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would you like to get paid up to thirty five dollars per hour to do simple jobs on Facebook and Twitter thousands of people just like you are already making great money with social media jobs now it’s your turn these are real jobs for real businesses that pay you to maintain and update their Facebook Twitter and profiles and they are hiring right now as you know businesses of all sizes are getting a presence on social media sites right now think of how many business profiles you have seen on facebook and twitter for all types of business right from the big giants like mcdonald’s and coca cola down to your local hardware store every business is trying to get attention on social media sites and get more fans likes tweets and followers all of this takes time knowledge and persistence which many business owners are short on because they are busy with the day to day running of their businesses so they are outsourcing all of this work on the social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter to other people these people are called social media managers and right now it is the most in demand job in the world ok so what exactly is a social media manager and how can you become one just a year or two ago the job of social media manager didn’t exist in fact this whole job category is still so new that you can’t even study or learn how to do it anywhere no universities offer degrees in it no schools have classes about it there are no training certificates available yet social media jobs are the fastest growing job category in the world according to ink magazine ninety one percent of all businesses are attempting to use social media to promote themselves that means that there are hundreds of millions of businesses worldwide that are either right now or soon will be looking to hire a social media manager for their business just take a look at how many jobs are posted on this one site for social media manager positions in fact experts are estimating that the demand for social media managers may be as high as 10,000 one which gives you a pretty darn good chance of getting hired just take a look at this article from AOL jobs full time salaries for social media managers range from forty five thousand dollars to six figures and hourly rates can be as high AST two hundred dollars per hour that means that the current supply of social media managers can’t possibly meet the demand from small businesses if this seems crazy to you just think of how many businesses from your local area that you have seen advertising on facebook creating Twitter accounts promoting through facebook fan pages putting videos on social media marketing is huge right now and it is creating demand for a lot of social media manager jobs so who do you think they are hiring for all of these jobs there are thousands of university graduates flocking out of school applying for these positions because they don’t exist very few other professionals or marketing agents have any experience with social media marketing or social media jobs and no one is formally trained in how to do these jobs so where does this leave all of these millions of businesses who are looking to hire social media managers to help out with their social media marketing businesses are hiring people just like you to work for them on a part time basis to help them with their social media marketing almost all of the people getting hired for these social media jobs online are people just like you who have no experience with marketing of any kind have never worked in social media before and until just before they got hired they had never even heard of a social media manager there are millions of businesses worldwide looking to hire people just like you to help them with their social media activities most of these social media jobs do not require you to be highly technical or have years of marketing experience heck no one has years of experience being a social media manager because the job hasn’t even existed for that long most of the jobs that you will be doing basically involve you managing the social media profiles for businesses such as their Facebook page Twitter profile and account and helping the business to engage more with their customers whilst that is it in a nutshell there is of course more to it if you want to be really successful with it and make serious money you have to know where to find the jobs how to apply for them what to say in your application the types of work you will be expected to do how to actually do the work how to get paid etc.