Social Media Jobs

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hi there it’s Felicia sucker here and I am speaking to you from my house in Louisville Georgia and guys today I’m going to speak to you about paid social media jobs I mean in this day and time you know nothing can ever be you know a surprise to me anymore when I first heard about getting paid through social media I was like I do not believe it you know I know that Facebook is making a billion dollars you know Twitter and all of these other social media sites but I just didn’t think the average Jane or Joe could get paid from using social media so what I came across last night was this particular site here this guy was telling me about it he was like Alicia I got this new thing going on and this is about to be the thing and I’m going to make a lot of money with it and I was like okay Wow you know and so he said here you go check it out and so I went to the site to check it out and it took me to a video and the video I must say was very intriguing you know I was like wow I really really think that you know this could benefit people you know and while I’m not interested in doing it I just figured it would be interesting you know or that like I say the average person will be able to get paid from social media you know directly into your Pay.Pal account or through a check or however whatever choice you went with so I thought okay well let me just do a little research on this and last night I was up until about four or five o’clock in the morning because I was here watching a few videos and just looking at the different you know training modules that they have here guys and I must say that this is some very extensive training so you’ll really understand what how to do social media jobs when you take this course you really understand it so of course with anything that you do it takes training you know it takes time to take you into learning but if you don’t have anything else to do why not do this and it’s basically like you know you can have it you can either work it like a business or you can work it like a job it’s totally up to you but these people teach you how to do it just in case you want to run your own business and you know do social media jobs for different people and so I’m not one I’m going to debt all about what I learned just looking you know or just listening to some of these things but I will just go over a few tabs briefly here with you so in module 1 I’m sorry let me just back up here we’re getting a little ahead of myself so we have step 1 they want you to go through the training modules which was what we were about to do that step to create your online resume you want to make sure you do that step 3 start finding jobs step 4 check out our free bonuses so those are the four steps that you need to take when getting started with this site here welcome to module 1 of your training on being a social media manager so they have this little video here and this particular thing is 26 minutes and 29 seconds so that was not very long and then you have module 2 you want to proceed to module 2 same thing the word account is actually shorter but pretty much the same thing so then you have a third module alright and then you have the advanced training now in the first second and third module briefly just tell you what you will learn in the particular video so it teaches you how you can not only promote or work on Facebook but also on Twitter Linkedin Google Pinterest and all that good stuff guys I’m a lot of always on Facebook and Twitter anyway so hey when I get paid for it you know I’m very very interested so then you have the advanced training become more productive converting prospects into buyers establishing and promoting yourself find jobs blueprint for pitching everything my ebooks my videos affiliate blogging secrets how to set up Word. Press those are your bonuses then finding work so it actually pretty much gives you everything you need everything you need so don’t worry about the link and want to put the link below this video because I know it’s kind of hard for you to see it there but um you know so I mean when I saw this like I said guys I had to go ahead and get it the it all costs forty seven dollars for this whole package and as you can see this is some very expensive training you’ll receive here and I paid for it I paid forty seven dollars and I did it because I was just interested in knowing what this was really about I mean forty seven dollars you know weenie and it didn’t cost me a whole lot to learn about this and I figured well if I’m going to. .