Social Media Jobs

The Paid Social Media Jobs course had recently been updated with the addition of their own job marketplace. This video introduces you to the job section of this course.

The job marketplace provides a place for existing members to and apply for social media jobs. Jobs could be as simple as creating covers through to devising social media strategies. As this module is still new, I cannot see why social media internships won’t appear there.

A great benefit would be that the jobs are exclusive to Paid Social Media Job members, so you are not competing for jobs with the rest of the world.

You can check out the Job Marketplace here: learn more about paid social media jobs please go to this.

welcome to the finding work section in your members dashboard this is where you need to be after you have gone through all of the training materials and are ready to begin finding jobs there are two main areas to this finding work section first there is our very own job market where you can tell our employers what kind of work you would like to do and how much you want to earn our employers browse through these listings regularly and will hire you for the services that you have offered we will come back and look at the job marketplace in more detail in a moment the second area of this finding work section is the job database that brings together all of the best websites job sites and strategies for finding work online there are thousands of new jobs being posted every day across the internet and our job database is updated daily with a selection of only the very best and highest paying ones this saves you a huge amount of time because instead of having to check dozens of job sites every day with thousands of listings you can just log on to your job database here and check out a selection of the best highest paying jobs that we have hand selected for you each of the methods and sites in the job database has detailed instructions and step by step information to get you started you simply click on the method that interests you and then you will be taken to a page detailing everything you need to know about finding jobs with this strategy some are job websites that you need to create accounts on some are techniques strategies and documents you can use to approach businesses directly and some show you how to have businesses hunting you down to work for them different websites and strategies will work better for different people so the best thing to do is go through all of the different options yourself and see firsthand which ones appeal to you the most across all the different websites and strategies in our job database there are thousands of new jobs being posted every day and millions of potential businesses for you to contact so there is certainly no shortage of jobs for you to find for now though we are going to take a more detailed look at our own job marketplace and show you exactly how to get started our job market place is something that we created to help all of our employers that we work with connect with and hire our talented trained members like you our job marketplace works a little different and most other job sites that you may have come across in the past instead of businesses posting jobs that they want to hire people for you get to choose what type of work you want to do and how much you want to be paid then businesses browse through the listings from all of our members and select the ones that they would like to hire this is great for you because you get a chance to choose exactly what type of work you would like to do and how much you want to be paid you can go through our entire training program and choose the type of work that interests you the most you then create a listing in our job marketplace telling our employers what work you are willing to do for them and how much you want to be paid our employers browse this marketplace regularly and if they like your listing they will hire you for the job we collect all payments on your behalf and you can withdraw your earnings at any time to your Pay.Pal payza Moneybookers Payoneer or any other online payment account let’s take a look at exactly how you can create a listing in our job marketplace the first thing you do is click here to go to the job marketplace homepage here you will see a selection of the jobs posted by other members and you can also browse through the different categories of jobs that are available it’s a good idea to look through the jobs that other members have posted before so that you can get an idea of the type of jobs that you might want to post don’t be intimidated by the number of jobs that other members have already posted we have a large number of employers active in this marketplace every single day so there is plenty of work to go around also with this type of work businesses are looking to hire people who have personalities experiences and backgrounds that fit their unique business so you can really use your listing to make yourself stand out from the crowd if you have a passion for fitness or are an animal lover or always know the latest fashion trends or have any other special skills or interests make sure you mention them in your job listing there are businesses looking to hire people with skills and interests in all different areas and by telling them a little about yourself you will stand out and get more job offers plus if you include your interests experiences and skills in your job listing the businesses that hire you are more likely to be aligned with your interests if you are a big sports fan and you mentioned that in your job listing imagine how great it would be to have most of your jobs working for businesses in the sports market when you are ready to post a job listing go to the top right of the page and click on register you then need to choose a username and enter in your email address an important thing to note here is that you must use the same email address as you used for your main membership when you first signed up the reason for this is that whilst anyone can register an account to buy services in our job marketplace only our paid members like you are allowed to post new job listings for sale our team manually reviews all new job listings and they will only approve job listings from our paid members this ensures that the job listings in our marketplace remain exclusive to our paid members and increases the amount of paid jobs that you will get it’s also important to note that the user name that you chose will be visible on your public job postings so make sure you select something that is appropriate for employers to see after you click register wait five minutes and then check your email account for a message from us that contains your login information if you still have not received the email after five minutes make sure you check your spam folder in case it has gone in there by mistake you can then log in using the username and password from the email if you ever forget or lose your login information you can always click on the lost password link on the login form then you just need to enter your username or email address click the retrieve password link and we will send you an email right away with your login information if you have any problems creating your account or logging in you can always contact our help desk for support when you log in you will be greeted with your dashboard which is where you will manage all of your job listings and withdraw your earnings let’s take a look around at the different elements of your dashboard now the my job section is where you will be taken when you first log in and this has the details of all your current job listings when you first sign up this section will be empty but as you begin adding job