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Topics That Are Igniting – 23rd, 2011

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Oh Brian yeah he’s one of our new employees he is a matrix coordinator and yeah he’s doing a really good job um to tell you the truth I don’t know that much about him he’s pretty quiet actually think he’s kind of weird I don’t know what it is just kind of get this odd feeling yeah when I’m around him I really know how to place it what hi I’m Brian and I’m Craig and you’re watching top etc at night a weekly show where we discuss interesting developments in social media marketing today’s topics include new guidelines social media jobs college rankings and radio here Ryan yeah Craig you know when it’s a bad time to use social media when you had a few huh tell me about it ahead well this one time sorry man effective September 30th the distilled spirits council of the united states will roll out new guidelines for marketing via social media and other digital platforms develop jointly by disqus in the european forum for responsible drinking the new requirements include age gating along with instructions to forward content only two people of legal drinking age in addition spirits firms should monitor and remove inappropriate user generated content and adopt privacy policies regarding personal data collection and news wouldn’t want to get fired for not adhering to those guidelines yeah you might be looking for a new job speaking of looking for a new job I heard businesses and recruiters are looking for social media skills now more than ever what a convenient transition between topics I agree according to a study by one in analytics recruiters at direct employers and staffing firms place more than 10,000 new online job ads during the month of August that included requirements for social media skills hiring demand for this skill set up ninety four percent since August 2010 reached an all time high as additional business functions continue to implement strategies around social media that’s good to hear it is especially with all the colleges incorporating social media that’s very astute of you eed student visor calm released their fall 2011 top 100 social media colleges with John Hopkins Harvard and Notre Dame topping the list Bryan car the websites publisher said they monitor more than 2,000 colleges and universities and more than 100,000 data points to determine the rankings some effective uses include Tufts University which posts its lunch menus on twitter louisiana state university which tweets which parking spaces are available in real time and the thunderbird school of global management which has a gps f for locating alumni sounds like good news i agree you know speaking of news radio stations have been using social to enhance their programming why don’t you broadcast that story to our viewers your soap Corning got that right a recent survey from public relations services firm new generation shows emerging trends in how radio stations are integrating social media overall use of social media in the newsroom more than doubled since 2009 opinions towards social medias place in News are also changing two years ago only thirty percent felt that keeping pace with technology and social media built listener loyalty and kept them tuned in now sixty five percent feel it helps break news faster fifty eight percent believe it enhances listenership and sixty two percent feel its use provides another broadcast media well that’s it for today if you’re watching this on be sure to subscribe and if you’d like to learn more about any of the topics that we’ve discussed you can find links in the description and if you’re watching this from our blog just scroll down for more info until next time I’m Brian and I’m Craig living my social media you.