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Ollinger talks his new book, “You Should Totally Get an MBA” and what it was like making a career change.

bollinger is a former Facebook executive who swapped out of life in social media for comedy and business school and now he’s trying to help students plan for their future and his hilarious new book called you should totally get an MBA just hit store shelves and Paul’s joining us now to tell us all about it so good morning and welcome thanks for having me sorry about the craziness that is the Golden Girls I can you follow the Golden Girls tall order nothing her funny guy you got that funny so okay so you wrote this book tell us a little bit about um you know why you why you wrote it the first place I’m very passionate about business and comedy and I wrote this book as a letter to my 25 year old self telling him to get off his rear and go do something with his career Wow so when and what age were you at Facebook and light and when did you leave and why well I was doing comedy full time in Los Angeles from two thousand five to two thousand seven and then I got engaged I thought perhaps I should get a job and so I I heard about this little social media company from friends of mine that were working there and they said hey do you want to join us down in Los Angeles and I sure said sure what the heck someday this could be as big as my space Wow so do you still keep in touch with everyone at facebook facebook right I guess those are your peacefully witness obviously things get away from them right there in my pocket clicking or seven here’s the thing though I mean I’m sure they’re things you learned there that you could never learn in business school like what are there lessons that you still use today that you included in a bar I think the biggest lesson is learned to think big you know Marcus was making a social media company that he was saying he wanted to connect humankind and that sounded awfully grandiose when there were 25 million users every month but today there’s 1.6 billion yeah he’s taken over the world yeah it’s a big deal so you’re doing stand up I mean this is now your passion is this what you do full time say my job this is what you do I love this idea too because i think you know you get that one partner life where you can kind of go one way or the other so you’re basically telling people listen follow your passion in your dream whatever that thing absolutely right so how did you marry the two together like you you went to work but you were doing comedy found that there were things in both that you like yep I mean you know III went to say after business school I started doing comedy in business school ironically enough and then I thought hey maybe I’ll be a stand up comic and then I realized I had borrowed $80,000 go to business school so I was like oh they want that back I think they want that money back and so I went into digital media and I started with a company that then became part of Yahoo and that’s how I got started in the whole business world but all the time comedy was sitting there on my on the side going attention to me I want to get out and so I started doing open mics and stuff like that and got sword on so I’ve been doing comedy for about 15 years off and on now it’s my full time thing Wow and then how does it get put into the book well hopefully the book is funny there’s a lot here there’s good information for the potential NBA but it’s also it uses comedy as a vehicle to help get them through the book and think through is this the right decision for me and probably get through life to write as if you know a humor right with what he thinks the best lesson that’s in this book and we’re on what beavis and butt head can teach you about Career Management uh basically like look you can take you can read what color is my parachute and all these great business books and myers briggs all these tests and all comes down to one thing what in your life do you think is cool and what sucks because that’s how does it Beavis and Butthead thought about it right now you start putting those who have those hands you’ll have a picture develop of what you should do with your career right i love this i guess i was saying you know like i have a 22 year old and this I think generation to they graduate a little lost you know we kind of knew what we were gonna do I don’t know you you were you didn’t know we lost but but I think even more so now it’s very because I tunities are also very different than once they once were okay so we have a picture of your family unless you’ve got a beautiful kid what are you gonna tell your kids though from this book that they have you already started training them to get their MBA now so that daddy can sit down and do nothing I want my kids to do whatever that they’re passionate about and you know wherever their spirit takes them is where they should go and and so we encourage them to explore all different kinds of things art and sports and you know whatever resonates go with that oh yeah and then kind of that’s kind of the overall that we all try to do yes nice to meet you it’s yeah right three niggas me thank you for having me can we be facebook friends absolutely hey helpful without you in your face but your and then you would end up with those little things that say you have one friend in common and right mark shows up all right you could check out this brand new book again by Paul it is called you should totally get an MBA and it’s very very funny to just from the bit that we’ve been able to read and then you can also catch him tonight Chicago he’s got to stand up gigs one at the comedy bar in river north at 8pm then at the Laugh Factory at 10pm you’re gonna be busy boy yeah hey you employ you go you and me we’ll be right back. .