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just want to say hello right here thanks for visiting my site I appreciate you taking the time today to come out here and and read my review and see what’s going on and you are looking for social media jobs or you wouldn’t be here obviously um my experience so far has been just amazing I I can only say um 42 year old guy I’ve been searching internet since I was 18 years old trying to find something that I can do some sort of work at home opportunity something home business wise and I haven’t found anything that even remotely compares to to this system that I’m using for paid social media jobs honestly it’s so easy I mean 47 bucks for the membership um but I think it took me I think it took me one hour to read through actually watch because it’s all in videos to watch through the videos and and then I went right away and started looking at the job board to see what was posted and if I could remotely do the jobs and they were so easy that we’re awesome like Facebook Likes and people pay money for this it’s just it’s amazing and so I saw some some jobs I was interested in and I went back and I spent another hour just going through everything in great detail the tons of ebooks tons of videos that they have so much information it’s it’s crazy and so reading through everything check into everything watching the videos and then going and applying for jobs and really it’s it only takes a matter of minutes to apply for a job that you’re interested in they give you templates which is really great they give you proposal templates and and they’re different for Facebook and for Twitter for for Linked.In these different ones and so you can apply for these jobs by using just use their template and just change the information obviously they as dummy information in there you personalize it a little bit keep all the big chunks that you like in there they list rates and things that they would charge for services and I just left it I just left it the way it is 100 Facebook Likes 4 excuse me hundred 100 would be great I could do I can do that in the next five minutes but a thousand face book likes for in a hundred bucks or something like that and it takes I mean it’s ridiculous I think it might take two hours maybe maybe to crank out a thousand Facebook Likes and so it goes really really easy um Linked. In I found a couple customers on my own and clients and they teach you how to do that it’s really simple it’s amazing how how readily available these clients are and and how much these businesses really need the help and I and look I have zero experience okay I barely set up my facebook page my wife did that for me um I obviously become a little more internet savvy since then but not much I am NOT a web designer by any stretch of the imagination I am a full time senior minister I love the work I do I wouldn’t give it up for anything and I sincerely mean that because I have made a little over six hundred dollars now and in just the past just the past three weeks so it’s about two hundred dollars a week and honestly I’ve only done about 12 hours worth of work total now like I said min ministry is um it’s my full time job and ministry I know you guys are thinking just one day a week you slacker that’s all you work but it’s much more than that and the time spent and um counseling and all those wonderful things that are involved in ministry that keep me busy and so um I know I could make more I know I could I could double the income that I’m already making as a senior minister right I know I could at least match it and and far exceed it if I were to take this full time but but that’s not for me I’m and I’m just being honest with you it’s not for me um I’m not that in this for the money only um obviously money is good it pays our bills my my family enjoys having food and my wife and I like it when they gasps in our car and at today’s prices you know it you gotta have like five jobs and the extra mortgage and all that kind of stuff so I just want to let you know that this is really a truly wonderful system you pay you forty seven dollars it’s a lifetime lifetime VIP membership and I’m telling you what they update their board their job board every day hundreds of jobs you can’t possibly go through and apply for every job probably it realistically you probably couldn’t even apply for them all in a week’s time and so tons of jobs out there um very specific in what they want it’s really simple um like they’ve shown and videos before where it says you know set up a Facebook account I mean that’s how easy it is and you know customers will pay a hundred 150 dollars to set up a Facebook account it’s so simple if you you have one of your own you know how easy it is it’s like a five minute process you create a page for them you create a fan page for them bang you’re done five minutes maybe ten minutes max and then you use the systems or I should say system use the techniques that they teach you to just blow up that Facebook page and get get thousands of likes cranked out for that customer I’ll do the same thing for for Linked. In I went to Linked. In and found some customers I increased my connections which is just basically your friends I did that I had 46 when I started and it took me let’s me weeks and months of getting 46 I had no idea what I was doing I had no idea why I was on Linked. In somebody from school from college said hey check it out and I checked it out and that was probably the last I checked it out but I went from 46 to over a thousand in a week and so businesses are looking for that it’s it’s legal it’s legitimate there’s nothing there’s nothing crooked about this it’s it’s just knowing what to do just getting that inside scoop and once you get the inside scoop you’re not going to want to just give your money or get your money back because that VIP status and gives you access to that job bored every day every moment of the day um so easy to go in and just bid on jobs and my goodness and you wait I think I waited a little over a day um I think it was just over 24 hours for my first response I made 95 bucks I set up a Facebook account and a Twitter account for for a customer and in fact it was really cool is right here local in Richmond so it was really nice I I didn’t you know go that extra mile to go see the customer I didn’t want to cross any boundaries especially because I was new at it but just so easy ninety five dollars I mean I that paid for