listings they will start to appear here active jobs are ones that are currently live in the marketplace and ready to accept buyers inactive jobs are ones that you have deactivated and in reviewed jobs are ones that are still being reviewed by our staff whenever you create a new job it we’ll always be marked as in review until it has been manually reviewed and approved by one of our team the payments section is where you will be able to see your earnings when you have enough money in your current balance you can click the withdraw money button to quickly and easily access your funds if you have a Pay. Pal account you can do it with one click by entering the amount that you wish to withdraw and your paypal email address once you click withdraw your funds will be in your Pay. Pal account within 48 hours if you don’t have a Pay. Pal account and would like to have your earnings sent to you a different way simply contact our help desk the shopping page probably isn’t relevant to you as this is for employers to use to manage their purchases of your services so unless you also intend to purchase services from the marketplace you won’t need this page the manage sales page gives you a breakdown of how many sales you have made of your services and what stage they are in active jobs are ones that you are working on right now the levered jobs are ones that you have completed but have not yet been approved by the employer completed jobs are ones that you have finished and been paid for and canceled jobs are ones that have been cancelled by either you or the employer the private messages section allows you to communicate with other members of the marketplace including employers that you are working for the personal info page is where you can update your details for the site including your password if you would like to change your password to something you will remember more easily this is where you can make that change finally the review feedback page is where you can monitor the feedback that you have received from employers for the work that you have done now let’s take a look at how you can post a job listing of your own the first step is to go to the top of the page and click on post new which will take you to the post a new job page it’s really simple to post a new job in our marketplace all you need to do is fill in this simple form and click post job at the bottom let’s go through and look what each individual field on the forum is used for first you need to enter the title of the services that you would like to offer and specify how much you would like to be paid you can offer any kind of service that you like here as long as it’s relevant and does not contain any offensive or inappropriate content you can go through all the training in your members area pick the jobs and areas that interest you the most and create your job listings based on this if you still aren’t sure what jobs you would like to offer go back and look at examples of what other members have posted to get some more ideas don’t just copy other job listings exactly though as this will not help you stand out try to take ideas from jobs that have already been posted and come up with your own interesting variation or twist on them once you are ready enter the title of the job select the amount that you would like to be paid for this task and select the category that is most appropriate next you need to enter in a description for the job that is between 100 and 500 characters long try to provide as much detail here as you can so that employers know exactly what you are offering and make sure that you include all of the benefits and features of your offer so that it sounds appealing to prospective employers the instructions to buyer section is where you can put any message that you would like to be delivered to the employer immediately after they purchase your offer you can use this section to request information about their business that you may need in order to provide the service or you may need to request access to specific accounts anything that you need to say to the employer before you can begin work you can put here you can ignore the job location option but it’s a good idea to include some tags that are relevant to your job listing as this will help it show up if an employer searches for a job similar to yours for the max days to deliver you just entered the maximum number of days that you expect it will take you to finish and deliver the service to the employer the instant delivery file option allows you to upload files that will be sent to the employer right after they purchased the job you could use this feature to send the employer some forms that they need to fill in and return to you or to provide a PDF file with more detail about the services that you offer it’s completely up to you if you do choose to use this feature though you must compress any files you want to send into a zip folder first before you upload them here if you are unsure how to do this simply do a google search for how to zip a file the next section allows you to upload images that will be displayed as part of your listing it is compulsory to upload at least one image but you can use up to three if you like it’s a great idea to try to use all three images if possible as you can use these images to give a visual portrayal of what you are offering in the job which will help attract more employers you also have the option to add up to three videos to your job bid although these are not compulsory using a video can be a great way of explaining the service you are offering to potential employers so if you can create one it will help you get more sales all you need to do is upload your video to and then paste the URL of the video in one of the spaces here the featured job option allows you to have your job featured in the marketplace for a small fee this will mean that it will show up more prominently in the listings and more employers will see your job leading to more sales finally there is the extras section which allows you to offer up to three extra add on services to employers who purchase this job you could use this section to offer a duplicate of the original purchase for a reduced price or to provide more in depth work on the original job or anything else that you would like to offer for an extra fee employers will see these optional extras when they are purchasing your service and they can choose to add them to their order if you can think of some valuable extras to add here it is a great way of increasing your earnings from each sale once you have completed all of the information on the form click post job and that’s it your job will be submitted for approval by one of our team and if there are no issues it will be live and ready to make you money in less than 24 hours once your job goes live don’t be disheartened if sales don’t start pouring in right away it’s normal for it to take a week or so for the first order to come in there are a large number of employers browsing our marketplace every day and it will only be a matter of time before you get your first paid job once you get your first order things will begin to snowball as you start to get some positive feedback on your profile repeat sales and referrals if you are eager to get started quickly make sure that your job listings look is enticing as possible have a long description add images and videos and keep posting more jobs ideally you want to have at least five different jobs listed in the market place to increase your chances of being hired right away so there you have it now it’s time for you to start posting your own jobs and start making some money don’t forget that if you have any issues you can always go to our help desk and we will be more than happy. .