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Sheryl Sandberg Gives Her Personal Philosophies about ‘Lean In’ while Maxine Williams Discusses Diversity Integration as it Aligns with the Global Market.

haha you blast Oh baby miss totalbiscuit you her pic disregard I’m really well this is using long ago we are really going that you hear an hour yeah pretty long year long for you Facebook will know about today we’re very pleased to welcome Sheryl Sandberg to how our universities Sandberg can you had I via Facebook and I started with a month ago but the whole point is that there are jobs and in their candidates and we just have to find a way to get the right candidates been right he students like comment question because we love Tim you have a facebook meet our linen my question fear would be seeing that you had somewhat of you a unique paths to learn more right now what advice would you give someone that’s aspiring to not necessarily take that path to just practice mall but you know to do something innovative creative but still within that path I mean facebook is a company that kind of funds that you know in value you know creativity and Melanie but for me as I’m looking out into my career future I’m kind of wondering well where do I go what do I do what kind of advice would you get in terms of you know creating that ideal or finding that ideal job rich other this in my book and I think these are folks we must’ve brought visit our bags I’ll video I’m gonna go to top trend that’s where I talked about thinking about a career as a jungle gym monitor and that’s really important to the chipper major studying law and you’re not sure to want to practice all right that the obvious place to go is a lot for emporiums Council but if you want a different hat and I really urge that the days of joining one company in retirement goal watch are long gone there’s a lot more mobility on your floors and if I think of people is to really look for opportunities and a little bit counter intuitively don’t worry about the level that are in it it’s interesting both of the jobs i took an hour i thought this in the book tour that you can bowl a new facebook are actually lower in the level than any other authors from you I was a Treasury when I came out of Treasury I had you know bigger jobs with bigger of titles and companies and if people i went into being a director did exist and people said you’re going down and I said well I don’t have any skills I’ve never been in technology I want to get my foot and then when I might love google I’m went to facebook i went into set for two and anywhere else i wouldn’t live in i would have been the CEO but for me I wanted to work on something that was probably anticipating so my answer is have a long view don’t worry about you know because if you are coming out of law school and you want a business side job you don’t always get credit for the three years you spend you sometimes have to take something that maybe someone to take out what around but if you have a history to think long term you know if you’re going to work in the workforce connects for juniors does it really matter get your foot in the door on something that’s growing enjoy with it we have really complex problems to solve and the more people with different perspectives you bring together to apply them into those problems or better solutions he’s looking for the best people dry apart I want to know why do you think one of those stereotypes are enormously dangerous stereotypes for something physiologist call stereotype threat stereotype threat means that the more you are aware of a stereotype and more you’ll act in its importance so when we told girls they’re not good at math and science you remind girls right before the table maths test to check on how they do is check out anything more selections if you tell girls on the way and also really well in this math test they do that and so systematically because we were keeping within successful and leaders are men it also is true grace we are systematically biased and people who don’t work very expected to limoges efficient and so when men and women perform the same model everybody including those people we remember the male’s performance slightly higher and the woman’s performance and so when it comes time to sit at a table I think they’ve done a matter we’ve been in more men sit at the table we also you know we’re systematically biased from early ages so mother’s not just father too modest we overestimate our summit strongly and underestimate our daughters growing you go into the schools we systematically claw on your boys to girls so since very young ages these women have been systematically underestimated compared to men so it comes time to kick your seat do you feel you belong every woman put on average the data super clearance it that’s what’s happening and what leenon is trying to do with my book and the foundation make us aware these biases because we cannot fix what we don’t get it people are afraid people are frightened talk about gender pick up a chocolate face people think if you mention any of these things you’re going to get all kinds of trouble well not talking about it is getting us to really right now which is not better instead of that’s the joking and is that we need to talk about this let’s talk about the fact that you know there are 500 fortune 500 CEOs 22 remove five or african american men one is an african american 500 that’s not good enough but unless we are willing to talk about the bias as all of those people face we will not change them and so the civet table is part of surfacing at night when we understand that having a diverse perspective in critical early you know the fact that Facebook has 1.2 billion users no we expected a group and those people don’t know about this my other one is right which is the set at the table but metaphorically and reality literally sitting