using
– Recruitment is now online marketing plus relationship management
– Online changes everything we know
– Social media empowers your ability to educate others

Biggest Mistakes
– Not being proactive (if you build it they will not necessarily come)
– iPhone app was a flop (too early)

Successes with Separate recruitment – optimized for engines
– Supported by social media channels
– Spread evidence of Deloitte being a great company to work for
– All High use of video from employees
– Educate recruiters and hiring managers
– Engage the entire organization to become ambassadors
– Reduce time-to-hire and cost-per-hire

How to get Started with Embrace the possibilities
– Lead by example and compose a great profile
– Measure everything you do online
– Train people internally on social media
– Decide on an internal social media strategy – get help where possible

Top Three Tips for using Social Media
1. Recruitment is a common effort – get everyone talking
2. Train everyone on the power of social media
3. Just do it – get out there and interact (not just broadcast)

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hi my name is lift for dog and I’m the co author of this book how to really use Linked.In and today I’m having an interview with Leonard slow from Deloitte welcome letter thank you very so minute and what do you do at deloitte I’m working as an online mark tier ok sir servicing to clients internally the HR okay recruitment side and business to business sorry helping Deloitte colleagues getting in contact with new potential clients okay and social media is of course the biggest factor in that show in that okay so why we hired at Des Moines was almost five years ago where there was this his manager at working at deloitte at the time and she was having an idea like the world is changing fast and we need to do things differently with our recruitment process okay and she already had a vision of recruitment is not the HR process anymore as we know it recruitment is online marketing okay and that’s why you were hired to help with the social media yeah and yeah we were a separate team separate from the recruiters as they were working okay we were keeping busy with optimizing the website and started to use social media we have no idea how to do it at that particular time but learning by doing the exactions yeah that’s the only way we found out mmm and so why is the noid so active on social media and we are firm believers of the fact that online is really changing everything as we know okay like I said our manager already had a vision of recruitment being online marketing plus relationship management okay Deloitte in the Netherlands did not have the best employer branding reputation you can imagine so we needed to show what was going on within the developed organization in the balance we are doing wonderful things but we are so good at keeping that a big secret out of a cake and social media of course empowers you okay your capabilities in doing out doing that and by helping other Saturday of course by learning and doing you probably made some mistakes can you elaborate a little bit on the biggest mistakes you made or that the team has made so far yeah the biggest mistakes are obviously getting a Facebook page and it looks wonderful and you think well now now we’re ready for it and you just start looking at it and nothing happens okay you just wait for candidates to provide but nothing it’s nothing ya know if you build it they will not come okay it’s your ocean media is hard work then we have to find out the hard way all right that’s also to what you learn yeah we learn okay and the other way is yeah we were quite early in having an iphone app iphone app where candidates could apply okay no one applied but it was like three years ago so maybe we were too early too early with them or we can think good enough about the whole process and yeah those learnings we translate that now into our mobile stretcher next to mistakes you also have a number of successes can you elaborate a little bit underneath the successes are currently that the career site is really well optimized for for it candidates so just to make sure other people were watching here you have the deloitte on tonnelle website which is the corporate website and yes and separately you have another website is for the job openings and that’s working at deloitte or reckon that the you until tonight yeah that’s correct thing yeah yeah that website is really optimized for search engines search engines also have the tendency of yeah search engines also look a bit like human beings so if a search engine can find its way over the site on the web site so does so do you will be in ok we support and website and the vacancies with our social media channels the whole idea behind the website is spreading evidence of the lord as an employer so how do you gather and evidence basically we sometimes look like journalists ok because we ask recruiters we ask people from the business on certain signals we pick up and ask them is there a photo is there a video can we make a video of it can you write a blog about it give me all the info that you have we put it on the website we share it also with on the social media channels but we always cross link the vacancies to it alright so one of the things that I saw saw on your website is that next to the vacancy you have the evidence you have the person working at the Lord telling a story of how good it is and what their daily databases the next to that you also see the coordinates of the recruiters responsible for that that’s a that team and the job openings that are available in that team straightaway so people who like that can you know apply straightaway or connect with the recruiter that’s right yeah we try to take away all the boundaries possible for the candidates so they can apply as easy as they can and they know actually who they are dealing with from the very beginning the other side of the artwork is besides gathering the information and spreading it out there is educating the recruiters culturally yeah educating the hiring managers all right and so how do you support hiring managers we show them the impact and the difference that they can make because recruitment is not only a process any more of the recruiters oh it’s like a common problem right we show that the hiring managers can make a difference if they start spreading the vacancies in their own social