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yo bro opportunity to ask question asker when we chose this is amazing Gary who following motherfucker hey Gary its Mattias eric AKA @m Sheldon Keefe from Germany just got a quick question I just saw that my new channel and block and I’m putting out content in German and English how would you manage multilingual content in social media thanks for your answer mati rasa an amazing amazing video big ups to you I’m glad to give you some exposure in here make sure you leave a comment in facebook as well to like get more fans out of this because clearly you’ve got a nice buzz going um not buzz like alcohol like I mean like that buzz like not buzz like I drink wine all the time when you’re not looking I mean I mean a buzz like you’ve got some good energy look I think I think you know how to handle this better than I do there’s certain questions that come along the show that the truth is I’m not a practitioner in I haven’t managed I mean our brands have and I would say the one thing that I would think a lot about is if you’re handling them in two languages really use the capabilities of Facebook specifically that allow you to only target people that are you know German speaking with the content and an only english speaking huge opportunity there obviously english is a universal language and a lot of places at this point so there’s something to think about their but i think it’s the targeting capabilities in with instagram getting Facebook’s targeting capabilities late this year i think you’ll have a chance where you’re able to segment properly and plan where your contents going by language and region I think that’s super important so I would say that i would say that at it you know it’s the organized planning up front of the distribution of the content that you have more flexibility around in today’s world that you should take full advantage of there’s a lot of platforms that you can’t pinterest twitter things of that nature and there i think you’re just you’re doing your thing i’ve seen a ton of people manage both i’m a big fan of something with brands here talk called Spanglish you know which is x Panish english i’m a very very intrigued by some of the work we’ve done for latino brands where we start a sentence in a tweet in spanish and then finish it in English have you tried the German English play yet where you actually are putting out content that has both languages in it in the post and the copy hacker little bit there I think I just gave a lot of people a good little nugget there I think that will work i think you’ll see a real over indexing opportunity there especially with the youth who are playing in both languages and who group who grew up in households where like I did with Russian and English you start a sentence in Russian and you finish it in English that’s how a bilingual works and I think you should play with that.