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I know you’re sitting on some tea I know you’re sitting on some tea what’s going on y’all this your boy Justin J yeah I know what that is his tea session time and surprised let me go get this tea out the way the stuff that’s been going on we know we really doing no tea we just got a couple things going on I want to talk about and some new things that I would be doing next week so y’all make sure you all stay tuned cuz I got a lot of stuff to tell you about first of all let’s go on get into it the other day Michelle got with Michelle Williams from discharge Dre and they started a hashtag called poor Michelle and they just started talking about you know making jokes about I mean Michelle we was being like the lesser in the group the fact that they tried like only when they did to perform it the beauty was they said they try to get her HIV by giving making her dance on Magic Johnson that shit was not funny or what else was it I’m laughing apparently what was the other one arm when beyonc√© and Kelly were looking at the computer looking at Beyonce’s something she was working on and Kelly can barely see it like they were just they were just doing all kind of stuff and somebody’s shit was funny somebody’s shit was funny you have to admit something she was funny but y’all do be kind of me so y’all be hard on poor Michelle baby but you know what that’s just how it is you know we people just poke fun it’s not fun into it’s about you but Michelle this is all I got my share of Twitter time I some you know poor Michelle that’s not but um that’s not what my accountant told me like Michelle their comeback was to me that was wack you just to me Michelle just just ignore this shit a king does not a king and a queen does not recognize foolishness like that you like you just don’t pay attention you don’t talk about that stuff out in public when you’re a public figure like that you’re going to get your ass talked about that’s just what’s going to happen you know people are they don’t think you’re human okay they don’t know that you’re hearing they don’t know that that’s the hurt sometime and you know sometimes I can be victim of this stuff sometime to you know we’re doing it and receiving him but I just take it like it is I don’t care I dragged myself let me share you for you to respond and sit up here and say ah time with my counselor girl we know you got money but the shit steal fun at the end of the day like girl come on Michelle to it I like come on give this these whack a throw it like and you just make it worse when you do this shit you just make it fucking worse so just Michelle just ignore the shit ignored she move on girl read your Bible and do whatever you got to do okay shut up candy birds for getting married and I don’t think this what’s today is Friday so she should be getting married anytime today she will be married to Todd Tucker and I’m so happy for her I don’t know what mom majora spit ball I’m not gonna drag mama Julie I don’t know what mama Joyce how’s she feeling hopefully you know she’s fine because you know I’m don’t let your child make mistakes you just got to you just you got to let your if that’s not a good decision let her do it but um I think can it are gonna be good I can see them building their empire even bigger okay since we talked about arm stuff and we’re getting to all the kind of T let cuz some of my people asked me how’s the job thing going the job thing is going very very well I am really loving what I’m doing as you all know either way back to serving and it’s just really really fun I would tell y’all where I work here especially people who watch me who stay in Memphis but I don’t know right now we’re gonna have to see because I’m not trying to help I don’t know if I wanna have the many people in my face like that I don’t I would like if they come in I’m course I’m gonna speak but I just not y’all know I ain’t tryin to hear no minutes but I’m loving my job it’s really nice it’s not a corporate environment so I don’t have to worry about certain things like I’m so used to the corporate stuff like you can’t do this the customer’s always right this isn’t there which is true but sometimes the customers can get irate leg ain’t real stupid in it and it’s not good when management can’t have your back when a customer is calling you all kind of names and stuff so I really love it I’m really loving the job it’s just really fun I don’t feel like I’m working I feel like I’m just having a good time and one of my closest best friends got me there she works there too so I am enjoying every minute of it I know there is no drama going on if the job somebody’s a job drama not right now not right now the people don’t know I do videos um I have not talked about it too much I don’t know if I want to because I want to be able to be shady and stuff but you know once I get in and people know who I am and all that kind of stuff and done otherwise might not necessarily know who I am from or whatever but people know that you know he’s a cool guy he’s funny as hell then I can start you know talking about a little bit more but I got to ease my way in you know I got to get used to stuff so it’s been really fun it’s been really fun um it’s going really good just the I guess um expecting the worst but it’s it’s really fun and that’s all I got on that no snow job drama at all but moving on swiftly profession let me tell you something miss right okay you have took your happy pussy ass and had a relationship or whatever you want to call it with mr.Matthew knows okay you had a baby with him knowing damn well that he was married to Tina no you knew that okay and now you know had a baby and you begin $12,000 a month or something and they cut your damn child support to 2000 some girl let me tell you something you can’t make it off for $2,400 your ass needs to go sit the fuck down okay and close the goddamn casket if you cannot survive off for 2400 hours a fucking month just from child support you have a serious problem time I said you finna be in a damn homeless shelter girl you need to get it together your ass was not fucking caring you you didn’t bring up your brother Beyonce name that’s on you get the story out there a little bit more but after Beyonce and Solange Pedro is dust bingo like I can’t believe they’re letting me go let me tell you something for the people who are even mad at me on since lunch because she didn’t they’re not get involved they’re probably not ready for that whereas we they’re probably not ready for that this is somebody who broke up their relationship what has something some kind of doing with the relationship with their mother and father of course they’re not going to just be lovey dovey and all that kind of stuff and embrace they’re not they’re probably not ready and they’re you and they have every right not to even respond to this shit but this miss right stop preying on the fact that you think that you deserve something you knew what the fuck you were getting into and you thought that man was gonna come take care of your ass and he didn’t he puching around Texas with another damn woman you need to get your damn life take them 24 miles go get you a damn job and do something honey you better get on some stamps or something $24 a lot of damn money some people bring it in 1500 hours a month and have three kids so gonna get your damn life and shut the hell up I don’t what the fuck was you doing with T’s $12,000 at first that you were getting they were cut you need to cut the damn bullshit okay and I don’t want to talk about this duster hole no more moving on regulations that’s what I want to talk about I know a lot of people don’t know too much about the army but the army to put out some new regs and they were just talking about the fact that um black like it was some of the regulations are crazy they’re basically saying something about the tattoos you can’t have save certain tattoos which I understand uh you know you if you do have those tattoos you’re not gonna be an advanced in rank to me what they’re doing with this is they’re just trying to put bullshit a little bit more district for the people who do not love the army who don’t really care gonna get the fuck out okay and I’m not saying that’s cuz it would it affected me at all because I’m not just a tattoo person I just don’t believe in having tattoos for myself I just the pain it’s not worth it to me I just don’t but the regulations stupid now the ones about the black women hair the hair to mess them you know you can’t have braids you can’t have twists I think that it’s crazy because a lot of these new styles that are trending now I’m not gonna I think it’s gonna be long term I think it’s gonna be long term because it’s like less chemicals and black women hair like it’s they don’t have to do all this in series they don’t have to do all this stuff do you know the upkeep and stuff and not just I think that that’s crazy that the arm is coming down because I would rather for a woman have braids and you know twist your ass and stuff you know they don’t have to put chemicals and stuff in them and chemical products in their hair or whatever not saying that all chemical products you know you can get some stuff to relax your hair I guess I don’t know shit about no here I’m just telling you how I feel but I just think it’s kind of it is kind of racist not I just don’t think the army is paying attention like I just I think that what the army military period needs to kind of take consideration that we’re not win a 21st century and some of this stuff is just crazy as hell and you know people be the same way and it’s stormy every battle has to be any guest gets true or nothing but I don’t have to be in it but you need us okay so start there bullish like out on me because y’all need people because we can’t win wars and we can’t protect our country without people so stop with that bullshit what else is going on I just I just think it’s crazy I got a couple of female friends who are still in the military some who not now the concept for me I’m glad I left because it was the National Guard was very stressful it was the good old boys system and all that kind of stuff meaning they weren’t taking care of certain people but anyway we’re not talking my did she did this some bullshit moving on congratulations I cannot think of the guy’s name now he got into uh he was accepted to eight Ivy League colleges all eight of them okay all right of eight of them and it was just amazing I thought that was really really good and then the whole story hit what was that the whole story hit um what’s the name they play read it like read it is like a website for like prejudiced behavior racist stuff and all that kind of stuff this it’s like the KKK of arm builder stick ally okay I called it bitter bitch ally okay y’all lipstick girl all this shit this is just like the KKK version of it and they were just saying well I got this some people are saying wait why I got the same ran I got a hate higher than ASAT and all that kind of stuff so I can’t I can’t get it like shut the hell up sometimes it’s not about you as a person have all the book sense in the world and you still won’t be you can have all the knowledge but some of y’all that have all the knowledge just seem to forget you a fucking robot some y’all be having these degrees these certificates and all this kind of shit but you don’t have the