my forty seven dollars and and then some back on top of that and it’s just been rolling ever since um Facebook Likes likes um crank those out and you know it’s easy 150 bucks for seriously for like five minutes of work that’s all it takes and so if you’re thinking about this if you’re even remotely interested just do it just just do it take a chance if you’re not happy just to ask for your money back it’s not a big deal I guarantee you can make that forty seven dollars probably quicker than it would get back into your bank account no I mean honestly it was um it was less than less than 24 hours realistically and and I got my pay and it’s all set up through paid social media jobs they handle everything and so their fee is a three dollar fee but they charge the customer not you I so your job my job was $95 and so they build the customer $98 they got their three bucks out of it I got my 95 BAM it was in my account immediately and in my bank account is what I mean and so um I didn’t have any kind of crazy account where I was sitting on a card or anything weird like that it was it was straight into my account real quick real simple my wife couldn’t be happier cuz she’s a she’s a facebook fanatic um I think she at one time moved in the farm town honestly um so like I said I I’m not here to steer you wrong I just want you to know how great it’s been it’s been a blessing for me for my family I have uh I have some family members and some close friends that are doing this as well I wouldn’t recommend it to to anybody if it weren’t good you can you can make serious serious money at this I like I said I’ve made average 200 dollars a week but that’s 12 hours worth of work so I mean you figure that’s four hours a week then I put in four hours for two hundred bucks and I’m being honest that’s that’s just how easy it is I mean they take you by the hand and they just they just don’t let you fail I mean honestly if you fail it is quite literally because you’re just not trying and I mean I mean announced given ounce you’d be amazed at what the the payout is and what the reward is coming back out of this it’s it’s so easy um you know if you’re thinking about it at all give it a shot no yeah I’m sold on it and I’m going to continue to do so to do the work I might increase it a little more I might get my my wife to increase a little bit more now I’m a full time college student as well in just a few short weeks away from getting my master’s degree so I’ve got full time school full time ministry full time family you know I enjoy life of my own as well and so this job is perfect if you’re busy it’s perfect perfect you can put in an hour or two a day a couple hours a week if you wanted to minimal time spent added great payout if you’re not busy if if you’re not working this is even better because honestly um the work that I do in five hours it’s not hard at all and the pay is amazing and so if you can dedicate five hours every day or or eight hours if you want to make it like a real job what I mean just the sky’s the limit you can go as much as you want like I said I did twelve hours worth of work roughly 600 bucks I mean so realistically you could easily make very very fat paychecks and so I know you read all the hype and you hear all the different things about it and I know there are all kinds of reviews out there on the internet and I’ve read them all myself and someone who has bought it and returned it and has nothing good to say about it all I can say is I don’t know that they gave it a true honest shop if you’re hung up on that forty seven dollars don’t really just just do it do it try it if you’re not happy a hundred percent money back guarantee you got sixty full days to get your money back and honestly within one hour I’m not joking one hour you will know if it’s right for you or not if it’s not an hour later just ask for your money back they’ll send it back I’ve had two I’ve talked to customer service a couple times because operator here just making sure I was doing things right and very friendly very quick responses um so no problems whatsoever with it at this point obviously I’ll keep everyone updated and you know it must be the preacher and me I’ve been talking for 12 minutes I was supposed to take just a couple minutes to share with you but I’ve just been as honest as I can um it’s a it’s a great opportunity it really is if you are remotely thinking about giving it a shot give it a shot and you know what leave me some feedback I would love to stay in touch with you I’m not that busy that I that I can’t communicate through through the comment box on this page or through the email link that I that I’ve supplied as well I want to know how you’re doing and and how it’s going for you and you know I’ll even help you by by coaching now coach you the best I can try to help you just take the steps that I took I mean I really just follow in the steps that I took and it was successful for me I really believe that they’re just cookie cutter steps but I will be more than happy just to give you some guidance tell you where I went what I looked for why I was looking for it and how quick and easy wasn’t and how the the clients just they were emailing me back left and right and I had five possible at one time and two bailed out and three decided yeah we like what you’re talking about and it was easy hundred and fifty dollars roughly for each one of them um that’s on top of that ninety five that had cut right off the bat so I hope this helps I hope you feel more comfortable with this um if you don’t I’m not gonna keep on talking because it’s it’s been 14 minutes now and I know you’ve got a life you get things to do and I just wanted to share with you though but I’ve got a link located below this video just click on the link it’ll take you to a page um it’s not the hype video I I didn’t want to send anybody there I hated that one myself where you had to listen to a video for a long time nobody wants to listen to video for a long time like I have 14 minutes and 28 seconds I’m so sorry I’m so sorry others want to be as honest and open as I can so um click the link below if you you just read through everything really quick it’s very easy read and then go to the register here or register now something of that effect click on that it’ll take you immediately to the pay page um it’s a it’s a Pay. Pal I think is available and just pay get going and let me know how you do alright thanks for stopping by I appreciate it.