Social Media Manager

Having trouble with the new Twitter Header? We have our social media manager on the job! How to use, change, and upload your new Twitter header, explained by Thegz.

the social media and today I’ll be showing you how to get the cover photo on your Twitter as you can see this is a new tab cover as this was originally the little head and shoulders icon but now if you click here it shows you your profile so if you click on settings everything to hear that urn was originally here so click on settings and click on design that’s where your themes are design and just below the themes it says change the head on click that one yes papi I want this picture for Lucy she lovely Beach Boys so you can move this around and everything but we just want to slap bang in the middle so you press save let my take a bit of time there we go just wait for that to load you can put the kettle on my misgivings that’s Lucy in the background whose Twitter on doing okay your head art is successfully penetrated click on the me I final take you straight to your profile wife is very cold and they go there’s the background cover photo of the Beach Boys with Lucy’s Twitter picture there and her bio just here and underneath that is that your tweets you’re following and your followers and the chance to direct message Lucy if you’re following her she’s following you back thanks for watching.