experience and you don’t have the dry and you just think things to him to you like everybody can’t survive in their kind stuff just because you got a match masters in a certain field doesn’t mean you’re going to be the right person for the job because it’s that person it might not have that master’s degree but has that what a social degree or bachelors who has to drive to do it to get this stuff done and I don’t think people understand I’m really tired of people always seem to think this education is very important don’t get me wrong but some of you all that be really educated y’all just seem to like everybody that’s everybody’s under you that you don’t have it at the end of goddamn day that shit means fucking really nothing at the end of goddamn day okay because it’s plenty of people out here that have all kind of degrees and can’t get a goddamn job so ain’t shit guaranteed there are people like Beyonce people associated Beyonce all the time cuz she don’t have a high school diploma the bitch makes she got plenty of money and money doesn’t mean everything in all that kinda stuff but she’s happy hahaha she is very happy what she’s doing and at the end of the thing that’s what it’s all about being happy not about getting all this work all this damn material shit but being happy there are poor people who make less than $30,000 a year are happy happy and I had a discussion the other day one of my friends sometimes I wish I was living in the motherland because think of it like this even though like people in Africa might look at some of the shit that we do is crazy because to be honest we’re all slaves almost are we had to work to survive I would rather live in a place where what you know the work I did made me live like I just need food and you know and a roof of my head all that kind of stuff all this materialistic shit that we are tracing to get is killing some of us and Hanson’s depressed really really bad so and we look at the people in Africa like oh my god but act is a beautiful country beautiful country of course they have their problems with you know aids and other kind of stuff and war and you know not water but it is placing that people don’t go to this so you know we can’t look at just the stuff that we have seen and think that covers everybody because that’s not every black person does not act the same and every white person does that and every applicant is not the same so I like it just kind of it’s uh that’s a difficult subject that I don’t it’s supposed to be T but y’all know how I get yeah I know I won’t go everywhere I want to but let’s go turn it up a minute but since we’re in 11 minutes of the video Monday I do show will be returning next week there’s urban on radio urban spring radio will be turning I will be with I will be returning on an urban spring radio I will be doing a segment on I will be doing a segment on Monday which is your dear Justin J okay dear Justin J is what I will be doing I think I’m going to it was it’s gonna be set up in the email as dear Justin J okay that’s what’s gonna be dear Justin j @ gmail. com and I’m going to take I’m gonna be reading these live on the air every Monday I think at 6 6 central 7:00 Eastern all that kind of stuff it’s gonna be very interesting just that’s what we’re gonna be doing Monday Mondays every Monday and it’s gonna start next Monday and you can email me at dear Justin chain probably dear Justin J 12:30 to at gmail. com and then we were I would be answering you know doing the worst name all on the air and other kind stuff and taking calls that kinda stuff I don’t know how this is gonna go but I’m interested in doing it I’m something like an advice column for an hour I think it’s gonna be really fun I’m enjoying it and the teeth yes teeth I will be returning and I will be on there by myself I can’t wait it will be the same time since o’clock central of 7:00 Eastern every Wednesday I cannot wait why be taking calls we’ll be talking about tea and all that kind of stuff it’s gonna be different from the advice column which is gonna be on Mondays I cannot I cannot wait because I love talking to y’all I cannot wait I cannot cannot I just cannot and all the information is gonna be in the description box for you go to early spring radio like their Facebook page all of them on Twitter for all the other shows that are urban spring radio all the kind of stuff and I just can’t wait gonna be very interesting so why we’re talking about there because I can’t wait to go in detail more reads next week but let’s go on talking about Kenya Moore whore holding up the damn phone lies the number one phone line so her ass can call about being bumped on the damn here and if anybody ain’t seen my Instagram video of me making fun of her that shit but fun is here Kenya Moore the fact that you were just like she hit me in my head and were fighting me you sound like a helpless s toddler and you are grown as fucking woman you should be ashamed of your damn self number one is for emergencies when you’re scared were like what you’re scared to death but not necessary skip your life is in danger okay your life was not in danger you were being petty as hell and you know what you ain’t and I’m not you could have called the damn the dispatch okay the little other number the police number not nine when one that’s on the progress I know some of y’all Kenya Moore fans when chicken cow and she can call yes she can call but she should have fucking called the damn dispatch and she has secured it there so Kenya you got your ass whooped okay and you’ve been selling woof tickets after damn frame and somebody went up to the cash register and cash their motherfucking in on your ass and you was just not ready and I’m not