these people everywhere I get every meeting I walk into every business meeting I’ve ever been to at the same level and then and when is it literally a table of elitism stops when this is about finding a horse I think about how often you’re sitting at a meeting the same and the woman says X and then it’s repeated by bands like she never said it cuz I never tell all of ya Helen right right and it’s like he’s the reference point and you said nothing and that is a perfect example of that stereotypical and that happens for two reasons one is that we all remember the man but the other one and I did a research is clear on this is that women apologize before they say mm hmm the man is both systematic bias even if the man i’m going to take exactly the same way we will move in but what also happens is a lot of times the man says what kind of attacks and the woman says well I’m not sure but there it is and so they’re not seeing with that same party and their boys in common and confidence confidence is enormous via self fulfilling prophecy leadership is a self fulfilling from a single one of the reasons I wrote lean it is my daughter she was four I played a song for presidents day while the American presidents and she looks like mommy why are there oh it’s how it does it makes you believe convention as you notice in a longer to get establishment companies or corporations understanding the coward soon as I know what HTC news can produce quality now that we won that is your job to be that quality that we wanna see Sam and so we need you to be your best so that we can she was talking with the facebook right hi Frankie Germany her son’s five years old said to her watch me Chancellor I’m not a girl the potential Brooklyn fielding leader he’s ever known now hook her up and he’ll realize he’s perfectly as a great opportunity hi my name is Tommy Perkins and my question realities we talked about the importance of measuring exactly one of the things I noticed on leadership an hour is that men are really great about bringing someone else at the table and I think women I think we have that ability that I don’t pass so I hold right a whole chapter on that to y’all are getting all the main point that’s how I think that it puts a rural chapter 9 mentor is huge we like people that look like house that means that mostly what men are the power they are mentoring mostly white white men is how and so on and one of the most important thing is that it’s pushing our foundation lovely forward member of DC days to sitting right here next to me and she’s what line is is is what we call me moon circles so the data is really strong at pure mentoring is actually just as good as mentoring above you I think about my life my mentors told me not to go to the movies but is my peers you like those are good jobs to go there and everything from microcredit to health groups to book clubs to weight loss really shows us how powerful he remembers to me I’m announcing today on the stage here the launch of Arlena in campus program we are hoping to find great people like you all men include it we always but then ought to jump in and help be lean in campus viewers and form an intership circles and then you know 10 people who agree to meet once a month to support each other we also work hard with companies and all of our partners to explain to them we need to mentor women in one of the things again my thing is I want to surface the things no one’s willing to talk about here’s what no one’s willing to talk about and then the man alone in a room at work looks like mentoring I was wondering well first of all think it’s really great that you initiated this director of diversity position I think it’s really off them and I was just wondering as to I guess what went into that decision and what inspired the creation of that position in kind of what that position would entail so I guess either of the connections yeah well I give its entailing the position but you can name it it’s a great part so my messages on the first musician are really simple we should want more women or people of color not because we’re getting something for someone else but because it’s better for our bottom line we know that when we take full talents the population don’t perform institutions outperform so this is business and my entire industries we need linen community work people with all kinds of backgrounds because we are serving today looking around and how do you serve those people in our contest doesn’t represent the way we’ve hired to mostly has been posting jobs and people finding on cinema you’re going to don’t find us as much if you don’t mind us as much so we’re now coming to you basically it’s what’s happened and so so you talked about getting a seat at the table so for your executive young as 5 music ends at us with no experience how do you advise us to get a seat at that same to be noticed so the first thing I would say is that the most important thing coming out of school it’s actually picking what tape picky picky and you’re picking your industry sticking your table but you want to do something really know anything about and you hopefully wanted to something that’s expanding right the best career decision you can meet is actually go to a good opponent expand because I matter how good you are I’m feeling companies are shrinking they’re shrinking and there’s fewer opportunities a lot of qualified people to do it and when fielding companies are expanding their expanding probably the best decision I need coming out of government was going to technology and it sounds obvious now but it didn’t in 2001 when there were no jobs there’s a huge so at first your all good trust me and people thought it was crazy but I really believe in time to run it doesn’t have to be tacky can be something you love but I tell people really pick an industry who loves start there and then they could run there’s a growing