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alright just going to shoot a quick video to review paid social media jobs com I guess what most people want to know is if it’s actually true if it’s real well I can tell you that there’s a 60 day money back guarantee so I don’t think they would put their service up if it was fake because they wouldn’t make any money I can tell you that much the other thing is this is actually a huge industry I personally have an employee that I pay to do my social media stuff so it it I mean there are people looking so I can’t say that it’s fake and businesses really don’t have time to take care of their social media that’s why I have someone to do my stuff you know businesses don’t have time for that stuff there they don’t understand it and it’s just not really what they do you know if you’re a business owner if you’re say running a store or any type of business that you actually work in you don’t have time to do that stuff and if you’re a delegator someone who delegates jobs and assignments things like that and you don’t have time to do it so there is a need and one of my businesses is to sell likes and stuff like that and people buy them they love it they need it it gives them credibility you know that you know all that kind of kind of stuff and it’s a good way for interaction with people so there is an industry there now whether whether or not you will make money with it is up to you it’sit’s up according to what you do just because people need it doesn’t mean that they’re going to use you what Sykes like this do is they allow you access to a clientele that they have developed themselves not another ten times this person started off doing it themselves and then it grew too big to actually do it themselves so they decided to duplicate themselves by training people and that’s all it is so they have a clientele they have a name they’re going out there getting your name out Brandon it things like that people are reviewing the site as you see I’m doing and is getting the word out about them people will come to them for services while other people will join to provide service if that’s just how it works if you’ve heard of fiber com it’s like the exact same thing so that’s that’s pretty much what it is it’s just that you pay these guys in order to be able to get in there and make money by doing the services so you don’t have to go out and develop a clientele you don’t have to compete with other people that’s the difference that’s all it is so if that sounds like something for you then yeah check it out if you don’t like it you get your money back no problems no questions that’s either within 60 days so that helps take all the risk out of it so you can actually try it out for yourself give it an actual attempt and see if you actually like it and if you don’t you get your money back and the worst thing that happens is you found something that didn’t work for you so you can check out another avenue that’s it alright so simple easy peasy so hopefully you understand this was informative for you if not then the link is under this video you can check it out for yourself alright so thank you for watching have a good day.