condoning violence but I’m not gonna say that you did deserve or did not deserve it it’s just anybody is and you you got your hands bumped and call me as a bitch and she a bitch is back Kenya honey have you seen him here and just keep you been harassing this girl for the last two damn season and you can you just been making jokes and all the kind stuff you think that girl was gonna check your ass and I kept telling y’all I kept telling y’all that this shit happen I kept telling cuz let me tell you something everybody kept saying ken you ain’t can you ain’t get whooped in push you’re too small in that didn’t happen portion smile and you the blonde sir better that I knew that shit happen and I said I was going wait I’m fucking I’m able to talk about it and what happened fucking down a fucker die liebe came out of his coma and he did a bullshit story about utensils no shade I never uh but the utensil story was interesting but it wasn’t just to come back that we were expecting but he did on the blog about Kenya Moore and Porsha whatever the beef and shit that happen and I just got my life I told y’all y’all what’s so funny little argue about some shit like and and people I had to block to people too because they kept talking about the shit like taking up I don’t like Kenya ass I don’t like her she’s a conniving bitch okay but I like her ass on the show but I don’t like her as a person and I can read and talk about her ass as much as I want to if you don’t like it don’t watch my ass when I talk about Kenya ass okay cuz I’m not gonna say too many good things about her because she’s just not a good person I’m gonna read and talk about hands and you host will deal okay not the ones who are you know I’m talking about you know who you motherfuckers are y’all be pressed and shit try and tell me about Kenya Moore ass I don’t give a good goddamn it bitch ain’t paying my damn because I know damn allegiance okay I don’t have to salute that nappy face a a bitch but moving on Swift and professionally the shit was just funny I can’t wait to see it I’m apparently Real Housewives now gonna be returning with the reunion cuz I this next episode gonna be so bullshit the reunion supposed to be shown on April 2 xx and Sons out there I cannot wait I might take off work because I want to see it’s gonna be punished shit I just can apparently uh the housewives are banding together to protect on Porsha speech because it’s in danger of wilting okay I just I don’t know what to say I know how this gonna work out and other kind of stuff but it would make a good storyline if Porsha was to come back because we would want to know what happened with their situation at all that cancer that’s in if Kenya Moore whore ass don’t be petty and sitting here and file a restraining one on the girl so we’re gonna know I think they pray they probably give Kenya a little bit of more money just like a we don’t give you an incentive to their Porsha come back because it’s going the it’s gonna be off the damn chain it’s easy if they let her go back and like I’ll keep saying we’re poor she doesn’t need to come back at Doncaster but think of the shit that will happen she would actually help a storyline and King you can stop acting like she wants to have a goddamn baby so I mean we is killing two birds with one stone and that’s all I get let’s talk to like Tom Mouse King yes cuz the more I talk about the more I want to watch my damn face but moving on oh yeah I took my one thing Nene had did somebody Nene drunk ass was leaving of some restaurants mushishi with her husband grid and they asked her about the shit and baby Nene shade the air said that she was sick of Kenya ass and she would read it for her fake booty to go that shit was funny it was hilarious but get into the skinny being on Netflix it’s a gay film it’s pretty decent I liked it I watched the other night um you awesome you our love Dustin wrongs to death I like Dustin he does videos thing all kind of stuff he was in there I’m hit a little roll in there and he’d be really good at Dustin reality of Slade um he really did slay like Dustin you did a good job and I enjoyed that movie I backpacked Patrick Ian Pope I didn’t know Patrick in Prague did most of them the songs don’t enter and he was singing and doing all kind of stuff the other thing I did not too much care then it’s on Netflix so you got Netflix typing in and watching it’s really good um it’s not gonna cost you anything it’s just everything the only thing I did I did not really too much care for was the fact that when I watch movies like this there are never any gay guys that I can relate to it’s never really any gay guys I can relate to like everybody looks like a superficial model and every gay person we’re all shapes and sizes and looks and colors and all that kind stuff and I’m just so tired of seeing these tall as lean as me what happened to the average looking me and like I like these like I love these kind of movies but I’d be wanting some actual real characters okay I’m so tired of them Instagram models who get to play motherfucking movies and I hate to say that but you know overall the mood was good I enjoyed it it was good I’m interested in seeing a black bird we’re gonna see how that goes Patrick nian pokies he’s pretty he challenged the guy you know he was the one that came up with the uh the show what’s the name Nichelle Noah’s art or whatever but um did Chelsea move it on did y’all see tomorrow is tomorrow did a picture something she didn’t I have no makeup on baby there hold it like a dry ass Turner in the face Oh is she actually tomorrow let me tell you let me tell you I said about people who wearing makeup because I see it a lot of the kids that do it so let