networks okay because in those Network there’s relevance so for example rather than just having ten recruiters doing all the work now we have four and a half four and a half thousand people yeah that’s pretty Lloyd around 24 and a half thousand people become ambassadors because they will spread also those job openings through their social image channels yeah yeah it’s hard work cuz not everybody is convinced yes but we are very persuasive we are like going to them and showing them the statistics that it really makes a difference so you can help us also hiring manager also makes a profit of that because if he or she helps sprouting the vacancies and also aligning the team with it the time to hire also reduces yeah yeah okay so that’s so they get faster than your colleagues and spread the work more within Atia as a overall benefit as a recruitment organization we are bringing the cost for hire down to really acceptable levels okay excellent so in this economical let’s say challenging times that’s also a thing to consider you have to be creative the budgets will not be the same anymore as they were 34 years ago those times are over we are facing a new reality and everyone should help getting the right people on board the fastest way it easiest way to do it is social sharing the social yeah so we talked about the hiring managers now how do you support the recruiters recruiters need to be trained constantly they are very busy doing their work we are very busy looking around what’s the later the latest developments are online all right and we train them we help them with suggestions sometimes they they come to us and they ask can you give me the statistics of the vacancies that I currently have how can we improve the traffic but how do we get also more applicants all right from online channels and the thing that we now see is that Google organic is really working well for us we are no longer using any more page upwards okay and we actually see that social media really enhances all that all of that okay so Leonard’s a lot of HR directors are you know sticking their head in the sand they don’t know they they don’t know how to use social media like Linked. In they are having fears of what should we do what you don’t we and do what once you’re taken well so you should be just be proven to be a new reality it’s not going away anymore so you might as well embrace the possibilities that it has to offer so i would suggest for everyone within every organization at least filling your linkedin profile because it’s your your business card and if you start doing that as an HR leader and you also encourage other people in your team and your surroundings to do the same you’re leading by example and if you can spread that out to watch your recruiters then you can actually measure the positive impact on your HR targets if you can measure that on your website measuring oh what’s going on all your traffic is really vital but not doing anything at all that no that’s not an option anymore okay so that’s one of the strategies on how to get it started we need to train people okay honestly training them of course using social media it’s common sense you know what you’re allowed to talk about with your colleagues and you also know that you’re forbidden to talk about certain subjects when you’re in a bar with your friends if you cannot do that face to face you cannot also not share that on social media that’s so if you train your people they know how to behave on online they become your ambassadors ambassadors will lead to new new clients but also to new employees all right so there is a different need for helping organizations with sitting out a strategy doing training and it’s a frequently update their training so they get up to date yes it was correct thank you if you have some common sense you you don’t do the stupid things all right the only stupid thing you can do is not be as effective as possible right that’s not stupid actually that’s just a way of learning yeah yeah exactly maybe before we wrap this an interview one what are your top three tips for let’s say HR directors to you know to start or to work on social media and in tinning in particulars try to get together the entire HR community put them together with the hiring managers ok because recruit that is a common effort the relevance in the network’s all day of the business people is really big ok so try to make leverage of that relevance in their networks and during the population I would say and also be out there just just do it just do it right on the regular basis communicate and way communication yeah social media is not your channel where you can broadcast the news about your organization no it’s a two way street you know it’s it’s interacting with real people so also don’t forget to spread relevance right you can not only boost your your your vacancies there but try to be open for communications because that’s something that you are not encouraging people to do is just spreading the vacancies or jump openings no all right so kayne a little bit on yeah for the hiring managers of course if J have the vacancy we say okay spread it in your social networks and showing what’s going really going on day to day basis yeah and that can be done by by blogs that your people write or with infographics on with video or photo there’s Dallas awnings yeah but always make sure that you know this piece of content that I’m spreading will cause some sort of reactions you know it needs to be a bit on the edge so if people start commenting on it you can start the interaction and you sometimes see that it all starts within the HR population there you see we can use social media to attract new talent but if you can attract new talent using social media you can also start generating business sure using it so you’re now making the leap from using that in the recruiting part but also finding your business helping managers directors partners with funny new clients using anything yep correct yeah we start on from scratch again on that site be feasible be out there you’re talking still to human beings yeah so also be interesting for to be relevant for them ask questions people ask you questions yet the interaction started excellent thank you so much for everything to your welcome and all the best and all the luck with linkedin and your business see for more information on the website if you want more of these kinds of interviews you. .