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Social Media Jobs on CBC Discussing PAID SOCIAL MEDIA JOBS

megane wagon train weekend ian thanks so

what if you can be paid for updatingyour profile on face book or what if you

could become a professional twinklethat’s what we’re users are called by

the way well that job is actuallybecoming a reality they are called

social media jobs anna popping up allover career sites today tom bell has

morekelly mask spencer dale sites like

twitter and face bookbut she’s not changing around profiler

uploading pictures of herselfinstead she’s on the sites for workgenerally just meeting people making

connectionson building relationshipsmore more companies are using social

networking sites as a way to advertiseand now many employers are actually

hiring people at about fifty thousanddollars a year to specifically manage

these are my communities they’retreating on twitter posting ads on face

book and creating profiles on linkedincompanies are using it to improve their

customer service to monitoron what’s going on what people are

talking about it and usethat dot at which we are never able to

get the fourteenimprove their businessinot ally the u_s_ embassy recently

posted a job for social media sistentit has already established profiles on

most social networking sites butmaintaining them has now become a

full time job i’d guess what we’realways looking for is people who can

help us keep sappyon what the current trends are in prayer

people prefer to go to get theirinformation interpreters to paint and

knowledge of certain sites like stayspectra twitteris also becoming a requirement for a

variety of jobs so by updating yourpersonal face book profile or twentyyou can actually began in some valuable

work experiencefor rescue she says her personal

interest in social media combined withrepublic relations backgroundtuttle and his new jobshe says it’s a field she expects it

will only continue to grow i think theconcept of social media blitz stay the

same betrothed always changeso it’s face but didn’t read it today an

ok might be some other crazy name thingtomorrowsydney tomoz cbcnewson a lot.