me sit up and this one if you are wearing makeup you have to moisturize and wash and cleanse your damn face because some of you are like putting this makeup on and y’all sleeping in it and y’all just not taking care of your skin and your skin look like fucking snake fucking boots snake skin boots okay your face looks like a boots when you take that damn makeup off it’s not pretty and some of y’all asses be doing the fucking most covering up all these damn scars that make you who you are everybody it’s not gonna be flawless with three stars okay everybody’s skin is not going to be like that so I don’t I don’t know why y’all be trying to cover up all this kind of shit me use all these filters to protect who you are I just I don’t understand it’s crazy to me and some of you faux be you can tell to my face that has some damage I guess that’s from the damn injecting out a white woman DNA on her damn skin or whatever but what else I want to talk about I guess I just want to go into some rents right now since you know I got electric time let’s just talk about some crazy shit the weather is crazy I don’t know what the hell’s going on is cold one day and it’s hot let me tell you something light be us a two day on behalf of me be turning around but I had turned it whole night because it was so damn high and I do not like to sleep I do not like the smoothie it’s wet especially after I take a shower okay but um I’m just I’m just enjoying everything’s going I have a lot of plans this year I want to do some traveling I want to meet Adrienne I want to have a little outing with I’ve already missed god I want to go out and kick it with him again hopefully uh ain’t gonna talk about his biscuit here that’s because receive one text from him today but um you know I I just I have a lot of stuff planned this year that I want to do last month was a really really good lunch as far as far as views and consistency and subscribers and I want to thank all you all for subscribing to support has just been phenomenal like it’s just doing really good I would never expect and right now we’re almost at 12,000 subscribers okay and I say we because we’re all a team here okay I love it I love it I love it and not just hopefully sometime probably this year I’m gonna be working on a website and all that kind of stuff I want to venture out the radio thing I want to do other things I want to meet I want to do a lot of shit I have been thinking about going through the Scorpion shows BBQ later on this year I think it’s gonna be in August it all depends on when it’s supposed to be in but I’m looking today because there would be nice I would like to go and just do such a pop up um I’d done hopefully uh you know I just want to travel that’s what I want to do a lot of I just want to travel this year I’ve been in the cocoon for less like I guess last year and a half but not too much of a cocoon but I have not done too much cuz it’s just been a lot of stuff going on my last relationship come and took me through and then other financial things were going on but things are looking up and they’re looking really good and I have been sticking you know true and doing what I have to do so I I just I’ve just been loving everything and it’s amazing you’re gonna do something right now obviously this is another chapter in your life and you will be able to go to the next page baby I promise you life gets better it gets better I promise you do it’s just sometimes you have to go through some trials and tribulations for you to understand how to fix the stuff so you won’t have to go through that and we’re gonna tell you something I’m going to be busting my ass at this damn job because I want to make sure that I have money put away and I want to make sure that I am investing and doing things I need to for Justin Jays future okay there’s a lot of stuff this you know this thing is fun because it but it’s not guaranteed so therefore wanting to continue school get find me a job that I love to do which is I love talking so if that goes you know but I do have to have a black backup plan I’ll try to explain it to a lot of people you need to have a back up plan anytime your do anything you can’t put all your eggs in one bassy I think that was something that I did a couple years ago because I put out my Asian bag my ears or my best from one job and I ended up losing it and then I was not making any money and I was able to provide for myself well you know I had a list stuff saved up but you know it wasn’t good letter I depended on the army too for other stuff and you see had a DME you know they kicked me off the deployment but everything happens for a reason you know but I enjoyed that um shout to my guy Brown who he was actually in Fort Hood in the shooting happen or whatever come to find out that God did not experience I don’t think he he experienced any combat he probably was overseas a lot of people there’s been overseas but not experienced combat what I’m tell you something just being overseas but some of these people stress you out so bad that you will feel like your brain has been in combat okay so um you know shout to my friend there I call his dust air so they keep the nighthound a phone call and you know that’s about yeah I am so excited for the month of May even though we’re in April it’s just a lot of things that I would be doing in me okay a lot of things I’ll be doing man and I’m just so excited you know that’s all I got y’all and I guess I’ll see y’all later on do I plan on doing another video or something today I don’t know but anyway yeah I have one of the evening and like my video share it on Twitter intend what you think and tell me what how you feeling today and that’s like I might just back. .