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there’s been a lot of people looking for work online these days and it’s really been getting a lot more difficult due to the fact that the google has had so many updates seems like anything you put online gets knocked off in a couple weeks or a couple months and so it’s made that aspect of making money online very difficult but one that’s really booming has to do with social media and getting work with social media with companies is be is becoming a real big deal and this company here paid social media jobs com really helps you to master this and what I’m going to do is give you a tour this is the the sign up page here we’ll get back to that later but I’ll just log in here and I just this is the login page and then this is the what I’m gonna do is give you a tour so this is basically the the home page here and what they do is they have training a lot of video training and what they do is they suggest you suggest that you go through the modules 1 2 & 3 and then go into the advanced training and then go into the finding work module and they actually help you define work they show you how to do it then they help you how to do it so anyway here’s the first module you know training area right here okay and just kind of social media 101 as far as how to get how to do how to do the business how to get the clients support and so on the next one is the advanced training so obviously you need to know why it’s important and what the businesses need and the social media networks are so forth and so on but what I really like here is this that I got with money when I bought it is this actually book called social media arbitrage and this is where normally without this you could make you can make from 30 to 4 the thousand a year but you know working full time right but if you use this method then you could really ramp it up and get up to the six figures and this book here it’s a 26 page book and it goes into all the details of how to get other people to do the work for you and then you just manage them okay so I thought that was good I just wanted to kind of you know wanted to mention that and then of course they have the finding of the finding work module and they showed they show you all the details of how to do that and and where to look and what they do is they they have a system where they they put all this in one in one system so that you’ll be able to put your ad out there or actually look for work or or both and so this is this is extremely powerful for actually getting that building up your clientele okay so I think that’s there’s one other little thing with the bonuses I thought a couple the bonuses didn’t really do much for me they were just extra things which are nice but you could check them out too so what I liked about the bonuses here especially right here was in the my video section and it has how to setup and use a wordpress site so you might want to have a wordpress site to showcase what you’re doing and but you know how to do it well they they show you how to do that right here and so that’s very helpful you don’t have to do that but it’s just like if you’re really ramping things up you know doing the arbitrage thing then this is very helpful so again just go over to the signup page and put in your name a real primary email address what country live and you could live in any place in the world pretty much and then you’re at an age and how many hours you know you can work a week and then just fill out this information about you know if you have a internet connection can you start immediately and to use a Facebook or Twitter and do you enjoy doing that so if you’re already a person who uses those sites you’re you already have a 1 up and you just do this part time and make an extra extra income you could do this a half an hour an hour a day and and make another you know couple thousand a month which is also very good right another thing too is they suggest that you use you know kind of whatever your niche is whatever your your niche is you know kind of stick to stick with that and then you can become an expert in your field and you know like if you’re in a dog training and we’ll stick with that there’s plenty people that need your your business that need your work you need your services ok so hopefully this was helpful to you and if you’d like to look into it just click on the link below and check it out thanks a lot take care.