part in memory you know there’s a place where chosen next thing I would say is really when you’re first coming out as much as you want to focus on the table focus on building the skills think I can you’re probably not gonna lot of business your first year ? stop the burden you drop out and started mmmm I wasn’t that talented but there are skills you can bet we’ll get you another thing I talk about is take jobs especially for people where there are times as an undersized minorities women take jobs potential measurable pick sales from sales jobs are drinking not enough people take them especially from united citizen schools like our sales jobs are awesome because for success can be can we measure and life is really a lot really is kind of counterintuitive I open people talk enough about in business for maybe they do here I haven’t met a lot of business school students we’re trying to get sales jobs many sales jobs nearly raped a woman alone in a room looks like sixty four percent of managers the united states that are afraid to be alone we will need mental alone in a room with people and so if we don’t start systematically be honest about the fact that every time a mandatory will heart alone together it doesn’t need something wrong faculty who can’t get them solian works with students to formulated circles I don’t want you to wait around for someone to mentor you I want me to Detroit Opera because you can do that and we work with companies and institutions to encourage them together the mentorship you need so I hope you join us it’s really important to think about gathered as much data as you can those first few years out kind of visceral thing about picking your table and it’s hard to know until you experience it and so you go into a position or an opportunity thinking okay these are the things I like these are the areas that I want to focus on and you experience it and you gather more data and if that’s the right place then you can grow and expand and if not then you have to experience a neutral xpedx opportunity which is a rifle and just continue to gather more information to find mastery of channel is that was what I wanted to do a hundred percent I’d set my whole college career for that and within a month I realized it’s not a fix for me but I stuck it out it is really valuable when I was a business school when all of our classmates were trying to get jobs on Wall Street I already have that experience and I knew that one mentioned how they are we were implementing some you can touch us for loss two minutes but it’s just in general and i was wondering from your perspective what do you think are some key qualities to focus on develop when we’re noticing starting paradigm shifts and hiring criteria priorities i look for people who are going to solve problems not raise them raising it is great and we want people to be honest with people who have a track record of solving problems and we look for leadership and we’ve shown it you’re one of the leaders a yes you shown that which is great but I think Lena and SAR foals are really great mean an opportunity for you agree the inner structures anything you want very very you but i also look hard for people who want to get their hands dirty particularly coming out of business it’s not just people manage other people’s people wanted to real work i would poster my office that has two new dirty hands and the person and it says the future belongs to those of us to millington our hands dirty so you know the CEO of facebook but i do recruiting on my own I handle sales I used to do sales calls I still do deals we really care about people who are willing to get in there and do real work we never want to hire people just want manager people doing stuff because you know we want generals who are there with their troops because if you’re going to be a great manager and leader you need to do the work along and I think showing that you are willing to do anything we talked about Facebook is playing low and playing hot I don’t know I’m the COO I come here I give big speeches but you know what marks my boss and sometimes I have to bring gatorade for him because if he doesn’t have gatorade it’s like blood sugar goes down it doesn’t go as well and so I literally walk around my first with Gatorade not about that if I’m whatever takes to get the meeting to go well whatever it takes to get the job done I’m willing to do and I think people are willing to stay low and say hi make a huge many times and everywhere we’re in corporate America we are told that you have to be one hundred percent better than one hundred and fifty percent better plan and one of the things that I love in your book let’s get it done don’t be perfect or something oh that it’s done is better than perfect accent I love that done is better than perfect but when you know Twitter and especially for folks coming into the corporate world and they’re seeing as the expectations are came to be super perfect but it doesn’t give them the ability to feel we’re fielding handy talk about that what about here sounding the daily business works and then figuring out how diversity can be as I said an asset to that so obviously the biggest asset is our people and we wanted people to be brightest ones would understand business and being able to reflect what the people use the product line so my job is to understand the company really well and at the building strategies that we need to do three things like that one is to communicate well around diversity so what is it message how do people understand diversity because the way you understand it will influence the approach we want everyone in facebook to be a champion of diversity and ambassador right so we want to be sure that we have the message try to be understanding because too often people think in a business will be told what I’m used to be talking about lowering standards many people in just