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Kalel talking about her nose job, Originally uploaded on 10 2017.

this is seriously been the longest week of my entire life I swear because I feel so 100 right now then I’m about to just peel this off myself like really late look how close it is but the good news is is that it does come off tomorrow so I’m very much looking forward to seeing what it looks like you can’t really tell I mean it’s very swollen but mmm then I’ve also decided that I’m chopping off my hair off it’s so done with life you guys so done with life from the Accutane so all this blonde gotta go I’m literally chopping it all it’s gone and that’s everything that you needed to know about updates to my image because it’s really important obviously and obviously you want to be up to date so she ain’t just been taking excellent care of me he’s the world’s best nursery team’s only 90 dollars an hour right we’re just in cat food canned cat food right if you guys were curious about my little hummingbird hair yet there she is she’s doing well sitting on her eggs and apparently all the animals are beginning to recognize me as a vegan Queen because we have another friend here now so my phone literally will not focus but this is Frederick he’s a little snail who has just decided to stick to my window like what they all love me.