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Hello my beautiful human. Do you want children on Malta? This is apparently an easy thing. Please also visit to find your language on Malta. Please never be naked on Malta! in Malta: WERBUNG
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hello my beautiful human in this video I am gonna answering some random question that are not super belong together that I get quite really often for moving tomorrow if you look already intimate I because you want to move here you might know that here are a lot of I gaming companies which also give you a good job it’s a pretty common job here especially for foreign dresses people work for I gaming companies so if you gonna work there you will meet a lot of different languages people from all over the world and that should be something you want to do because all of water is like that you meet here all of the world so what about children on water for that question I went to Morty’s people and ask them what is people with children I asked them personally hey how is it to raise raised child or might is difficult can you go to the doctor before bla bla bla bla this question and yes it is super easy to raise a child it is super easy to get the child you get all day care before you can go to the hospital and have your checkups every two months every month I don’t know I never was pregnant so I don’t know but you can you have the European standard when it comes to pregnant woman who needs to take care of herself and want to know stuff and I don’t know and when a child is there there are a lot of options of child care but I think the most of them are private child care when they are little before they go to school when the children are bigger and I go to school I don’t know how that works but here are a lot of schools a lot of universities and it cannot be so hard it’s European Standard so so if you want to know more about that and you need help on this topic I recommend you highly to search for your language on Facebook or mota like the in German this would be George Karl get off my tab and in this group you can exchange all of the information you can ask all of the question and I’m pretty sure there is one in your language too and the last point for this video is what is forbidden on Malta and so far I know only three things that are really forbidden and like you you you get into trouble if you do that that would be first if you go naked somewhere outside at the beach or even in the spa in a sauna you’re not allowed to be naked you are not allowed to be naked on water don’t be naked it is absolutely forbidden you get arrested if you go naked now I think you get a warning first but then you get arrested it’s really they’re serious don’t be naked and smoking is not allowed I mean smoking you know the community is smoking it’s not allowed there are no exceptions to that you are not allowed to carry it with you no you’re obviously not allowed to sell it you not allowed to smoke it it’s absolutely no don’t do it bad idea and setting on which I know it’s forbidden it is abortion so if you get pregnant on more time you don’t want to child yeah you cannot do it here I don’t know to me this does not apply and not pregnant not planning to be pregnant so I don’t need to think about these things but I think this is a just a surveillant information for you know is it what do you think give this video a thumbs up if you like it and please send it to all of your friends if you didn’t like it please tell it to me write me on Facebook Twitter Instagram snapchat or you can write me by email and don’t miss out on any video I will upload in December or later January 2017 whatever please hit the subscribe button down below and I thank you so much for your attention until here and I wish you sunshine in your heart.