because of their general just because a very tricky for seeing that as an asset so we want to get an internet message and then we want to actually recruit more I know of these people because we think your accent on file and then ultimately and this is we want to make sure we cultivate that talent so it’s not enough to get them in the door we don’t have an environment that will for them and that will build them because you want more leaders right so it’s a sort of a I I think of three main buckets and we want to try to put them to strategically and systematically so you can fill them off the scale because facebook is actually a bit in a lot of students you use it a lot but people often say there are people working at this one maybe a post Amanda scan it goes up maybe there for people everywhere maybe you saw the movie not like a billionaire like 20 guys in neuro but it’s not like that anymore actually to get something posted and seen by all of those people really quickly to work that will usually it takes a lot so we needed a lot of different minds looking at it we want to make sure to target base people want to comfortable are my biggest advice along with getting your hands dirty is done is better so most organizations must law firm to us businesses miss companies mess institutions they don’t feel by doing too much they fail by doing to them right no good thing about how to companies fail probably institution they almost never fail by doing too much those stories are favored far between but they fail by moving too soon by doing too little and so I don’t do anything perfectly charlton the one person works director in the effacement of town yeah boy we got some big gaps else was divided but I don’t do anything for me but if identity groped me I would do nothing because I would be like oh my god this has to be perfect so you know literally people human fast and are willing to do things and and that’s what we’re looking for in most of our institutions do too little we are worried if facebook fails we are not going to fail by doing too much we are going to fail they getting out innovated by three probably men who are in a garage somewhere that’s how we’re going to fail and you look at the history and I think really understanding that you don’t have to be perfect you have to keep getting up to that so important and I would just add to that I think that you also have to be mindful of the stereotypes that people will project on you that’s the video helpful to be as perfect as you can and then you have established the credibility so that you can be more creative you can be more quickly you know you can take a more leeway to come up with better ideas that may not always other people may come up with ideas about different things and that’s great you come up with those ideas but you have to from day one make sure that you are sending an incredible perception of healthy for the past 12 15 years or so for me to explode from you know college kids rending each other to a real commercial space in a market sector my question for you is this as social media becomes mainstream and becomes a real economic powerhouse what role do you see social media playing and empowering formerly or currently under Drew’s oh it’s huge it’s why I do this job and I’ll talk about on the Standish name you know you think about the world before social media in order to have distribution to have your voice heard you need to be rich famous on a TV station facebook it’s every single person for free voice right everyone can publish to the world of somethings catch on in some don’t but the fact that we give voice to people who were historically not empowered is huge and you see that across large stocks and population I mean I remember when Barack Obama was running he was very divisive Nicole the Facebook candidate and remember that he was Facebook him and that was not a compliment at the time we were cheering really yes he is and he’s gonna win because he is using his voice that really authentic quick you look at it at SMB its small businesses no businesses drive our economy it small businesses important recommend installing this is employed information Zoe how do you start in market a bit specific before you had to buy TV ads now even going to facebook ads for five bucks and so these tools which are given to everyone for free which are replacing very expensive distribution of its are so important for women to my advantage and my last question for you today is if you could be doing anything other than running the mammoth at a company which well I do you for what I’m doing which is fun for falling for you I i really love facebook as i love how we get bored everyone rich for whether you’re born early in the hills of africa and you get a cell phone or good born and you know kids in New York City we get the list and I really believe that the new devotional our dealership products really and it’s not happening the numbers are not moving up for women and not letting up with people of color fast enough and so the ability to work on facebook and the ability to work on me name with amazing women music mixing it makes a huge difference I feel like I’m doing exactly why and the thing says Adam always not every child is perfect not every part of being at Facebook or even every part penis perfect I take the good with the bad that’d be good but over the years I’ve worked my way into stuff I just and happier to the workforce believe in you will too you’re getting the best education of one of the country’s leading schools you can do anything you set your mind to do it sometimes you have to start more junior like I didn’t tip but it’s for thank you guys reservoir of opportunities and finances you you it was all one more head on it said women taking over the Senate I feel like calling up all those journalists and sea doos twenty percent is not a tickle especially for a group of 40 50. .