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right now the economy sucks it doesn’t matter where you are in the world chances are you or someone close to you has been hit by the cutbacks and lost their job for a lot of people it’s a rough time but don’t worry because in the next few minutes I’m going to share with you the secrets of one industry that is completely bucking the trend and hiring people from all over the world at an increasing rate every day it’s a multi billion dollar job market that some people are calling the most in demand job in the world yet it is so new and so underground that you have probably never heard of it before all of the jobs in this market require you to work remotely which means that you can do these japs no matter where you live in the world and the best part is that most of these jobs actually require you to be on social media sites such as Facebook Twitter and all day long in most jobs you would be fired for being on facebook at work but these jobs it’s actually a job requirement so what exactly is this industry and why would anyone pay you to spend time on Facebook Twitter and well as you know businesses of all sizes are trying to get a presence on social media sites right now think of how many business profiles you have seen on facebook and twitter from the big giants like mcdonald’s and coca cola down to your local hardware store every business is trying to get attention of social media sites and get more fans likes tweets and followers most business owners are incredibly busy with the day to day running of their business and they don’t have time to do all of the tasks that come with managing a social media presence such as creating all different accounts on Facebook Twitter Pinterest and other social media sites posting status updates daily across all of the different platforms interacting and engaging with customers through comments and wall posts uploading new pictures and videos adding and following new and potential customers and all of the other small daily tasks that come with managing a business social media presence none of this stuff is particularly technical in fact anyone who knows how to operate basic functions of Facebook Twitter and accounts are qualified for the job it’s just that business owners often don’t have time for it of course some business owners will find time to do it themselves and others will have existing staff members take care of it but for all the hundreds of millions of businesses around the world that are trying to take advantage of social media right now there are a lot of businesses out there who are looking for outside help with it the people that help business owners with this kind of stuff are called social media managers and just over a year or two ago this job didn’t exist in fact the whole job category is still so new that you can’t even study or learn how to do it anywhere no universities offer degrees in it no schools have classes about it and there are no training certificates available yet social media jobs are one of the fastest growing job categories in the world according to ink magazine ninety one percent of businesses are attempting to use social media to promote themselves that means that there are hundreds of millions of businesses worldwide either right now or soon will be looking to hire a social media manager for their business in fact experts are estimating that the demand for social media managers may be as high as 10,000 to 1 in an article from AOL jobs full time salaries from social media managers range from forty five thousand dollars to six figures with hourly rates as high as two hundred dollars per hour if this seems crazy to you just think of how many businesses in your local area you have seen advertising on Facebook creating their own Twitter accounts promoting through Facebook pages and putting videos up on social media marketing is huge right now in the dis creating demand for a lot of social media managers so who do you think businesses are hiring for all of these jobs there aren’t thousands of university graduates flocking o to school applying for these positions because this profession is so new that the degrees haven’t even been created yet very few other professionals or marketing agents have any experience in social media marketing or social media jobs and no one is formally trained in how to do these jobs so where does this leave all of the millions of businesses who are looking to hire social media managers to help out with social media marketing businesses are hiring people like you to manage their Facebook and Twitter profiles because all of the people getting hired to do these social media jobs online are people just like you who have no experience in marketing of any kind and have never worked in social media before most social media jobs do not require you to be highly technical or have years of experience I mean no one has years of experience being a social media manager because the job hasn’t even existed that long most of the jobs you will be doing basically involve you managing the social media profiles for businesses such as their Facebook page Twitter profile and account and helping the business to engage more with their customers well that is it in a nutshell there is still of course more to it if you want to be really successful you have to know where to find the jobs how to apply for them what to say in your application the type of work that you will be expected to do how to actually do the work how to get paid etc that is where we come in we are in the world’s only website dedicated to helping you make money as a social media manager we have been in this industry from the very beginning and have already helped thousands of people just like you launch successful careers in social media management we have developed an advanced training system that includes everything you need to know to kick up a career in social media management you don’t need to have worked in any kind of marketing job before in fact very few of our most successful members ever have our training system will teach you everything you need to know to launch your career as a social media manager we cover everything from the very basics of what social media jobs are the kind of work that you will be doing step by step instructions on how to actually the work tools and software to make the job super easy and tons more we also have a huge database of social media jobs that is updated every day with thousands of new jobs so that when you are ready to begin work it’s as simple as scrolling through the available job openings applying for the jobs that interest you and sitting back while the job offers roll in here are some of the typical jobs from our social media job database creating facebook twitter and other social media accounts businesses that don’t have any presence in social media sites will pay you to help them create and set up their Facebook Twitter and accounts post and reply to facebook comments most business owners are far too busy running day to day operations of their businesses to have time to post regular status updates or reply to comments on their Facebook pages so they are hiring people like you to do it for them tweet special offers and promotions twitter is one of the fastest and most efficient ways for businesses to keep in touch with their customers businesses will want you to tweet special offers and promotions relating to the business and also reply to customer tweets post videos and comments to more and more businesses are realizing the potential of and are having a dedicated channel for their business which means that they are hiring people on a part time basis to upload videos post and reply to comments and increase engagement with their customers if you love posting Facebook status updates commenting on pages videos and blogs posting tweets on Twitter and all things social media then being a social media manager is the perfect job for you when we first brought out our system for getting started with social media management the only way to get access to it was to come to one of our live training events these programs were a huge success and have helped many people go on to launch profitable careers in social media management but there were a few issues that have always bothered us because they were live events they were only available to people within a certain geographic location and the cost of quitting these events meant we had to charge 797 dollars per attendee that put the program out of reach for a lot of people the social media job market is a worldwide phenomenon that is going to create millions of jobs over the next couple of years and we want to help as many people as possible get in on the ground floor so we decided to go back to the drawing board and take everything that we have learned from our live events and create an even better online training system our new system is a hundred percent online which greatly reduces our overheads and means that we can give you the access to our complete system for much less than seven hundred and ninety seven dollars that everyone has had to pay until now so how much does our system of online training costs by cutting out the costs of hiring the venue and staff to run the event printed trading materials and all the other things associated with hosting a live event we have been able to drastically reduce the price while everyone else before you has had to pay seven hundred and ninety seven dollars to get access to this content we are very happy to announce that today you can join and get access to the entire program for just forty seven dollars that is less than ten percent of what people had to pay up until now and we think that the online version of the program is even better than the live events you still get access to all of the training that teaches you everything you need to know to launch your career in social media management as well as all of the tools and software plus with our new online version you will have access to our social media job database which is updated daily with thousands of the very best social media jobs from across the web we have included everything you need to get started making money with social media jobs.