Instagram Jobs

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okay let’s get started let me get some music drop this Oh beer stuff yes close it okay here we go first the music now let’s go into again let me show I’ll just launched the music and we can get going music music really happen tonight oh I want to do you even hear it I don’t think I set it up it does not much so what we got here we got this is the real the real thing I got like two days ago so some dude wrote me on linkedin and was like ah do you want a position of senior eyes developer that was like maybe tell me the details and it’s like in Germany of something or in London and I’m from Russia so that’s kinda nice but the idea is all that they offered me to write a small application to see my code and stuff actually it’s not that hard like at all they want me to do the Instagram on the Instagram client here was this man that features below are you spot we can surround API let’s open it okay now features great simple screen or the input where people can enter username of user and see all his posts okay after this form was submitted display a feed of all posts prompted user okay shouldn’t be too hard avoids requiring user to sign in losses to them okay that’s the tricky part and I made a little bit of research and i’ll show you how to do that next is on the landing screen and parallax background with faces of all search users foot in distance okay that’s pretty tricky but we will see what we can do about this then infinite scrolling pull to refresh okay error handling animations okay I’ll tap a photo and reach separate screen where you can see this photo on top and comments below so that’s basically what are details like an Instagram you tap on further it opens and you can see you can like it you see the camels stuff like this and autocomplete of user name so you can search so what do they require they want us to support us aight that’s pretty excellent because at the moment i think the production strives for RS 7 yes it’s still a lot of devices on our seven now cash what can be cashed we will have this mostly automatically so we don’t we don’t have to bother much about this place load images that’s fine implement any design you like we don’t care as long as it works ok I’m not designer self spent no more than 12 hours on it ok we will try but I think it will be much better yeah and do keep your work private now that there is any sure that but yeah you can’t actually sent challenges to guys by email and expect any privacy so yeah we’ll leave it.