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hey what’s going on is Josh here and today I want to talk about paid social media jobs okay in this day and age there was lots of different opportunity on the internet there’s opportunity to where you can actually manage Facebook Twitter pages and accounts for very very large companies and there are people that are looking for people just like yourself to manage their Facebook accounts their Twitter pages or accounts their Instagram pages for marketing purposes so this is something that’s growing in the industry and the internet marketing industry and also in the offline business industry there’s tons of small businesses that are realizing really what and what Facebook and other social media networks can do when they actually start promoting their business on the internet and a lot of times they don’t know how to do it correctly so whether you know how to manage Facebook pages most people are online on Facebook most younger demographic know how to manage Twitter accounts or accounts or any social media even older I mean even somebody that’s 40 plus it doesn’t matter your age you can actually learn the techniques and skills and it’s very easy to learn that are required to succeed in paid social media so if you’re looking for paid social media jobs you can feel free to click the link below to any point in this video but I want to explain the poor importance of the internet marketing trade and knowing how to market on the internet because a lot of people don’t and it’s a very very highly paid skill if you learn how to market online why because you’re driving customers very targeted customers and clients to people’s websites whether it’s online through an e commerce site or offline to a store you hold the skills necessary to get people in the doors okay to get customers in the doors for clients and that’s a very very high paid skill especially with a lot of you know brick and mortar businesses today that don’t know how to market i I was just seeing somebody the other day they were handing out business cards on the street and that’s just not an effective marketing method today now in the past you kind of had to build upper reputation once people knew you like you trusted you and your business then you get start getting referrals and that slowly build up and build up and build up but that takes years to do and the great thing about social media is the fact that you could put a Facebook page up you could become very very popular quickly you could do Groupon deals like Groupon does you can let people know about special events and things that you have going on so these companies are actually paying people and paying them a lot of money to manage their social media pages so what I want you to do here if you’re somebody that you know has a business degree or that doesn’t know anything about sort of social media or the internet and wants to learn the skills necessary click the link below because you’re going to not only learn the skills but they’re going to connect you with companies that are looking for people like you to manage websites to manage Facebook to manage Twitter to manage all their social media accounts so what I want you to do is go ahead and click the link below hopefully you found this video valuable if you can learn internet marketing and become an expert at it then you can succeed in you know in business in general because how many people need more customers and clients to their store to their website so hopefully you enjoyed this video click the link below and we will see on the next page take care.