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hey everyone my name is Dean look I want to tell you today about a really great opportunity for all of you individuals who want to stay home and work or maybe you have another job you just want a part time job to supplement what you’re doing already or hey maybe you just want to go online and do what I’m about to tell you basically there are thousands if not millions of companies out there in the world today that need help with their social media presence and thanks to this new opportunity I’m gonna tell you about you’re gonna be able to basically go and help these companies as much as you want or you can post online to their Facebook accounts or Twitter accounts or accounts and get paid to do so and I’m not talking little bits of payment I mean we’re this isn’t micro jobbing this is actual real nice paychecks simply put these companies don’t have the time to do it themselves but they realize the importance of having a social media presence I mean think about it when you go to the 7 eleven even they have a Facebook and there’s one very solid reason why because it shows up online and when it shows up online it can direct people to go to your company plain and simple every company needs that traffic every companies needs to have people coming into it and to funnel people in online you gotta have a social media presence anyone who’s done any amount of search engine optimization or trying to get sites on page one of Google will tell you that social media accounts always takes such a very large precedent of showing up on page one of Google for any search result out there whether it’s a blog Twitter a you know anything that’s social media related especially the big ones like Facebook and Twitter and they’re gonna be on page one if they get enough views and enough traffic but even if they don’t once you start populating the web with all of these sites and you’re a company you’re dominating your company’s presence online for whatever you’re trying to go for so for example if you are 7 eleven and you want to be the one that everyone goes to if somebody online is looking up convenience stores near them and they see 7 eleven then they said 7 eleven s you know Facebook 7 elevens Twitter five videos from from their account who do you think they’re gonna pick you see it on my point and guess what there are so many companies like I’ve mentioned that just need people like you to do it and it’s simple do that’s the best part even if you’ve never touched computing your life or you’re not even sure how to log on to Facebook this is a very easy process I can show you how to do it rather not me but the company that I’m talking about the offers this to all of you and basically these are paid social media jobs that you will be able to do from the comfort of your home to day literally you can get started today and I made it easy for you because all you gonna have to do is just click the link right below this video take you right to where you got to sign up and get going again I know you might be where you might be thinking it’s too good to be true I assure you there are actual real companies that post and they need this done and I will show you it with this link below this video where to go to check out who those companies are what they need and all you got to do is sign up for the jobs voila and again if you’re a novice and you don’t know what you’re doing there’s plenty of instructions so that you’ll know exactly what you do at this link right here below the video now I should mention that you know it is something that you will have to work at because obviously if let’s say you take a job and it says you know create a account and post 10 videos you’re gonna have to know how to do that or maybe you know if you start to learn how to make a Facebook account and a company needs a Facebook account and posts every single day on certain topics relating to their company or maybe they’ll just give you a whole script full of topics you’re gonna have to do that as well but it’s easy it’s something you can literally do while you’re laying in bed with the laptop on your lap and not moving an inch and that is the freedom of this I mean if you think about it and just doing a few of these jobs you can make more money doing this then you could working two weeks at a part time job think about that in one day you can make enough money for two weeks and live good now if you are an overachiever you start doing a bunch of jobs you can make a lot more than that believe me but the point is it’s a freedom way of thinking that you know if you don’t want to be a you know constantly grinding it out at a Mc.Donald’s somewhere you can do the very same thing at your home but a lot more fun a lot more easier and also you never have to leave your bed I mean how cool is that so look if this is interesting to you and you’re interested in checking out paid social media jobs today all you have to do is simply like the link below this video I mentioned a few times just want to keep mentioning so you understand that this will help you you just go to that link sign up today you’ll be fine I know this is kind of sounding a little bit more like a sales pitch but I promise you it’s not I’ve done it I think it’s great I’m not one of those people that does this you know just for you know because I’m getting paid or anything like that I actually really really want you to try this out because it works ok click the link below this video have fun posting on all these accounts for all these companies and I sure you’re gonna have a good time because when you see that paycheck in your Pay. Pal account trust me you’re gonna smile and you’re gonna think wow wine I think of this before millions of companies out there people that need you today for this click the link get started have a good time take care. .