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welcome and thanks for checking out paid social media jobs com why would anyone pay you to spend time on Facebook and Twitter well these so called social media jobs and the people that do these types of jobs are called social media managers and these jobs are in seriously high demand right now according to ink magazine ninety one percent of all businesses are attempting to use social media to promote themselves that means that there are over 30 million businesses in the United States alone that are either right now or soon will be looking to hire a social media manager for their business in fact experts are estimating that the demand for social media managers may be as high as 10,000 to 1 which gives you a pretty good chance of getting hired we think just take a look at this article from AOL jobs full time salaries for social media managers range from forty five thousand dollars to six figures and hourly rates can be as high as two hundred dollars per hour that means that the current supply of social media managers can’t possibly meet the demand from small businesses if this seems crazy to you just think of how many businesses from your local area that you have seen advertising on Facebook creating Twitter accounts promoting themselves through Facebook fan pages and putting videos on social media marketing is huge right now and it is creating demand for a lot of social media manager jobs so who do you think they are hiring for all of these jobs there are thousands of university graduates flocking out of school applying for these positions because there aren’t any courses on this topic very few other professionals or marketing agents have any experience with social media marketing or social media jobs most of these social media jobs do not require you to be highly technical or have years of marketing experience heck no one has years of experience being a social media manager because the job hasn’t even existed for that law we are the world’s only website dedicated to helping you make money as a social media manager we have created a private member’s only portal that contains everything you need to start making great money from the comfort your own home with social media jobs we have created a three day fast track job program which is the fastest program for getting you started making great money with social media jobs and the best part is it will cost you just one dollar all you have to pay today is just one dollar for the three day fast track job program and you get access to all the training and can preview all the new jobs every day it’s that simple so what are you waiting for sign up today and start making great money from home with Facebook and Twitter jobs for just one dollar.