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I’m Jgsf1987, a writer and to see my latest posts go to my video on lists: Kulinski at Secular Talk brought this up and it’s just mindblowing how badly the establishment media lives in a massive bubble: Talk’s channel vote:.

hey everybody I’m Jew GSF 1987 I’m a writer a blogger and some immense books go into my blog and I’m Jill Yousef 1987 calm okay say dr.trumpet Stein thinks that he has apparently started getting the repeal bill through at least bringing it up for a debate in the Senate quote unquote but they it’s but basically it’s not going to be debated it’s just going to be run roughshod run over everybody so yeah it’s moving on to what its voting to basically have the vote at this point so there’s a lot of them so if you’re in real estate that’s represented by a Republican in the Senate call them write them email them go after them on social media whatever way you want to do it tell them hands off my hands off my health care and that if they even bother to try to if they both to pass it they’ll be primary or in some cases they’ll actually be thrown out a little they’ll be recalled from office but that remains to be seen so that’s one so that’s one thing the other thing though is that I don’t know I was watching comic Alinsky’s you know secular talk which I had a good channel I’ll throw the Langford down the description anyway he Hey putting clear actually then it’s good the Democrats there are at least know at least the congressional leadership for them I’ll finally at least talking sense in some key in some ways naturally focusing more on jobs and less on Russia and media especially in this embassy is going after them and think are his thoughts just is ah so yeah we all throw is video down listed down the description too so go with that l I’m battling anybody on on here or Falls me on Twitter for that matter but i’ma data I made a video on them periscope actually earlier I shall a live video and it is now in my Twitter feed before it gets to Barry door so I just want you to listen to what it says and and I want to give another reassurance to everybody so okay anybody who falls me on Twitter I’m gonna say this again like I did on periscope I don’t add people to list anymore I don’t find them useful but I know other users on Twitter do and they add me to list all the time personally I don’t care if it helps me get the message out to a bigger audience great that’s how I look at it but I know a number of them I’ve had a few empowers bring up the issue of um you know lists and such about and again they’re worried about the privacy hey I’m here to reassure you about one thing the list i created i’m not going to add them I’m not going to add you to them as I said before I don’t find them to be I don’t really fund them to be on that useful how ever if you are going to add me to a list I just want to say this again if you’re going to add me just bear in mind that a lot of my followers or a fairly sizable number of them actually are very very very concerned about their privacy on there so if you’re going to add me to that at least let’s keep that advance in this way be they don’t have to be you know so bombarded about everything you know what I’m gonna kill it here in jinjo simplicity something’s not in that here. .